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                     AN ADORIAN C/S FOR THE CHURCH
                                ACT - 86
                              8 March 1995
                 Copyright (C) 1994 Homer Wilson Smith
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     I would start to look at Admin Policy for Hubbard Service Fac
computations.  Namely those of the sort, "the way to stop something is
to make less of it" or the way to stop something is to make more of
SOMETHING ELSE which can be used to crush out the first thing.
     The Ser Fac Comp is a solution to an earlier problem or motivator
which then hides a series of overts which are BOTH justified and
restrained after the fact by the self limitations, not looking, and
dramatizations of the Ser Fac itself creating an explosively dangerous
basket case that alternates between violent reach and withdraw, rage and
regret, justification and restraint, license and overwhelm.
     Where in policy are people enjoined to become totally devoted to
stopping things?  (KSW for example, is one of the greatest "use force to
nail out of existence" documents there is.) Certainly people are not
enjoined to "make more of it."
     Where would it be a crime to make MORE of something?
     It is there I believe you will find the central core MOUNTAIN
computation of Scientology, LRH and the Churchies.
     Making more of THEM not making more of things would be my angle on
entrance to their collective case.
     The universe is a Chinese Finger Trap of magnitude.  The way out is
the way in more.  If you have never played with a Chinese Finger Trap or
even with corn starch and water, you might find it educational.
     The technical reason for all this is as follows.
     The cycle of creation is START CHANGE STOP.
     The thetan starts something which is an as-isness, alters it to get
it to persist which is change, and then gets into fighting it which is
trying to stop it.
     The CORRECT way to stop any persisting item is to create a perfect
duplicate which means STARTING IT AGAIN.
     Thus the correct way to stop something is to start it (again.)
     If the thetan looses sight of this little mechanism, he will let go
of the START part of the cycle and become totally devoted to changing
and stopping the unwanted conditions, mainly through STARTING OTHER
THINGS that cover the unwanted condition, and that is not-isness.
     He thus gets endless numbers of started things covering started
things, none of which are ever exactly started twice and thus they
persist forever.
     This results from a confusion about "must never happen again".  If
he really wanted something to never happen again, he would have to HAVE
IT HAPPEN AGAIN AT LEAST ONCE MORE, which creates the perfect duplicate,
which would cause the event to vanish and then he would simply have to
choose to never create it again.  If he is unwilling to have it happen
even once more, then he will never start it again, so of course it will
out persist even him.  (joke).
     The way this arises is as follows.  It is possible for a thetan to
create something with admiration that a moment later he does not admire.
THAT IS WHAT HE ADMIRED ABOUT IT, that it was unadmirable!
     "What is the admirability of unadmirability?"
     "What is the unadmirability of admirability?"
     "What is the kindness to cruelty?"
     "What is the cruelty to kindness?"
     So he knowingly and willingly and with admiration creates a state
of unadmiration which he immediately feels HE DIDN'T CREATE.  He has
responsibly created a state of feeling and believing he is not
responsible, "he didn't do it".  This implies that there is an 'other
determinism" in his existence that he hadn't accounted for.
     "Religious Insanity means 'Who or what is cause around here and why
is it such an asshole?' "
     Since irresponsibility is an anathema to any Sovereign Being, this
makes him absolutely unwilling to have this thing exist.
     Now he created this state knowing full well what he was getting
into, but once he is into it, he not only doesn't know he created it, he
is totally unwilling to HAVE created it and he is certainly unwilling to
create it again.
     This precludes him exercising his Sovereign power in the direction
of creating it again, and so he never creates the perfect duplicate, a
perfect creating it again, and so he gets stuck forever with what he
wishes never existed.
     This is the anatomy of a Joke, and was originally devised by the
thetan with full foresight and majesty.  It is the primary game and
modus operandi of the Imp Soul.
     It wasn't an accident or a mistake or a didn't know better.  It is
in fact a Masterpiece of Mess.
     "M.E.S.S.  = Magnificent Examples of Shames and Shambles."
     "Guilt, Stupidity, Shambles and Shame,
     "Ex-Cooperation is the Name of the Game."
     "Responsibility is a big thing, certainly bigger than our parents
told us.  Responsibility for Response Ability."
     And this is what clearing is about.  Taking responsibility for and
over our Response Abilities.
      So to run this we have,
      "The Beauty of Responsibility"
      "The Ugly of Responsibility"
      "The Beauty of No Responsibility"
      "The Ugly of No Responsibility"
     1.) Here we have peace, the Sovereign being happy with his
Sovereignty, nothing created.
     2.) In two the Sovereign being issues his sovereign desire that he
not be sovereign for a while, this is the responsible creation of
beautiful irresponsibility which is the next level down.  2.) is the
creative act.
     3.) Here we find the created act, the persisting unwanted
conditions, the "I could not have created this, I would not have created
this, I should not have created this, and if I did it was a BIG mistake,
and I swear I will learn my lesson and hold a facsimile of that
knowledge to my bosom for ever more lest I ever make that mistake again,
and I will send to hell forever anyone else who violates that lesson,
and if I ever catch who DID create this mess I am going to kick his butt
into Kingdom come forever for free."
     This is the Ugly of Responsibility and the Beauty of Blame, a
combination of 2) and 3).  It gives one something to fight.
     4.) Eventually the being gets sick of being right about being
irresponsible and he becomes a pc to 'sort it all out', hoping to go
free, to escape this place, to never be here again, to get out, to go
away to get auditing to improve his ability to be ELSEWHERE, to FREE
     He is STILL not making more of it, you see?
     The true E/P of all auditing is "WANTING TO BE HERE".
     Above that, its willing to do it all again, only MORE this time.
     The way in is the way out, because coming in puts you out.
     "The purpose of the Creator is to become the Creature.  The Creator
can become the Creature at will.  The Creature can become the Creator at
will.  The way for the Creature to become the Creator is to BE the
Creator becoming the Creature."
On Wed, 8 Mar 1995 harringtonj-smtc@nova.novanet.org wrote:
> Homer,
> He is simply dramatizing the "Scientology" service fac.
> Have we not we ALL, in one way or another, done the same thing?
> Joe
> * homer@math.cornell.edu  3/8/95  12:51 am  GMT-5 *
>      Now I have to comment on this further.  This is a clear
> dramatization of bitter make wrong.  It's a clear out grade IV,
> make wrong and make guilty.  Who is he kidding?  He is going to
> go full OT with a Service Fac Stone hanging around his neck?
>      Think about it.
>      Homer
> On Tue, 7 Mar 1995, Homer Wilson Smith wrote:
> >      Homer
> >
> >      My answer was:
> >
> >      Cruelty dude, cruelty.  The only heights he is ever going to see
> > with that attitude is the bottom of your ass.
> >
> >      Homer
> >
> >
> > In article Kim Baker (KIM@uctlib.uct.ac.za) you wrote:
> > I am not reading this newsgroup at the moment, but I thought it
> > relevant to post this.
> >
> > Today would have been my ex-husband's and my fifth wedding
> > anniversary. (We rushed off to a magistrate, all in love, all full of
> > hopes and dreams, etc). He is still a Scientologist in good standing,
> > and despite the fact that he walked out on me over a year ago, and
> > all that happened between us, I would be lying if I said I did not
> > still have some feelings of affection for him.
> >
> > He phoned me a short while ago, and the conversation went like this:
> >
> > Him: "Hi, how are you doing?"
> > Me: "OK, thanks."
> > Him: "Remember 5 years ago?"
> > Me: "Yes - it all seemed so wonderful then"
> > Him: "Well, I'm pleased you're sounding cheerful"
> > Me:  "Yes, I decided not to get all heavy about it."
> > Him: "Good. By the way, I have just been informed that I will soon
> >       have to disconnect from you." (means I am about to be Declared
> >       a Suppressive person)
> >       
> > Me: "Oh. Are you worried about your eligibility for OT levels?"
> > Him: "No, not at all - I am set for heights you will never see"
> >      
> > Me: "Well, I'm very happy for you"
> > Him: "Anyway, have a nice day."
> > Me: "What about all our mutual non-Scientologist friends? They'll
> >      want to know what's going on - do I tell them you've been
> >      forbidden to talk to me?"
> > Him: "You'll tell them _nothing_!"
> > Me: "OK, if you've wanted to upset me, you've succeeded."
> > Him: "You dug your own grave, and you're not going to stop _me_ going
> >       OT. Bye."
> >
> > Now, I ask myself, why did he have to choose this particular day to
> > say that?  Are they pressuring him to hurt me, so that he can get his
> > eligibility? Did he just do it to get another "dig" at me, of his
> > own accord? It *did* hurt, but I won't go on too much about that, or
> > I'll be accused of "flitter and fluff."
> >
> > I am reminded of a quote from George Orwells' 1984: " We have cut the
> > link between child and parent, and between man and man, between man
> > and woman. There will be no laughter, except the laugh of triumph
> > over a defeated enemy."
> >
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