THE GOD POSTULATE

                               ADO - 14
                             15 July 2001

                  Copyright (C) 2001 Homer Wilson Smith
        Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.

      ((This posting confused from really bad terminology, in particular 
confusions between postulate and considerations.

      Present day technology goes like this:

      GodSouls as creator create in the mere conception of things, we can
call this causal conception.

      Causal conception breaks into two kinds, postulates and

      Postulates put things there, considerations relate posted things to 
each other.

      Postulates are Scientolgy's Q1 in operation:

      Theta can create space and time, and locate objects in them.

      Notice to locate here means to put there, not to find something by 
looking for!

      Q1b: The favorite game of a thetan is to locate (place) an object in 
a space and time, and then forget where he put it, thus spend the rest of 
the game looking for it until he locates (finds) it.

      A GodSoul as creature (human) tries to locate his keys by looking
until he finds them.  They are always in the last place he looks because
he stops looking one he finds them.  Not knowing where something is is
called LOST.

      A GodSoul as creator locates his keys where he wants them, and there 
they are BECAUSE he put them there regardless of where they were before he 
located them.  To locate in this sense means to put something there in 
space and time exactly and only where you want it to be by mere conception 
alone.  A GodSoul as creator has an impossible time losing and then 
finding things, because they are always exactly anywhere he conceives they 

      These confusions between the various words are underlined a few times 
through out the posting without rewriting the entire posting in correct 

       Simply exchange conception for consideration, and you will
fix most of the problems.

      Later in the posting it starts to discriminate properly between
postulates and considerations, but not consistently, so you will have to
understand the usage of the words from the context in which they are


      A dicom is a DIchotomy of Comparable and Opposite Magnitude.

      Beauty and Ugly, Love and Hate, Good and Bad are common dicoms.

      The verb TO LOCATE is a dicom as we have shown above.

      To locate means to put it there causally.

      To locate also means to find where it was put (by another).

      The verb TO DETERMINE is also a dicom to itself, it has two
different and completely opposite meanings.

      The first meaning of the verb TO DETERMINE is to be the cause of:
"To determine the course of history", "whether or not it rains is
determined by how much water there is in the air", etc.

      The second meaning of the verb TO DETERMINE is to be the effect of:
"To determine what is going on and take appropriate action."
Determination in this second sense is learning by looking, by being an
effect of pre existing causes, to determine (learn) what those causes
must be from the effects they have on you.

      The first meaning of TO DETERMINE is TO CAUSE TO BE TRUE.

      The second meaning of TO DETERMINE is TO LEARN WHAT IS TRUE.

      In the first sense determination is causation, being cause of what

      In the second sense determination is observation, learning what is
true by being effect of existing causes.

      The ONLY way to learn about anything is to be the effect of its
cause.  If it has no causal effect on you, you can never even know it
exists.  Thus learning is always learning by being an effect of the
cause inherent in what you are learning about.

      Learning means "it is cause, and you are effect".

      Creation means "you are cause, and it is effect".

      The word 'because' is a joke, as it says BE CAUSE, but when
learning about cause through observation of effects, one is effect and
not cause.

      When one says "I know it is because I observe it is" one is not
being cause except to solicit impingements of effects in order to learn.

      When one says "I know it is because I consider it is", one is in
fact being cause.

      The flip flop from creating something by causitive consideration,
(determining it into existence), over to observation, (determining that
it is through its effects on one) is what Scientology calls Alter-Is,
and what Adore calls the Consideration Observation flip flop.


      The being is a God operating in the void constructing things there.

      At first all that exists is the being and the void.  Then the being
says 'Let there be Light' and there is light.  It BECOMES true that
'there is light' BECAUSE the being said so.  Before the being said there
was light, there was no light, it was false that 'There is light'.

      By saying 'Let there be light', by the mere act of considering that
there IS light, the being thus CREATES light and CREATES the truth that
'There is light'.

      After the being has created light by considering there is light, he
can then observe the light and verify that indeed light was created
exactly as he considered it.


      Further the being considers AND observes that the statement 'There
is light' is true BECAUSE he considers it true.

      He observes both his consideration that it is true, and the fact
that it is true, and the causation between his consideration that it is
true and the fact that it is true.

      He can see ALL THREE.


      Adore calls this Looking by Knowing.  The being knows it is true
first, and thus it becomes true (as he is a God operating in the void)
and he can then look at it and observe that it is true just as he knew

      This is determining what is true by being a cause and this is how a
God being operates in the void.

      Knowing -> Causation -> Existence -> Being and Effect ->
Observation -> Verification


      Usually the human operating as a human, not as a God, considers
something is true because he observes it is true.  This is knowing by
looking.  This is determining what is true by being an effect, i.e.
learning, study.

      The being in this state goes out into the pre existing world,
already created by someone or something, and he lets it impinge on him.
These impingements are his observations of what is out there already
existing.  He does not consider that he created what is out there, in
fact he considers that what is out there was already out there, only he
didn't know it, but now he wants to find out about it through the
solicited impingements of observation.  This is Knowing by Looking and
is the opposite of Looking by Knowing as the God operates.

      Consideration and observation thus form a dicom.

      One creates by consideration, then one observes what one created to
verify that the consideration worked.

      ((Tecnically speaking one creates via conceiving, one puts
something there with a postulate conception, and one relates them to
each other with a consideration conception.  At the time this posting
was written this clarification had not yet been made.

      Thus in this posting 'consideration' means creating either through
postulates or considerations both of which come to be through mere

      Consideration is an outflow, a creative putting it there in a

      Observation is an inflow.

      Observation is solicited impingement.

      According to Adore, a postulate and a consideration are not the
same thing, but we often use them interchangeably.

      Strictly speaking a postulate is a posted beingness, it is creating
a color form and posting it to the void in order to observe it.

      A consideration is the postulation of relation between two or more
posted beingsness, in particular a causal relation.

      The being posts A, then posts B, then considers that A causes B.

      When one assigns cause between two different posted objects, we
call that casting cause.  True cause remains with the caster, but the
apparency is that cause is now out there beween the two objects and the
caster is an effect of their cause!

      The purpose of clearing is to clear postulates and considerations
from the being until he becomes the void again.  Probably long before he
reaches that point he will consider that he has had enough of clearing,
he is in fine shape, and wishes to become reengaged in the game of life

      The game of life is the game of postulation and consideration, and
in particular engagement in the game of the consideration/observation
flip flop by which the being makes the games of life persist in

      Any space/time game stream is a persisting bubble in the void of
the Eternal.


      For the purposes of clearing, a god postulate is a postulate that a
being considers is true because he has observed it to be true, when in
fact it is true because he considers it is true.

      Postulate and considerations are causitive, they CREATE in the
moment of postulation or consideration what is postulated or considered.

      ((Unless otherwise stated, 'consideration' here means either
postulate or consideration, both of which are subsumed under
conceptions, as in 'A God creates in the mere conception of things.'))

      A consideration posts to the void what is being considered.

      A consideration can be withdrawn, deposted from the void, if the
being does NOT flip flop it into an observation by being the effect of

      All considerations or postulates that post to the void are then
observed.  The being only runs into persistence of what was posted if he
denies that his consideration was cause of what he observed.

      Persistence is caused by flip flopping from

      Looking by Knowing to Knowing by Looking.

      A being first creates something by posting to the void, which then
becomes true by virtue of his having posted it.

      The being can then after the fact of creation consider that these
things were true before one created them, and that one merely observed
that they were true independent of one's own consideration of them.

      Thus one moves from causitive consideration into learning by

      The purpose of clearing is to spot the God postulates on the case,
and get the person to recreate the Consideration / Observation flip flop
on them, until he is able to operate the flip flop and eventually let go
of the postulate and consideration package at will.

      While there are trillions of postulates and considerations on a
case, there are only a few really serious God postulates that are
overwhelming the preclear.  Once a God postulate is formed, millions of
other postulates will form and encrust around the God postulate.  These
other postulates are secondary in nature, derive their power from the
God Postulate, and can not be changed by a simple act of recognition and

      A true God postulate can be changed by merely unconceiving of it.

      Once a God postulate is found and released in session the secondary
encrusters will blow off over time by themselves en mass.

      The God postulates on a case are not trivial nor self evident,
therefore auditing is a serious and skilled activity, for the fate of
the being hangs in the balance, by his own choice of course.

      This does not mean that one needs help in such matters, although in
the beginning being audited by another who has reality on the above
matters can greatly facilitate case gain.

      There is nothing wrong with help, help is a good thing unless it
has been turned into harm and a bad thing.  Any preclear who doesn't
WANT help has a problem.

      But in the absence of available or quality help, then going it
alone is possible and necessary.  Don't ever let other's stupidity stop
you from putting them there in a while.  :)

      You can also help them to help you.

      But don't ever let anyone invalidate your ability to help yourself,
or their own inability to help anyone in the first place, but also you
are beholden to find and create help wherever you can.

      In truth, the main need for others is to provide to the clueless
newbie a bit of indoctrination and orientation about how it all works
and the underlying theory of it all.

      Once anyone is oriented towards total responsibility as the
solution to all things, he will start walking relentlessly in that
direction regardless of the 'help' offered to or enforced upon him.

      We are not talking about indoctrination through force, as the being
does not need force to believe this stuff.  This is in fact part of the
problem with this material, it resonsates so closely with what the being
wants to believe anyhow, that there is great danger that the being will
merely settle for belief in these matters rather than operational
certainty followed by concrete results in his own life and in the lives
of others.

      Belief is for losers.

      Certainty is for those who would operate as Gods in the void.

      But at the top, truth and desire are in accord, so look forward to
it.  Put your sojourn in the valley of death and lies there in a while,
and get on with it.

      God postulates are powerful.  How will you know when you have found

      Well God postulates are powerful.  Frankly a being can't survive a
God postulate, so when you find that stone that is sinking your vessle,
take a moment to sit with it and just consider the possibliity that it
is a God postulate and that you don't have to be the effect of it.  If
that doesn't work, there is a bigger God postulate underlying it.

      It is not endless, you can do this, and once you find one or two,
you will find your Star Drive coming back on line again and real power
returning to you.


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