Run the negative first, as that will be the one your preclear
probably first originated.

     Get the idea of being worse.
     Get the idea of being better.

     Run as causal conception, creating in the mere conception of things.

     What you want is how might things be, what might be different, etc.

     Maybe you might want to word clear Ideal Scene and Anti Ideal Scene.

     E/P can be better or worse at will, and happy where they are at.

     This isn't running track, its running OT willingness and horse
power to create all sides of a conflict and beyond.

     If you wanted some one to run it on you, use model session II,
auditor gives command and shuts up until pc says OK.  PC can itsa or not
as he pleases in between, but he HAS to say OK to get the next command
from the auditor.  The auditor only questions the preclear if the
auditor didn't understand something the preclear said and he may
question only to a point of understanding, never ever to go deeper into
the case on a tangent.

     If the auditor violates this, the preclear will unconceive him as
his auditor.


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