((Editor's comments in double parenthesis - Homer))
                                ACT - 93
                              25 May 1996
                 Copyright (C) 1996 Homer Wilson Smith
       Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.
     An infinite being with an infinite mind can mock up an infinite
future with an infinite number of desirable things in it.
     Underlying such an infinite future is an infinite desire to have
such an infinite future.
     If the being makes the postulate that he can not have such an
infinite future, his infinite desire will go into infinite violation and
infinite loss which will produce infinite charge.
     As the being and the body stagger under the load of the infinite
charge, the being will protect himself by saying "I don't care about
this, I don't want this anyhow, this infinite loss does not matter to
me" and he will create an infinite desire to not have an infinite desire
for an infinite future.
     Since he no longer 'wants' the infinite future, and he can in fact
no longer afford to conceive of one let alone mock one up in complete
detail, he looses his ability to mockup an infinite future and thus
becomes a Black Infinity Case.
     The burden of infinitely denied infinite charge will render any
infinite being or body fragile and mortal.  This then adds to the
infinite charge and compounds the denial, for mortality is the ultimate
infinite loss.
     The belief in mortality alone produces infinite charge, which on a
fragile and mortal body, can kill one.
     It is surmised that a being who has run out the infinite engram,
will then recover his ability to mockup an infinite future in complete
detail, thus restoring his stature as an infinite being with an infinite
mind.  This would in fact be a good definition of a first dynamic clear.
     No longer blocked as himself in Universe 1.  A true Operating
Sovereign 1.
     This would also resolve the Black V case, because ultimately the
Black V case is a Black Infinity case.
     There is also Eternal charge which is different from Infinite
charge.  There is also Infinite Eternal Charge.
     Run as,
     "Is there some sort of infinite charge you are not telling me
     "Something on your infinite past?"
     "Something on your infinite future?"
     "Something on your infinite present?"
     Black V's do not have a future, nor do they have a past.  They
barely have a present.