ADO - 7
                              24 June 1993
                 Copyright (C) 1993 Homer Wilson Smith
         Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.
     ((In this posting the terms Hero and Victor are almost synonymous.

     You can be a victor alone, but a Hero usually is a victor coming to
the aid of another, namely the victim of a villain.))

     Session report 7/24/93:
     I have been running the following to a spectacular change,
     "What are you most afraid of in your future?"
     "How is hiding in your past helping you with your future?"
     "What are you most afraid of in your Eternal future?"
     "How is hiding in your Eternal past helping you with your Eternal
     "What is your excuse for not being able to cope with life?"
     ((That is live up to your promised responsibilities.))
     "What is your excuse for not being able to participate in life, or
some part of life?"
     "What are you using to excuse yourself from life or some part of
     "What part of life have you excused yourself from?"
     "When did you first consider or decide it might be a good idea to
have this limitation or be this sick?"
     "Are you excusing yourself from some activity in life?"
     "What activity in life are you excusing yourself from?"
     "How are you excusing your self from this activity in life?"
     "Why are you excusing your self from this activity in life?"
     "To whom are you excusing yourself from this activity in life?"
     "When did you first decide to excuse your self from this activity
in life?"
     "What choice did you make to excuse yourself from this activity in
     This is the anatomy of the service facsimile computation and
condition, or "stuck condition" as it is called.
     A person has a stuck condition to which he is being a victim.
     However at one time this stuck condition served him in some
fashion, it helped him survive by being sick, dead and dying.  Now
however he would like to be rid of it, but can't remember how to vanish
(or as-is) it.

     ((It's more than can't remember, audit can't = won't.))
     He used it to be a hero to himself and a villain to those he
conceived were victimizing him or those he loved.

     Maybe it started with Mother, but he has 8 dynamics to go before
the story is fully told.

     He may even be trying to help another by getting sick thus
distracting the villains of life from vallainizing the other to
villainizing him!

     Deep nobility takes strange turns in this universe.

     He is actually not so sure it would be a good idea to get rid of
it, and in fact he will run into the QUALMS if he gets close to fully
duplicating why he has it.  The qualms are just the feeling "maybe it
wouldn't be so wise to get rid of this thing or know what it is about."
     That's why he can't get rid of it, it was 'WISE' to have it in the
first place, and possibly still is.
     Knowing its a ruse to protect himself and loved ones ruins its
efficacy in that direction, so he worries about remembering or knowing
enough about it to chill it down a notch.

     Remember around other beings who can all transparently read each
other's minds, rusing (ruse) doesn't get you very far except a sheepish
     The service facsimile computation and condition are always
nonsurvival conditions that at one time helped you survive through times
of great weakness, when you were opposed by an onslaught of even greater
CHRONIC stress, danger or suppression.
     Thus being a 'victim' helped you be a 'victor' or hero.
     However the creation of these negative conditions was so thorough
and so permanent in the intention, (they are made of forevers and
nevers!) that many years later when they are no longer in fact needed,
the person has lost sight that he created them or how.  Further he has
never fully re evaluated the need for them.  He still thinks it might be
a good idea to hang on to them, or at least keep them handy lest he need
them again on short notice.
     He considers it is not just his own survival at stake but the
survival of many loved ones and compatriots across many dynamics.

     Thus a female child who finds it extremely dangerous to be looked
at by men decides it would be best to be blind, stupid, fat and ugly.
Her computation is that nothing would want to eat (or rape) something
that bad off.
     But these same conditions which helped her survive and keep her
virginity as a child, also harm her survival in present time.  Her eyes
are so bad she can't drive, her mind is so gone she can't hold a job
worthy of her breeding, and she is so fat and ugly no suitor would be
able to carry her across the threshold, or look at her if he does.
     So a condition that originally helped her survive by getting people
to not look at her, is now harming her survival by getting people to not
look at her.
     "Conceive someone looking at you.  How does that make you feel?"

     The key question is, does the stuck condition or constellation of
conditions help her survival more than they hinder her survival?
     If the answer is yes then the person will be stable and doing
'well' in life, although not as well as they might be.  Of course if
they did REALLY well, they might get dead real fast, from the very
forces of suppression they were trying to handle in the first place.  So
'doing well' is really a matter of doing as well as you can and still
     That's an odd idea isn't it, that too much ability to survive
can end up with too little ability to survive the counter onslaught.

     If the answer is no, this condition is harming me more than it is
worth, then the person will not be stable and will not be doing well in
life, and will be in need of some serious auditing to keep her ship from
going down.
     So the service fac condition helps you survive by hindering your
     Things in life are either good to be into, or bad to be into, good
to be out of, or bad to be out of.
     The service fac condition is an effort to get into good things BY
getting out of other good things, or getting out of bad things BY
getting into other bad things.
     Thus there are four kinds of Service Facsimile Computations.
     There is,
     1.) Getting into something good by getting into something bad.
     2.) Getting into something good by getting out of something good.
     3.) Getting out of something bad by getting into something bad.
     4.) Getting out of something bad by getting out of something good.
     1.) Drinking alcohol gets you into the group of your peers, but
also gets you into driving drunk to keep up with them.
     2.) The bad eyes get you into the attention of your negligent
parents, but out of the attention of potential boy friends.
     3.) The bad heart gets you out of the war but into a hospital.
     4.) The bad limp gets you out of the draft, but also gets you out
of a good job.
     This is called being caught between a rock and a hard place.
     It is the advantage of being disadvantaged.
     Which of course comes from the disadvantage of being advantaged.

     So you have a classic stair case here:

     The Beauty of being Advantaged.
     The Ugly of being Advantaged.
     The Beauty of being Disadvantaged
     The Ugly of being Disadvantaged.
     They need the service fac condition in order to survive, but they
also need to NOT have the service fac condition in order to survive.
     For most people, the service fac condition is just bad enough to
protect them from what they fear, but not bad enough to prevent them
from going to work or doing their jobs or maintaining their self
sufficiency.  Thus they are considered normal 'well adjusted' people.
     That means that the adjustments they made to their survival
abilities are not harming them so much that society has to take care of
     For the rest who are not doing so well, they usually end up in a
psychiatrist's chair or a mental hospital.  These are the neurotic and
the psychotic.
     If they are lucky they will end up in YOUR auditing chair instead.
     The Psychiatric Zombie Lords will merely feed them drugs to enrich
their own pockets and keep them sick and coming back for more.
     The auditing address to this problem is to find out where, when,
how and why they decided to become a victim in order to be a victor.  In
other words they have chosen to become a SELF IMPOSED victim in order to
avoid being a victim at another's hands.  It's the difference between
self-determinism and other determinism.
     The other-determinism that is affecting them does not have to be
another person or being, it often is, but it can also be space and time
or the universe at large, or "things as they are".
     "How are you being a victim?"
     "How does this help you be a victor?"
     "How would you be a victim to be a victor?"
     "How would you be a victor to be a victim?"
     "How would it be of advantage to be disadvantaged?" "How would it
be a disadvantage to be advantaged?"
     You may want to help them understand the VILLAIN, VICTIM, HERO
triangle.  Get them to spot the villains, victims, and the heros who
will save the victims from the villains.
     If HERO doesn't run use VILLAIN, VICTIM, VICTOR.
     The service fac computation and condition has a lot to do with
trying to be the hero by being the victim.  It won't lift until you get
the 'noble sadness of it all' underlying the sacrifice.
     All victims used to be hero's and are still trying.
     All seriously burdened hero's used to be villains and regretted it.
     Ultimately you have to get at who did what to who, to get the whole
thing to lift.
     This is a trans lifetime proposition.  The child who was done in by
his parents in this life, IF IT IS STICKING TO HIM, has done something
similar as a parent to his child in a past life and regretted it.

     If you are psycho living in a dark hell in this life, how did you
cause a child to become a psycho and live in a dark hell in a past life.
     Remember that A doesn't happen to you in this life BECAUSE you did
A to someone else in a past life.

     But if A does happen to you in this life, AND IT DOES NOT HEAL ONCE
DONE, then you did A to someone else in a past life and are still
worried about them.

     So "Who or what are you still trying to help?"

     And "Who or what are you still trying to harm?"

     By help and harm, save and ruin, we are talking about from Hell
Forever and Death Forever.

     And study closely the goal to Vanquish the Vanquishers.