> What do you think was wrong with church auditing?

    The auditor and C/S in front of me.

    Just normal good humans, not stardrive OT's however.

    They did not dare run:

    Get the idea of something too dangerous to audit.
    Get the idea of nothing too dangerous to audit.

    Since I couldn't tell them The Proof because, 1.) they wouldn't have 
gotten it, and 2.) if they had they would have crashed like me with no 
hope of recovery, it acted as a massive unintentional withold, I was 
hoping to make case gain inspite of the proof, but the proof was a 
beginning item on too dangerous to audit.

    Near the end of my Flag Auditing, I finally wrote a short note to
the C/S hoping it would open his eyes as what we were trying to handle.

    It said simply:

    Learning with certainty across a distance is impossible.

    Never heard back, no change in C/S, communication totally bypassed.

    I have no idea who my C/S, probably some no name, I thought it was Mayo 
but he claims he wasn't at Flag during the time I was there.

    I had no clue in 1976 how much power was buried by not knowing the 
proof and then coming across it during a few months in 1973.  Also it took 
me YEARS to get the proof into critical mass form where even I could 
understand it without dying from the power of its charge.

    LRH talks about the dangerous auditor, someone who is terrifed to 
death of finding out.

    You could call this the first process on the DANGEROUS AUDITOR RUNDOWN.

    Get the idea of no   fear of knowing.
    Get the idea of some fear of knowing.
    Get the idea of no   fear of not knowing.
    Get the idea of some fear of not knowing.

    Run on be, want, know, do, have, perfect certainty, and any other item 
you can find reading or not.

    The meter will fold up in terror and get stuck high TA when getting 
close to the item, once you find the correct item to run this on, its too 
late to protect yourself.  Pray and prepare to meet your maker, YOU.

    But this rudown will get the dangerous auditor running.

    See HCOB's on dangerous auditors and C/Ses.

    If it doesn't bite, get back to me, I love producing dead auditors.

    It is not as simple as I make it out to be, I been soloing for 40 years 
and only in the past 3 or 4 have I really started to toss the lightning 
out of the back of my head, and come to near death a few times doing it, 
heart pounding, can't breath, lightning like pains in body, unspeakable 
spinning and vertigo dizziness, not only can't you stand up, you can't lie 
flat on the floor either, back of spine melting from fear of fear etc.

    Awareness that there is something too dangerous to be aware of, is too 
dangerous to be aware of, as the process of becoming aware of it will have 
already started it unraveling, and its too late to stop it again.

    So yeah, consider this a top secret memo. :)


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