Nah I hate this one side of a dicom stuff, reference below.

     I ran a good long run of the following the other night
solo, and IT was powerful.

     Spot a condition, then run

     "God, I hate you!"
     "God, I love you!"

     Back and forth on any and all selfs, beings, somatics, demons, or 
conditions that pop up.

     Mean it too :)

     The effort to not hate stops the ability to love and visa versa.

     Both love and hate are EMOTIONS that power EFFORT towards
help and harm.

     One way flows of anything stop cold after a while.

     Start, start, start ends up in uncontrolled stop after a while.

     Stop, stop, stop ends up in uncontrolled start after a while.

     Stop, Start, Stop, Start ends up in controlled continue or not
as you please.


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On Tue, 10 May 2016, wrote:

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>     Alan's process,
>     "Tell me a positive"
>     "Tell me about (item)"
>     is an extraordinarily simple and powerful process.
>     Auditor: "Tell me a positive"
>     PC:      "Love"
>     Auditor: "Tell me about love"   (until flat)
>     Auditor: "Tell me a positive"
>     Quite wild.
>     Homer
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Tue May 10 16:51:08 EDT 2016