((My comments in double parentheses - Homer))
                          MURDER BY POSTULATE
                                ACT - 82
                            13 November 1994
                 Copyright (C) 1994 Homer Wilson Smith
       Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.
     People have a big MU (Mis-Understood) on the subject of murder by
     You start talking about killing someone with your mind, and they
start conjuring up images of 'Scanners' blowing people's heads up from
the inside, or white beams of energy coming out of your eyes and burning
out the brains of your enemies like what happened in "Raiders of the
Lost Ark" when they opened the ark.
     People can't understand postulates, all they can understand is
     So they put a marble on the table and ask you to roll it around
'with your mind'.  You try and you fail.  Then they laugh and say "You
couldn't even move that marble around, how you gonna kill anyone?  Hell
you don't have the horsepower to light a fart."
     But they got it all wrong.  Moving that marble around on the table
involves FORCE, it involves generating enough force to literally push
the marble against the forces of friction on the table.  This, if it
were to be done, would be a very high level physical universe power but
is not at all what we are talking about.
     You don't need to burn someone's eyes out with 1000 amperes of
white light to kill them.
     All you have to do is postulate that they will accidentally kill
themselves.  Then one day they are driving down the road, and they miss
something subtle and go spinning over into the other lane and crash head
on into a gas tanker.  Or they manage to just be in the wrong place at
the wrong time, and get hit on the head with a safe or a passing bullet.
     This kind of death doesn't take any force at all to pull off.  It
merely takes an ability to make a postulate stick in another's universe,
an ability which may be very much easier than anyone dares to admit.
     Worse it's completely anonymous.
     So you have the problem that most people conceive of power on a
gradient scale.  They figure if you can't fry a marble, why then you
can't fry a brain.  That actually might be true, but it is still
possible that you can kill a person with a lot less power than it would
take to move a marble.  We are not talking about frying a person with a
bolt of lightening, we are talking about arranging for him to stumble in
life so that he gets terminated either completely or enough to get him
out of the way.  No real need to actually have him stop breathing.
Loosing the use of his mouth or typing functions might be sufficient.
     There are SO many ways that people can ruin their own futures, just
the slightest wrong turn on the wrong day is all it takes, that you
don't even have to specify in your postulate exactly how you want this
guy done in, you just make a general postulate of the ends you want
accomplished, and you then let the peripheral mechanisms of reality
carry it out for you as it sees fit.  How it eventually happens will be
a total surprise even to you!
     It's the WISH that counts.

     Remember that attempted murder counts as murder when it comes to
the big accounting.
     You can also do good for people in this way.