ADO - 15
                            20 June 2004

                 Copyright (C) 2004 Homer Wilson Smith
       Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.

     The purpose of auditing is to increase AGENCY.

     Agency is outward flowing causation and inward flow of external
causation making one an effect.

     Self is the 'Agent One'.

     Self awareness is awareness of the Agent One.

     There are truths which are fundamental, they can not be changed,
negated or be any other way, they can only be postulated as an
agreement, or counter postulated as a disagreement if the being wants
to create a lie in order to cause persistence in time.

     We call these FUNDAMENTAL TRUTHS.

     Self awakens from native state postulating in full accord with
these fundamental truths.

     Self however can then postulate (manifest) into the void other
truths that then become true only because the self has postulated them.

     We call these CREATED TRUTHS.

     After the self has created a truth, it can then counter postulate
against that same truth thus creating a lie, and thus creating
persistence into time of the truth/lie pair.  The apparancy is that the
lie is true, but underlying the lie, the power comes from the original
created truth.

     Thus those that compulsively hate others forever more, HAD to love
one another FOREVER MORE at some earlier time.

     And those that compulsively love one another forever more, HAD to
hate each other forever more at some earlier time.

     Both love and hate can be freely chosen but have little to no
persistence in themselves, you have to create them continuously.  Since
that creation is knowing willing creation, the slightest distraction and
they stop.

     Once you have something forever more, in time, a temporal
foreverness, that owns and controls the being, you know the lie is
persisting on the power of the prior truth.

     They hate each other BECAUSE they don't love each other any more,
you see the difference?  There's a betrayal in there and a refusal to
put something there.

     The guy who simply hates out of the blue is just as likely to go
off and eat a hamburger than keep up the hate.


     Created truths are created via looking by knowing.

     The being knows something, and in the knowing of it, it gets
created and thus he can see it.  This is the outward flowing agency of
the KNOWER creating a LOOKED AT.

     ((Later this is called CAUSAL CONCEPTION, the being creates in the
mere conception of things, including the conception that conception is
useless and can not create anything.))

     In return the knower can now see the looked at and thus verify that
what was created matches what he knew into creation in the first place.
This is the backward flowing agency of the looked at giving the knower
the certainty that what was created is what was intended.  This backward
flowing agency from looked at to knower is what allows the knower to
CHECK OUT and verify his creation.

     So you have:

     Knower creates created truth.    LOOKING BY KNOWING
     Knower sees created truth.       KNOWING BY LOOKING.

     The process of CHECKING OUT is the process of knowing by looking.


     Now a being can run into something created by another knower.

     In this case the being does not know up front what it is he is
about to look at.  By looking at the thing created by the other knower,
the first being can LEARN what the other being created.  This process of

     It is pretty clear that for most human beings, they spend much of
their time knowing by looking, learning about what already exists,
rather than creating something new to be true in the already existing
matrix of projected creations.

     When a being has a dream, a vision of what he would like to have
exist, he is looking by knowing.  He knows what he wants, and he can
then see it clearly in his "mind's eye".  (You can make mockups

     But then his dream runs into existing creations by others and
forms a ridge.  In this universe that we all share, things no longer
become 'true' just and only because we conceived it.  That's the way
we conceived this place to have games of conflict.

     So the being now needs to take steps to realize his dream, to make
his dream true, to fit into the existing matrix of other existing

     We call this work.  Or play, depending on your tone.

     In either case the being is operating with CONDITIONS that
constrain his creation.

     See SOURCE, EXISTENCE, CONDITIONS on the awareness characteristic

     To the degree that the being realizes his dream, his outward
flowing agency that created his vision from his knowing gets manifested
in the shared universe for all to look at and learn about.

     To the degree that he fails to realize his dream, his agency has
been overwhelmed by the existing agencies of other's already creating
into the matrix he is sharing.

     Beings can create a matrix, an arena of creations, that is so large
and overwhelming that the implied agency IN THE MATRIX ALONE will
overwhelm anyone trying to create something new in it, and at that point
the matrix becomes a tomb for failed agency.

     Thus all auditing is directed at increasing (restoring) agency of
the being so he can create within the matrix again, change the matrix
itself, or create a whole new matrix altogether if this one has become
too cluttered.

     Its all a matter of willingness and "putting it there."
     Specifically we want to optimize the operating balance between
Looking by Knowing and Knowing by Looking.

     Dig it and don't leave it.


     The more the being can engage in looking by knowing, the more
effective his agency is and the less overwhelmed he is.  The more the
being must know by looking, the less effective his agency is and the
more overwhelmed a being is by other people's or thing's agency.

     Taking into account the whole universe at large, at present he is
operating at about 1 quadrillionth of a percent of outward flowing
creation compared to what's trying to create him.

     Operating say at 10 percent would be very OK indeed.
     A totally 100 percent overwhelmed being is simply a being who can
ONLY know by looking.

     He can't even NOT know by NOT looking any more!

     Everywhere he looks he see his tomb, and that's ALL he is doing all
day long.  Any any time he tries to forget his tomb by not looking at
it, his tomb pokes him so he can't forget.

     That's Hell.


     Many preclears want to solo audit, they don't want to work with
another as an auditor.

     Problems of money, space/time, availability, maybe even pride or
embarrassment, shame and regret or quality of auditors come into the

     Help can be expensive, embarrassing, impossible etc, so some opt
for self help in order to avoid the problems of being helped by another.

     That's ok, but solo auditing is a strictly putting it there

     Dual auditing fails just and only because the being is trying
to get another to erase something for him, so that he never
has to put it there.  He just wants it GONE, don't you see.

     But if he cant want it THERE and put it there, then he will never
be able to make it gone either.

     When solo auditing, these facts become very stark.

     Solo auditing is a top down proposition.

     You can can't make it, you can't erase it.

     It's silly to put up an engram in front of your face and then run
it out.  You are putting it up, why not just ceasing doing that!

     Well it's not that easy you say.  True, but the answer is still not
to try to run yourself on Dianetics or CCH's.

     Dual auditing runs from the bottom up, you start with group
processing, life repair prepchecks, ARC straightwire, CCH's, Grades etc.

     Dual auditing depends mostly on the two way comm between the
preclear and the auditor to work.  Its not the magic of the exact
process being run, that helps, but its the two way comm that really
produces the as-isness.  The process is merely a crutch to stir up
the next thing that needs to be as-ised.

     ((Actually its the power of the auditor giving the bank a command,
the bank responds to the auditor's orders, not the preclear's.  The
preclears job is to report what happened, that's it.))

     It's sad to stir it up, and never as-is it because the
preclear can't COMMUNICATE about it to the auditor.  The withhold
is never blown, you gotta be able to have a total disclosure
relationship with at least ONE person in the entire universe in order
to remain sane.

     Better to have a fully functioning group mind with 8 or more.

     That's why running grades or cch's on yourself really isn't very
useful, there is no two way comm going on.

     Does that mean you can't help yourself?

     No, it means you can't help yourself by assuming you are at the
bottom of the bridge and auditing from the bottom up.

     You CAN help yourself by auditing from the top down though, where
you can CREATE your problems and the people to communicate to about them
by putting them there.

     You assume you are sovereign, and start to remock up being not so
sovereign again.  Since the way in is the way out, once you weasel your
way in again, wham you are out.

     You have to BE out to come in, so practicing coming in, puts you

     Dig it and don't leave that one either.

     By WAY IN, we mean the way down the bridge from sovereign being to
worm on a stump about to be eaten by a crow.

     When auditing others from the bottom up, the way out is the way
through of course, they have to go THROUGH all that stuff they created
on the way down.

     But when auditing solo from the top down, the way out is the way
in.  Once you get the way in, as long as you keep putting it there, you
ARE out because you have to BE out in order to BECOME in.

     The guy who is in trying to get out, will never get
anywhere.  The guy who is practicing coming in, whether he is
is in or not, will start popping out very fast.

     And once you come in, the slightest distraction and its all blown
away, like being woken up from a dream, and you are left with nothing,
prime static.  It's just so hard to keep anything around.

     Of course you have to create the distraction :)


     "A party line is a fixed idea, theory, or other pet philosophical
vanity that when confronted by evidence or reason that it is wrong, over
rules that evidence or reason."

     People may be stuck in one or more party lines.

     The core party line is the perfect certainty that perfect certainty
is impossible, undesirable, dangerous or unimportant.

     We call this 'mind broke'." - The Proof, Plate 1.


     There is a very important rule operating here.

     If a person is absolutely 'certain' of A, but A is wrong, and you
show him with absolute certainty that B is true instead, he won't get
it.  That's because you haven't gotten him to see where A was wrong.  So
even though B is looming, he can't wrap his wits around B because he
'knows' that A is true.

     For example a person believes the moon is made of green cheese.

     You go to the moon and you bring back rocks.

     He can't wrap his wits around the rocks because of the prior
certainty that the moon is made of green cheese.  By showing him the
rocks you have not make him wrong, you have not made him give up his
certainty it is made of green cheese, you have put him into an
incredibility.  The incredibility is that you brought home rocks!

     The definition of an incredibility is two opposing certainties:


     By showing this guy the rocks, he is now certain the moon is made
of green cheese, but that its also made of rocks!

     That doesn't compute, you see?

     When a mind is confronted with an incredibility it freezes, it
can't move from that point forward.  It stops thinking altogether on the
subject or solves the incredibility by discounting the second certainty
in order to return to the first certainty.

     Remember the power is always in the first postulate!

     Or he gives up utterly and says perfect certainty of anything is
impossible!  Of that he is now perfectly certain, don't you see.

     So if you are really going to get this guy to be able to deal with
rocks, you HAVE to get him to confront where he got his idea it was made
of green cheese in the first place.

     He will find, that since his certainty about green cheese was
wrong, it could never have been a real certainty in the first place, and
once he spots his original out integrity of considering a non certainty
to be a certainty, he will say "Oh what a fool I was to be so sure, ok I
admit I never really knew that for sure in the first place, and yes its
quite ok by me that the moon is made of rocks and not green cheese!"

     Party lines are like this.

     Perfect certainties CAN'T be wrong.  Someone says 'Well
haven't you ever been certain of something and later found you
were wrong?'

     The answer is NO.

     If it turns out wrong, you were never certain of it in the first
place, and you could have and should have seen this in he beginning
before asserting certainties about it.

     False 'certainty' lies in the way of any other true certainty that
might contradict them.

     False certainties indicate a moment of out personal integrity,
which can be spotted by anyone including the preclear himself.  He could
have known he didn't really know the truth he had wanted to and chosen
to look.

     Thus auditing "What are you certain of?" "What are you not certain
of?" will go a long ways to cleaning out the garbage he considers his

     We put quotes around the word false 'certainty' because its not a
true certainty in the first place.  It CAN'T be, because a true
certainty can not be wrong!

     As long as the false 'certainty' is in place, there is no making
progress with true certainties that contradict it,
even the true certainty that the guy just plainly doesn't know.

     It's ok to be certain that you don't know, because you can always
know you don't know for certain!

     One particular party line is a being's absolute conviction that he
is RIGHT about being a limited being.

     "Oh no I could never be a god, I could never be in control, I could
NEVER have had any responsibility for this place, I could never be
certain I exist, I could never be certain of ANYTHING, how dare you
think such thoughts!"

     He will get the qualms just considering the possibility of having
self respect in some area.

     Mockup up having a perfect mate.  Where the hell is she you ask?

     How would you feel if you knew?

     You see he is hiding behind the question from the answer!

     Its easy to confront having the question and being the lonely
victim forever more, its hard to confront having the answer and being
sovereign again.

     You can not argue with a being's party lines, he will argue for
them like a pit bull until YOU give up in exhaustion.


     Party lines were made long ago with GREAT POWER, much more power
than you have today to bring to bear against them.

     Their intent and purpose is to create persistence FOREVER of the
present game, so you are going up against a being's desire to be here
when you try to undermine them.

     Remember the second postulate persists but gets its power from the
first postulate.

     The first postulate is "I am Sovereign, what I conceive comes true
in the conception of it."

     The second postulate is "Whoops, shouldn't have conceived of a worm
on a stump."

     The first postulate is to be here in the game, "I want in."

     The second postulate is "I want out."

     So the guy may on the surface look like he wants to get out, can't
stand life, hates getting up in the morning etc., THAT'S HOW HE KEEPS
HIMSELF IN, but if you really and truly try to get him out, he will
balk and turn on you, as he really wants to be in.

     "No, no, you mustn't play with THAT!"

     Because if you do he might get out.

     He just wants in to be a bit friendlier, lose some games, win more
games, get laid by something pretty and desirable once a life time etc.

     So you can audit him to better be able to be in.

     But you can't audit him to better be able to be out, he won't let

     He wants to know how much further IN he can go and still move.

     He doesn't want to leave his friends behind, he wants to better be
able to play WITH THEM while in!

     He doesn't want to be an OT, he wants to be a well and happy human
being.  Last time he was OT, look what he mocked himself up as!

     A worm on a stump about to be eaten by a crow.

     Well and happy human beings can't cause any trouble.

     Well and happy human being is kind of a half way house out of this
universe.  It's on the way out for sure, but the guy is going to stay
there for a LONG time and enjoy being in for a while.

     Joke is he never really enjoyed his long slow descent coming in, so
he is sure as hell going to enjoy being in on his long slow ascent
getting out.

     Odd isn't it, prison is no fun coming into it, but great fun being
in it while you are getting out!

     Since soloing is the way out, and party lines are the way in, they
are diametrically opposed to each other, and so anyone who is still
holding onto their party lines can't solo.

     Thus a being with a party line can not solo because soloing is the
action of getting out.  The joke is that one gets out by practicing
coming IN, but the party liner won't get that.  He's just *TERRIFIED* of
being out.  He's just sure it is *FOREVER*.  He is so terrified of being
stuck out, that he has put his ALL into getting stuck in.

     He has Eternal Forevers (out of time) confused with Temporal
Forevers (in time) and he knows temporal forevers are hell.  Thus he
tries to create a game that will never end because a temporal forever of
games is a better hell than a temporal forever of no games ever again.


     The last goodbye.

     Before that he designed the whole confusion with grand and
ExCaliper design.  (Ex Caliper = without measure, worth beyond measure.)

     But in the meantime, that choice to create a game that will never
end, is not real to him, but the prior vision of no games forever more
is very real to him, and so by auditing him you are digging him out of a
hell he can stand (temporal games forever) and throwing him into the
prior apparent hell no one could stand (temporal no games forever).

     A being has to undergo a major epiphany for their party lines to
break.  They recognize that the party line no longer serves them, they
become willing to experience and BE *ANYTHING* that can be, including a
God who is wrong about everything, and at that point they can solo from
the top down.  They are willing to get out, because they know they can
come in again, AT WILL AND WITH EASE.


     Forevers are an important part of aberration, one could say the
ONLY part.

     There are two kinds of forevers, Eternal Forevers which can and do
exist between whiles, and Temporal Forevers which can not exist, because
all things created in space/time are created in a whole called a

     Whiles are finite lengths of time no matter how long, but always
finite in length, in which games are created.

     This is very important, because it means that a being CAN NOT GET

     The being can however try to make those whiles as long as possible,
certainly longer than the last one which always ended too early.

     All whiles end too early no matter how long they are, which then
gives impetus for the next creation.

     Thus one can expect much of the aberration on a being to consist
entirely and totally of mechanisms to extend the present while as long
as possible.

     Certain things can be concluded from the above.

     All games must end one day.

     Nothing last's forever in time.

     Thus there are no Hell's forever nor Heaven's forever in time.

     There have been an infinite number of past whiles created in the
Eternal Void, and there will be an infinite number of future whiles
created in that same void.

     Once a while ends, its gone, like it never happened.

     When a while ends, the beings involved go back to the Big Snooze,
where they sleep in a timeless 'eternal foreverness'.

     When they wake up into dreamtime again, they wake up as for the
first time, although they are aware it is not the first time but the
infinityth time.

     If you doubt that all creation takes place in whiles, or that this
is even desirable, try running the following process for a while.

     "Consider infinite time into the future."

     You will notice how it drives you down tone because you don't WANT
infinite time into the future.  That's hell forever.  Even if it were
pleasure forever for free into the future, its still hell forever.  You
would merely be crucified on a cross of gorgeous deliciousness, begging
to die (sleep) after a while.

     Why?  Because it violates your sovereign desire.  Remember those
fundamental truths we talked about at the beginning?  Well this is one
of them.

     You don't want to live forever in time.



     Since it is absolutely impossible for desire and the AllThatIs to
be out of accord at a fundamental level, what you want is what you get,
and you get it BECAUSE you want it.

     There is no followingness.  At the top its simply HAVE = WANT =


     There is a mechanism by which a being gets a while to last as long
as possible.

     He creates and comes into the while wanting to come in, but then
once in, he arranges to want to get out.  His resistance to coming in is
in alter-is of his desire to come in, and thus creates a persistence of
him being in.


     He doesn't just want to get out in order to sleep and perhaps come
in again you see, that would be very workable, too workable, dream times
wouldn't last very long if he had that view.

     No, he wants to get out FOREVER, and regrets ever having come in.
     Just below the surface "Rah!" he CAN'T STAND THIS PLACE.
     Being unwilling now to put it there that he is in, he can't put it
there that he is out.

     You can't change what you can't put there in the first place.

     He creates persistence of the while by creating resistance to being
in the while by considering that the while is FOREVER.

     You see if its only for a while, well he can wait it out, a being
can wait anything out as long as its only for a while!

     But if its forever, then there is nothing he can do.  That turns on
panic and descent at a fast rate.

     Being in a time stream forever is a violation of Sovereign desire,
it is THE ONLY break in Sovereign Desire, and this drives him into such
an INFINITE frenzy of resistance he can then be sure he will continue in
the while forever and ever amen.

     Well until he changes his mind about the forever part.

     You see at first he is in Native State, no whiles, no persistence,
at least nothing hangs out long enough to be a problem.  Lots of things
go by that entice him, but he just watches them pass like the clouds in
a summer eve's sky.


     But then he considers that He's not totally satisfied with being
happy to be happy all the time.

     Now he is UNHAPPY TO BE HAPPY.
     So he considers the idea that it might be fun to enter a while and
get lost in it.

     It's just a change of consideration, believe me a being can sit in
bemused relief on the verge of time forever and not have a problem with
being happy he is happy.

     Remember out of time forever is OK, in time forever ain't.

     So at some point he engages in majesty, the impulse towards classy
jokes of self treason, and he wants to join the fray of fools.

     Majestic practical jokes of self treason are what time is all

     Every persistence is a humor encased in persisting sorrow.

     He knows this when he jumps in, so everything is cool.

     So he creates a while or joins a while already created.

     But to stay there, to make both he and his presence in the while
persist for him, he has to be very unhappy he is in the while in order
to create enough resistance to cause a persistence.

     The only resistance strong enough to cause a while to persist
beyond the first sneeze is a FOREVER.

     So he creates the idea that he is going to be in this while
FOREVER, and that makes him very unhappy indeed and makes the while
persist like a rock.  
     Forever actually, until he gives up the idea!

     Which makes him really happy because he got what he wanted, to join
and stay in a while for a while, by pretending it is forever.

     So now he is HAPPY TO BE UNHAPPY.

     He's got purpose, he's got get up and go, he's got friends to make
and enemies to fight, he loves to hate, and hates to love, he's got
importances, seriousness, permanence and pain up the wazoo, and an
infinite future of glorious dramatization ahead of him.
     What better time could there be?

     He is also totally unauditable and unable to solo because he put
too much effort putting his party lines in place to have some damn fool
auditor blowing them all to pieces again.

     Being an auditor is the LAST beingness on the chain, not the first.
     Not even an early one :)

     Now here is where Leonard Cohen comes in.

     Believing in temporal forevers creates infinite charge and sticks
the being more and more into the very forevers he believes in.  In
particular, may God save his soul, should he ever get mad at himself or
another and WISH A FOREVER OFF on that person, he himself will
immediately descend into the very forever he wished off on the other.

he has violated both his own and the other's sovereign desire to live in
a FINITE while and to engage in any game or beingness they might wish
to, including hanging on a cross and being crow food *FOR A WHILE*.

     You see?  Pleasure forever isn't a while, for it disallows
the possibility of pain.

     Just what is the beauty to pain anyhow you ask?

     Well its your warp core to being here, so you tell me.

     Now you can see that this being believes he is in the game forever,
and worse he's real FRAGILE, can be ruined etc., and things are real
serious, you can get killed forever, so maybe you won't be in ANY GAME
any more forever, or you can get crippled and just have to suffer
forever and people have to take care of you forever etc.

     Forever, forever, forever, forever.  You see?

     Things become very PRECIOUS (FOREVER) TO HIM, and he begins to
bring DRAMA FOREVER to every aspect of his life.

     Pride and Guilt, Glory and Shame, he's swinging the Sword of
Excalibur all around him.  
     Woe to those who don't befriend him or who get in his way.


     Permanent loss, forever and ever, you see?

     So when people do bad things to him, make his already existing
forevers worse, he does forever things back to them.  They kill his kid,
he executes them.  If he can't execute them, he WISHES THEM INTO HELL

     Forever, forever, forever, forever.  You see?

     So all these forevers that he is considering, "I am wounded
forever, my kid is wounded forever, I want you to be wounded forever"
sink him more and more into what?


     Persistence of what?

     DRAMA.  Permanence, importance, seriousness and pain.

     And that's hell.

     And it is a hell FOREVER for him until and just exactly as long as
he continues to dramatize FOREVERS in his dream time.

     Once he says "Well, heh, its not forever, this dream ends when the
circle of friends are all holding hands again!" things start to lift for
him and he starts to get free.

     But he would have to be willing to be friends again with everyone
in the WHILE.  *EVERYONE*.  It was all just role playing right?

     Woah, that's a big one, right?

     List now everyone in your life for whom it wasn't 'just role

     He would also have to be awfully willing to let others continue to
dramatize their righteous forevers to keep their games going, and for
him to enjoy the spectacle no matter how much they hurt each other or
themselves.  As a spectator of the drama he would 'get the joke' and
appreciate the humor to the carnage.

     He would also have to be willing to say his last goodbyes to that
while and everyone in it, and go back to the eternal big snooze while
others were still playing the games of doom forever.

     He could always come back in later, or join or create a new while,
depending on his sovereign desire at the time.

     That's what you want, right?

     To be able to create heaven's and hell's at will.

     For a while.

     Oh, there is someone you don't want to just get out scott free?

     Well that holds you here, don't you see?

     *YOU* can't confront what you are wishing off on him!  
     Who now do you think that sinks?

     You think you can create an unconfrontable experience and hand it
off to someone else before it burns YOU to toast?

     That's what happens to you when you die by the way, all these hells
you been mocking up for others are all just waiting there for you.

     You gotta be here, to keep him here.

     Omni well done, and Omni Amen.

     You can stop doing it, and run it out.

     Then you won't have to go through the hells to get to the Heavens.

     That's what soloing is about.

     Heaven's and Hell's, Forevers and Whiles.

     So as Leonard Cohen said:

     "Jesus was a sailor when he walked upon the waters, and he spent a
long time watching from his lonely wooden tower.

     And when he knew for certain that only drowning men could see him,
he said all men shall be sailors then, until the sea shall free them."

     In other words you can't audit beings out, until they are ready to
be out.  
     Until then audit them to be better in.


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