Per request, here is a grep for the word ' sync' through out the 
archives, a subject mentioned for a long time but probably first formally 
discussed in adore721.memo called TICK TOCK.

     Postings prior to adore300 listed below probably are NOT talking about 
sync in this sense, but some other sense.


homer/NATIVE.memo:      Allowing a back and forth on it allows the being to get into sync
homer/adore124.memo:experiments to see how real they are, how in sync they are with their
homer/adore127.memo:nothing of the sort, only that something is synchronizing the various
homer/adore127.memo:where one sees them.  The effort to synchronize vision and touch is an
homer/adore127.memo:don't sync properly.   Things had better 'BE' where you see them!
homer/adore145.memo:     This synchronization of projections is not done because there is
homer/adore145.memo:because the process of inward DIRECT connection and synchronization
homer/adore145.memo:will help keep it around and locked in sync.
homer/adore19.memo:and in synchrony, each giving the other purpose, and when one closes
homer/adore307.memo:     It could be independent synchronicity.
homer/adore315.memo:postulates, waves that weren't quite in sync with his original scene,
homer/adore316.memo:>> his postulates, waves that weren't quite in sync with his original
homer/adore357.memo:     Sometimes the auditing gets out of sync with the alternating
homer/adore357.memo:flows and the needle stops working.  Get back into sync with the flows
homer/adore359.memo:item, SOME item, NO item...  get in sync with it.  THEN if it doesn't
homer/adore361.memo:     Never go past an item without having checked for 
homer/adore440.memo:     SYNC
homer/adore440.memo:'sync' or synchronization between auditor and flow.
homer/adore440.memo:is out of sync.
homer/adore440.memo:is out of sync.
homer/adore440.memo:     When auditing out of sync, no reads will happen, no charge will
homer/adore440.memo:it again.  When you get out of sync just repeat the item that didn't
homer/adore440.memo:     NO HELL   - read      in sync
homer/adore440.memo:     HELL      - read      in sync
homer/adore440.memo:     NO HELL   - no read   out of sync
homer/adore440.memo:     NO HELL   - no read   out of sync
homer/adore440.memo:     HELL      - no read   out of sync
homer/adore440.memo:     HELL      - no read   out of sync
homer/adore440.memo:     NO HELL   - read      in sync
homer/adore440.memo:     HELL      - read      in sync
homer/adore440.memo:     Auditing can go out of sync for many reasons, don't worry about
homer/adore440.memo:it, but do get it back in sync again, don't just leave the process
homer/adore490.memo:     Getting in tempo and sync with the flows are important.
homer/adore550.memo:remaining in sync with the alternating blowoff between them.
homer/adore601.memo:      Remember that staying in sync with the flow is imperative to run
homer/adore604.memo:      Run alternately, get in sync with the alternating flows
homer/adore615.memo:MAKE it read by getting into sync with it, with
homer/adore615.memo:    until it gets into sync, then continue to run it until flat with
homer/adore615.memo:fully comprehend sync, he may get into sync with his whole bank and
homer/adore616.memo:the NO and SOME sync and using an E-meter to watch the rhythm, so I
homer/adore616.memo:oscillation in sync by running NO ITEM and SOME ITEM.
homer/adore630.memo:      Reword and run to taste, making sure to lock onto and maintain sync
homer/adore632.memo:      Thus, taking care to maintain sync with flows, we might run,
homer/adore632.memo:will fall nicely when in sync with the NO flow, and will fall nicely
homer/adore632.memo:when in sync with the SOME flow, and will rise in between.  Back and
homer/adore640.memo:     Remember to run the NO or NOT versions also, in sync with the back
homer/adore643.memo:     It is the invariant that allows us all to sync with each other so
homer/adore664.memo:find the right item and its opposite, and make sure to get into sync
homer/adore707.memo:until you get in sync with the big one.
homer/adore71.memo:     Phase and body sex can and does get out of sync with each other.
homer/adore71.memo:a body that is physically out of sync with their spirit, and get it
homer/adore71.memo:     Bodies and phase in this case are full time out of sync naturally.
homer/adore710.memo:you see it, and so how come we have an in sync conscious experience of
homer/adore710.memo:consistent theory as to how this synchronicity could happen, namely that
homer/adore710.memo:whole new synchronization mechanism that connects the two of us so we
homer/adore710.memo:can render in sync with each other, 'see the same thing at the same
homer/adore710.memo:having synced up into one virtual pen, can be moved and controlled by
homer/adore721.memo:     SYNC
homer/adore721.memo:they are running you slightly out of sync as you are following their
homer/adore721.memo:     So the issuing of running suppressed dicoms is getting into sync
homer/adore721.memo:     SYNC AGAIN
homer/adore721.memo:tock out of sync with it, that is is go tock tick in sync with it.
homer/adore721.memo:      OUT OF SYNC
homer/adore721.memo:     Each cycle of the preclear being out of sync with the flows of the
homer/adore721.memo:he is pretty much continuously out of sync with them and thus sinking
homer/adore721.memo:some love IN SYNC with the dicom as he is actually ticking it.  In this
homer/adore721.memo:      IN SYNC
homer/adore721.memo:constantly going out of sync with the dicom through no immediate fault
homer/adore721.memo:      Spot a tick        tick           tick  in sync
homer/adore721.memo:      Spot a tock        tock           tock  in sync
homer/adore721.memo:      Spot a tick        tick           tick  in sync
homer/adore721.memo:      Spot a tock        tock           tock  in sync
homer/adore721.memo:      Spot a tick        tick           tick  in sync
homer/adore721.memo:of sync.  Reads stop happening, pc can't spot instances of the items, pc
homer/adore721.memo:     Notice how the auditor got the pc back in sync by running the same
homer/adore721.memo:session, the auditor and preclear MUST follow in sync.
homer/adore721.memo:each item, until sync is reestablished.
homer/adore721.memo:the pc in sync enough to get the thing to run.  As running goes on, sync
homer/adore721.memo:the sync of the auditor automatically, if the dicom jerks him around.
homer/adore721.memo:     Notice the preclear rather than going glum, realized the sync was
homer/adore721.memo:     Dicoms can go out of sync for any number of reasons, many of which
homer/adore721.memo:the pc remaining in sync and reporting on the dicom, not the auditor!
homer/adore721.memo:how you got the item, but if no run, double call until in sync.
homer/adore801.memo:runs first, and staying in sync is critical to really running the two
homer/adore806.memo:       If you lose sync between NO and SOME, the item will dry up and
homer/adore806.memo:then the SOME item again, back and forth and stay in SYNC with the flows
homer/adore862.memo:> teachings were not in sync with the church.
homer/adore876.memo:      Always run the 'Not know something" first, but sync is important.
homer/adore876.memo:in a row, back and forth until you get into sync with the preclear's
homer/adore876.memo:flows again.  If you do not know about sync by now, you shouldn't be
homer/adore876.memo:running this on another, can use a meter to stay in sync with the
homer/adore876.memo:       Run it back and forth, get the rhythm, get the sync, and the
homer/adore889.memo:each incarnated GodSoul (conscious unit), synchronized with each other
homer/adore890.memo:moves in sync with it, giving the illusion that there is one ball, and
homer/adore892.memo:     The syncing and co resonation of renditions does not happen via the
homer/adore892.memo:created universes and keep them instantly in sync with each other,
homer/adore924.memo:> sync'd nicely with your article.
homer/adore924.memo:>>      Reword and run to taste, making sure to lock onto and maintain sync
homer/adore927.memo:illusion born of instantaneous resonation and synchronization of the
homer/adore927.memo:      There is no time lag, as rendition synchronization is a function of
homer/adore927.memo:      The renditions are kept in sync via communication channels between
homer/adore927.memo:in Eternity between them, that synchronizes their two dreams, to make it
homer/adore929.memo:are synced with other players so that the illusion of one reality shared 
homer/adore934.memo:of sync, repeat last command again, or double each one until needle
homer/adore934.memo:      The auditor, in running a process on a preclear, must sync with the
homer/adore934.memo:the sync and stay in sync as best he can to keep the needle reading.
homer/adore934.memo:auditor's NO and SOME will go out of sync.
homer/adore934.memo:the auditor in sync again, even if the bank process is acting like a
homer/adore934.memo:      It is such a joy to get in sync with the bank and just watch the
homer/adore934.memo:      The following is an example of a process starting off in sync,
homer/adore934.memo:going out of sync, and then being brought back into sync by the auditor,
homer/adore934.memo:way too slow on answers to keep in sync with the bank process, which is
homer/adore934.memo:wrong question every now and then, and that means THAT is his sync
homer/adore934.memo:      If the process and the auditor get out of sync, the auditor must
homer/adore934.memo:get back into sync by doing what he did last again.
homer/adore934.memo:       NO         NO?       read Sync finally established again.
homer/adore950.memo:      We call the basic cause of synchronization RESONANCE, so that
homer/adore968.memo:the outward dream, and the many dreams are synchronized perfectly
homer/adore968.memo:and they are synchronized via the One that connects them all above space
homer/hom2.memo:     I believe that desire and truth are co synchronous and
homer/hom59.memo: Synchronicities or meaningful coincidences suddenly
homer/otpower:projections could lock onto each other, go into sync, and begin to act
homer/otpower:     Of course they would have had to will the syncing to take place,
homer/otpower:such a resonant co synchronization between all the beings in it.
homer/otpower:to cease projecting in sync with others, is itself an OT ability.
homer/roland2:     SYNC
homer/roland2:     Sync is critical.
homer/roland2:talk about NO ITEM AND SOME ITEM in sync with his bank, the flows will
homer/roland2:read, one can try running NO ITEM, SOME ITEM, getting it in sync as
homer/roland2:     Each time the process bogs down, check sync, and if still no go,
homer/sess:of a counter sync with the banks efforts that are dramatizing the thing
homer/session:     Sometimes needles were out of sync, left hand meter would be rising
homer/session.memo:      Sometimes needles were out of sync, left hand meter would be rising
homer/you8.memo:      Remember that staying in sync with the flow is imperative to run
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