10 March 1993

                  Copyright (C) 1993 Homer Wilson Smith
         Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.

      The Soul is a strange thing.

      He has one foot in the Heavens and one foot in the Hells.

      Like a keyhole, the Soul or conscious unit is a channel from the
higher planes of consciousness and the inner world, to the lower planes
of consciousness and the outer world or the external physical universe.

      Like the lens of a projector, inside the Soul lies the Light and
the source of Light, and outside the Soul lies the great projection
screen of Life.

      Knowledge of the outer world is gained through the scientific

      Knowledge of the inner world is usually considered to be gained
through revelation or direct observation of what's there.

      The problem is that the Soul is in a blocked state, he can no
longer see inwardly, only outwardly.  His access to the inner world is
stopped by his own sense of play plus transgressions, unwillingness to
see and other personal responsibilities in the matter.

      It is FAIR CHOSEN out of the gate, from the top down.

      Thus using the methods of the outer world, people have tried to
build a science of how to open back up the door to the inner world.

      The problem is that it is very hard to PROVE to anyone who can only
see the outer world that you have indeed opened up the inner world.

      Sure you can move mountains at a glance, or drop sharp objects on
someone's head with your mind, but I doubt it will do him any good, and
it certainly won't do YOU any good.

      If you were to put on such a crass display of power to those who
themselves do not have power, you would soon find your self the coveted
or hated celebrity of the century with long paths of people beating
their way to your door either to anoint you or crucify you.

      Those that laugh at the above know full well what they are doing.

      A few might want to learn from you.

      A very few.

      But those you can find in other ways than demonstrating to the
world at large that you have regained the operability of your High God

      Anyhow physical powers are only one fourth of the matter, there is
God Hood awaiting for everyone on the emotional, mental and spiritual
planes as well.

      It is much better to be able to face your Eternal future with
equanimity than to be able to move mountains.  Usually people who seek
physical powers wish to do so only to better protect their mortal frame,
mainly because they are scared to death of death.  Without emotional
power, physical power is always abused towards mortal ends.

      But just so, without mental power, emotional power is also abused.
And without spiritual power, mental power is likewise abused.

     Thus it behooves us to attain spiritual power first and then the
rest shall safely follow.

     Spiritual power is the ability to PUT IT THERE and unputting it
there by letting go.

     Spiritual power is the ability to assume and recognize full
creative causative responsibility for your condition, in the past, in
the present and in the future.

     Full causative responsibility means, you chose to do it, and you
did it, and you knew what you were getting yourself into and there were
no surprises until you chose that there should be surprises.

     In truth a being never knows what he is going to create next,
so native choice IS the ground of surprise.

      Choosing to forget a choice does not in anyway relieve you of that
causative responsibility.

      Who or what put you here in the first place, eh?

      Indecent innocence is self deceit.

      The way in is the way out.

      If you are able and willing to come IN, you can get out.  If you
deny that you CHOSE to come in, then you can't get out.

      In this way Life is a chinese finger trap of magnitude.

      It's been claimed that some people NEVER get out.

      I think that's just to scare you though.  No one would responsibly
chose to create and enter a game they could never leave.  They always
leave a Messiah Postulate in the weave.

      They might however chose to create and enter a game they THOUGHT
for a while that they could never leave.  It would take some guts

      So you still have the problem of proof.  Suppose you work out a
science of the Soul that helps people get back their memory of
responsibility.  Soon they can remember back to the beginning of time,
and they regain all of the power that that would entail.

      You know regaining your memory is really only regaining your memory
and recognition of CHOICE.  That's really the only thing of value to be
regained.  The rest of it is just so much created existence, travail and
romance, although no doubt some of it is very precious to you.

      You could always just create it all over again if you ever really
lost any of it.  But you would have to CHOOSE to.

      And what more power could you want, could there be, than to
be able to make a choice and have it come true?

     So recovering memory of choice, in particular the choice to have
choice fail and be impotent, is a good first step to being able to
recover ability to make a choice and have it work.

     Spot choices that worked, that worked and were regretted, that
didn't work, that didn't work and were regretted.

     Anyhow you can see the problem, how would you PROVE to another who
had not gone through this same process, that indeed your contact with
the inner world had been opened up and was free again.

     Show them the silly grin on your face?

     Science in the external world is much simpler, if you know
something, if you can do something, you do it, and you show it to
other's.  They don't have to be able to know or do the same thing to
know that you can do it.

     But that's because they can see what you have done.  If they are
blind or have no sense of the external world, then you will never be
able to prove your discoveries to them until they can see.  If the whole
world were blind deaf and dumb to the external universe, you could never
have a science, except maybe a science of one, you.

     Who would there be to verify your science if no one could see the
results of their experiments?

     So worse if your science happened to be a science of blindness and
how to cure it, how would you prove to the blind that your science
worked unless you used it on THEM!

     Those who screamed "prove it, prove it or we won't try it", would
remain blind forever because you could never prove to the senseless that
you or other's had regained their senses.

     The blind would have to try it first, not on faith but maybe on
hope and perhaps faint memories of total responsibility, and when and if
they regained their senses, they would have their proof.  "Prove it or
we won't try it" is a death knell for the blind.

      It's part of the Chinese finger trap mechanism, needing to know
before you go.

      Just so with the inner world and the new emerging science of the
Soul.  You may be able to walk down your own time track a million years,
you may be able to recover Sovereign choices that would scare the
bravest man and move the hardest heart, you may be able to do all sorts
of things, but unless other's can observe what you can do they will
never be satisfied that you have a science and that it works until they
use it for themselves!

      Thus people who have clear contact only with the physical universe,
are always demanding proof of a physical nature of your spiritual
progress.  They could care less if you can remember your past lives or
can determine your future lives, they want to see hard physical proof
that you have attained something.  Maybe move an object or two or go to
some past grave site and show you know who is buried there.  That's
fine, but what of lives that existed millions of years ago on other
planets, in other galaxies or even other universes?

      What of your ability to discern or even determine the future?

      The "prove it!" case will never know because you can't prove what
you have gained on the spiritual, mental, and emotional planes using the
physical plane as the medium of proof.

      Of course once you gain real physical power on the physical plane,
why then you can prove all you want to about the physical plane.  You
can lift cars, kill people at distance, feel girls up from behind, what
ever your heart desires.  And boy will the "prove it!" cases believe you
then, because that's what they understand, that's what they can SEE,

      Give them a good physical WHUMPING coming at them from out of the
blue and they will KNOW they have been hit by a Spirit.

      They will also follow you as a God for the rest of time not daring
to let you give THEM those same powers too!  It's too much work, it's
too much danger.  Besides who needs power anyway when YOU have got it
all and you can do everything for them!

      But you know, no matter how many physical powers you demonstrate to
these physical people, no matter what you do for them or to them, you
will never be able to prove to them that they or you are Eternal, or
chose to come into this universe of horrors, or that you have lived
before or will live again, or that it was all worthwhile, and all is
well with the world.

      And that's because these things do not reside on the physical
plane, they reside on the emotional, mental and spiritual planes!

      You might ask how can it all be well with the world with all this
suffering going on?

      Admittedly from the point of view of someone hanging on a Cross,
things could be better.

      However if you trace back the sources and causes of why that person
is in a universe hanging on a Cross in the first place, you will find a
time LONG AGO when with the wink of an eye, he made the postulate that
all was not well with the world when it was.

      Thus in present time he is suffering from the inevitable natural
consequences of his own unprovoked lie.  If you trace this back to the
first time he made that lie along with the aesthetic reasons why he made
it you will actually get that person off his Cross and back into a state
of Grace.  Not with God, but with himself.


     Graceful creation, graceful beingness, and graceful becomingness,
existence in space and time.

     And yes that includes graceful creation of the ungraceful.

      Thus as an Ascended Master you may be able to lift cars with
Sovereign Desire, but do you have the equanimity to face your Eternal
Future with appreciation and willingness to view more?  The physically
sighted but emotionally blind will never know if you do or not, no
matter how much physical power you demonstrate.

      And they won't be bright enough to realize that you could not
possibly regain the physical power without first regaining the spiritual
power and all the other one's in between.

      So mainly they will become very scared of you.  Half of them will
want to destroy you, and the other half will want to work for you so
that you will take care of them.

      This can be useful, they will be very happy to die for you fighting
off the one's who want to destroy you.

      But what good is having friends if they are tied up full time
fighting those that hate you?

      That leaves YOU aloner than alone.

      Perhaps 5 will want to learn from you how to have power themselves.

      So if you can do these things, if you can lift cars with your mind
and throw lightning bolts that others can feel, go ahead and talk to
them of cars and telekinesis all you want, but don't ever mention PEACE,
or they will begin screaming "prove it, prove it!" again until you don't
have any more.

     People want POWER to attain PEACE through freedom from fear of

      Peace does not come from power.

      Power comes from peace.

      There is a joke in here somewhere, right?

      People can see their own memory or lack of it, but they can't see
yours.  Until you bring them up to a point where they can see your
memory, they will never know for sure that you can see theirs too, no
matter how much you tell them about themselves.

      They will always find reason to doubt or blame your powers on the
Devil or some such thing.

      Reading minds and seeing memories is a mental plane ability, so you
can't really prove it FOR SURE using physical plane demonstrations.

      Of course you will always be able to stir up some evidence on the
lower planes that you can do these things, but nothing that will really
stick because the only way that they are ever going to see that you can
see is for them to be able to see too.

      So each person is only able to know what he can observe, and when
you have a world full of people who are 3/4's dead, people who can only
observe TimeStone and Tombstones, why then you are going to have a real
hard time showing them that you have a whole new science of the Soul

      And it won't be a SCIENCE to them until you put them through the
wringer themselves, because they won't be able to observe your results,
and they won't be able to repeat and independently test your results on
others until they have repeated your results on themselves first.

      And if they DON'T WANT POWER OR FREEDOM YET, then they will never
get it and so they will never be able to verify any of your claims at
all.  It's hard to start a new science when no one WANTS to verify it.

      And those that PRETEND to want to verify it just want to make sure
you don't have it lest they have to worry about you, or that you do have
it so they can sanction you with destruction.

      A science of the Soul is just as real as a science of the body, but
proving that to bodies can be hell.

      So follow your heart in this new science, keep it going on a true
path.  Don't heed the Tombstone Jones's or the "prove it!" cases and
don't ever heed the siren calls of faith, belief and false certainties
born of self irresponsible desire and despair.

     Desire is Sovereign.  In its native and unadorned state it has no
time for desperation or self delusion.  If by YOUR Sovereign Desire
through Majesty and tastes in Majestic Jokes, you have lost the
Sovereignty of your own Desire, you will never get it back by faith or
belief or wishful thinking.  Only the re-operation of MAJESTY will
restore you to your pristine state of POWER and GRACE with yourself.

     Put it there, its there.  Woe is me.

     Put it there again, and its not.

      Majesty is the Sovereign Desire that Desire not be Sovereign for a

      Power and ability ARE in part the operation of Majesty.

      For all power is the ability to create LIMITATION.

      And still be able to crack a joke or a smile once in a while.

     Native state has no problem with these things.

     The purpose of Sovereign Desire is the crafting of its own optimum
Non Sovereignty.

     For a while.

     Thus in this world, the regaining of power stems from the
reoperation of Majesty, reputting the powerless state there again and
then letting go.

     But neither should you heed the cat calls of the hyenas and
jackals, and self casting doubts of horror, preposterousness and total

     Self casting doubt means 'If I were really Eternal and Sovereign,
how could I possibly be able to doubt it, and then feel so bad about the
possibility that I'm not!'

     "If I were really Eternal I could never feel this bad about NOT
being Eternal, and how the HELL could I ever lose sight of my certainty
of my Eternality?"

     "No way man, I must be made of meat."

     Good you got it down.

     That IS the mechanism by which Sovereign Beings sink themselves
into this feast of darkness.

     They put there that they are not putting it there, yet there it is.

     Down the shute they go.

     They SCARE themselves to death with their own fear of death.

     They don't KNOW they are going to die, but the horror of their
doubt convinces them they will.  "I couldn't feel this rotten about the
possibility of dying if it weren't true."

     It's called Knowing by Emoting, "I feel sunk, so I must be

     It's also called the Doubt Effect, "Doubt is self casting.  If
you doubt eternal good, you will feel and thus GET eternal bad
in the feeling of it."   

     Don't do that.

     That's fine emotionally, but it's not a certainty and in fact
anyone that falls for it deserves what they get.  That's HOW they
arranged to get it!  So justice always reigns.  Justice is you get what
you postulate.

     Falling for self casting doubts is a loss of Personal Integrity and
the beginning of Corruption, Temptation and Seduction.

     Know what you know, and (don't) know what you don't know.

     No more and no less.

     Always be willing to not if or that you don't know.

     Native state is NOT KNOW, nothing created yet.

     Then keep finding out more by looking and learning, and the Truth
will lead you Home, a Home far more beautiful than you can now dream.  A
Home in which this house of horrors is but a play thing of comedy and
tragedy in your own back yard of your soul.

     What melancholy can there be that does not flow from the well
spring of comedy, laughter and love, well tempered and forged by a
divine sense of humor.

     An odd statement at best.

     Remember that Divinity is not INhuman, but it is very much so

     It's sense of Eternal Beauty is balanced by its sense of
Eternal Ugly.

     Want to cast something, cast both.

     The result, beyond cosmic awe will be Good Humor erasing

     Something for those on their Cross to contemplate as they while
away their time dying.

     Of course this is a raging insult to those who hold their
victimizations sacred.

     However this may be, Good Humor and Crossness are opposed.

     And where one is the Truth, the other is a Lie.

     Of course at this point one wouldn't be a human any longer, now
would one?

     Perhaps that is what Christ found out when he cried out just before
he died, 'Oh Lord, how doest thou Glorify me!'

     Perhaps that is why he got to come back to show he had made it.

     He made it back to Good Humor and Truth which ended His sojourn in
his feast of darkness, this endless dark night of the soul.

     Perhaps that day Creator and Creature became one again.

     Perhaps that is what being Reborn in the Spirit means.

     Recovery of recognition of Who Did It, and Why.

     You did it and it was glorious.

     It is no small measure of Divinity that you could have and would
have chosen to do this thing to yourself.

     It is this WILLINGNESS that defines the highest nature of Divinity.

     Even if its only as a gift for others.

     To become the creature for but a while.

     It is NOT KNOWING HOW or WHY you did it that hides the beauty of it
from your eyes, and keeps your eyes in sorrow.

     It is just too incredible, and yes, alien.

     Divinity is infinite self friendliness melded with infinite power,
willingness, security, equanimity and self composure that is scary as

      For look at what we have wrought.

      That said God is smug as hell to be God.


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