Run using round robin model session 2,

       "Get the idea there is NO BEFORE LIFE."
       "Get the idea there is SOME BEFORE LIFE."
       "Get the idea there is NO LIFE ."
       "Get the idea there is SOME LIFE ."
       "Get the idea there is NO AFTER LIFE."
       "Get the idea there is SOME AFTER LIFE."

       E/P: Relief.  Preclear becomes more aware of how his and other's
beliefs affect their own sense of well being in the present and their
sense of well being about their past and their future.  He will start to
let go of certain beliefs just because they make him feel bad.

       This process replaces "How to you feel about your future?" which is a
deadly powerful process, but it flunks on three accounts, one it is a
question, two it requires 2wc from the preclear, and three it isn't
running a dicom.


       Confront is not quite the same thing as embrace, confront tends to
lead into endure, or acceptance through resignation.

       We are looking for the ability to embrace life including the future,
without restraint or conservatism.  Confront is missing 'putting it 
there', knowingly, willingly, with intent and motivation, and full 
awareness of consequences because they are being put there too.

       The ability to put the all-that-is there with gusto, flair and vigor.

       Thus one might try,

       "Get the idea of NOT embracing life."
       "Get the idea of embracing life."

       Standardize it to

       "Get the idea of NO embracing life."
       "Get the idea of SOME embracing life."

       Remember SOME does not mean a small amount of, it means more than
zero.  Infinite love is some love.


       The being is looking for the context in which he lives, that is where
he is, when he is, and WHY he is there.

       He has wrong answers for all of these, and giving and receiving 
wrong answers to these questions are primary overts and motivators on the 
whole track and in present life.  They seem to be the primary weapon in 
the drive to sink other beings and one's self.

       Wrong answers to core questions do people in, people are done in, so
they are sinking from wrong answer to core questions!  :)

       The WHY is the causal pathway that led him to where he is today, the
purposes, motivations, volitions, intentions and actions, his and others,
that led him to right where he is now.

       Hubbard said that on a mean day he might ask the preclear over and
over again "What are you doing in a body?"

       The preclear's persistence in all its forms is MADE of wrong answers
to these questions, so one might think running such a process might be

      But then all the preclear does is give wrong answers, so his tone
goes down and down and down.

      Remember every time the preclear is given a command or question
that he can not execute or answer correctly he takes a loss.

      You can not make a win out of a series of losses.

       A low tone preclear will keep giving the answer that makes him feel 
the worst as he is just sure the right answer will kill him with misery.

       So feeling bad then worse is used as a divining rod to the next
wrong answer that he fears the most for surely it will kill him.

     So 10 million wrong answers followed by the one correct answer,
well your preclear will be long dead before he gets there.

     He has a computation to the effect that life is too vile to
contemplate, so the reason why he is in life has to be worse, because
"Bad can not come from good."

     If life is bad then how can the creator of life be good?

     You see, so that's a MAJOR service fac computation on his case that
causes him to only look for bad answers to why he is here, and only then
on days when he wants a final reason to kill himself before that bad
answer fully dawns on him.

     If you ask him instead "What wrong answer have you had to why are
you in a body?" he will say "Oh I am not wrong about it, I *KNOW* why I
am in a body, God is testing me so I can be suitable for him...,"

     Since no one could possibly embrace such a test for himself,
especially a test resulting in 'eternal damnation' for failure,
believing in such a thing reduces his responsibility level to zero for
being tested, and thus for being here.

      Thus the preclear will never come up above covert hostility,
suppressed unexpressed resentment and 'Let's cheat!' on the matter.

      So we have to take a more standard approach, one that runs the
static at the level of causal conception, from nothing there (native
state), to something there (manifestation), and back again, over and
over.  Eventually he will SEE why he is here in the process of
manifesting all these false whys, as any manifestation at all is
based on a wrong why to get to persist.

      Theorem zero: All persistence is caused by a wrong why.

      Theorem one: Anything he claims he can't have, he doesn't want.  In
other words can't = won't.

      The basic underlying question is simply 'Why am I here?'

     If he feels he can't find out, he doesn't want to know.

     So one runs the don't want to know, rather than the can't know
until he contacts his *WON'T* forever, and then it will start to run

     He has burnt himself out on this one question with impossibilities,
incredibilities and wrong whys forever for free.

     A few quadrillion years later he still has not found the right
answer and is busy spending his time foie-grasing everyone around him
with all his wrong answers.

     Rest assured he is terrified of finding out the answer, which
includes who or what he is and why he is or did the things he did.

     Wrong answers cause a being to feel doomed.

     And Oh, he has been so wrong for SO LONG on this one, the very
OLDNESS of it gives him the qualms, because even an immortal would be
dead by now after that long a time.

     "Why am I here" is one of those questions where ANY human answer is
bound to be a wrong answer, and so of course he feels doomed if he
'finds' it.

     That's because any wrong answer leads to feeling doomed because it
causes persistence forever in time, which of course is looking forward
to a hell forever.

     And so he can only seek it with great trepidation and the certainty
he might be better off not knowing.

     He is quite convinced that should he ever find out why he is alive,
and here on Earth as a mortal animal, he would die.

     And if he knows for certain that he is doomed, why look at the
final demise in detail?  Better to just let it happen when it wants and
how it wants, never see it coming.

     Test indeed, mostly a test of courage in the face of untenable and
indecent Truths that exist only to violate his sovereign desire.

     Awareness of Truth has become opposed to Decency on the tone scale, 
and no man will live up to a level of decency higher than the indecency he 
perceives in the Truth that created him.

     But its a pretended but still indecent 'innocence' that then causes
decency to spiral into indecency forever and ever amen.

     He knows this, so he will choose to not know the truth so he can
remain decent and innocent.

     That's called a Service Fac Computation, run it R3SC.

     "How have you used ...  to make others wrong, dominate them or make
them guilty or succumb."

     So he has an AND on knowing and not knowing why he is here at the
same time forever for free.

     Some of the answers he contemplated in the search for his causal
context were SO outrageous they simply burned out his incredibility, so
he came to contemplate that there WERE NO reasons why he is here, there
was no prior cause, there was no prior existence at all, certainly not
anything friendly with intent and motivation orchestrating creation, he
just is, and that's it bud.

     And someday he will become isn't, and that will be his final it.

     Some of the answers he contemplated to why is he here were based on
ideas of love, caring, nuturance, lessons to learn etc, or hate,
punishment for wrong doing, undeservingness, or wild divine
inscrutable mixtures of both.

     The idea that he as a GodSoul has ridden a dicom into a place
called HeavenHell is not beyond his understanding, but he is no longer
human at that point, as he knows that no human would have chosen to be

     He may sense that *SOMETHING* has a sense of humor around here, but
it ain't him, and he isn't sure he wants to meet this thing, let alone
find out it is himself.

     It's one thing to be afraid of monsters, its quite another to BE a
monster who has it in for himself, especially one with an eternal sense
of humor.

      "Tragedy and Travesty,, Romance and Sin,
       Miracles and Majesty, that's where I have been.

       Tragedy and Travesty, Romance and Song,
       Miracles in Majesty, that's where I have gone."

     Deciding that there is no reason at all to be found for his
existence here on earth in a mortal body, his mind could think no
further on the matter of his mortal/immortal/eternal future because
without a past there can be no future.

     Not knowing why the past lead to the present, there is no way of
knowing where the present is going to lead into the future.

     Let alone have any control over it.

     Not being able to PUT HIMSELF THERE, well then, who or what is?

     That leads to being an average meatball who simply never thinks
about it any more.


       "Get the idea there is NO reason."
       "Get the idea there is SOME reason."


     If you have ever seen the phenomenal affect that going in and out
of sync has on you and the meter during a solo session, and effect on
your willingness and ability to continue the session, you know that
staying in sync and getting back into sync is critical to auditing

     Getting back into sync can make a needle go from totally stuck to
free falling again in one re-command of the item you were last on.

     Items that you are just SURE should be reading but aren't, can be
loosened up by quickly going back and forth between the NO and SOME

     Before running dicoms, sync was not an issue, because by asking
"get the idea of love" over and over again, sync would go in and out by
itself, but the refusal to run the other side "get the idea of hate"
would eventually jam the session.

     When the preclear came to hate the session enough, his needle would
'float' and he would be sent to the examiner for attestation, and upon
being asked about the session the preclear would say "I loved it!"

     In part that's because in normal human life you can't love without
hating in equal measure what threatens the life and well being of what
you love.

     That's why strong love falls down to strong sorrow very

     Trying not to hate ends up in no love.

     Thus all bullets are dicoms, one side to protect, help and enhance
your friends, and the other side to destroy, harm and de-enhance the
enemies of your friends.

     Trying to love everyone is a trap and results in ending up hating
everyone and then in no feeling at all.

     It's not that no one deserves your hate, no one deserves your love

     So its either freely given or it isn't.

     So running the dicom in sync is somewhat critical.

     When running the dicom back and forth one can get out of sync and
stay out of sync if one's commands get wrong-way-to relative to the
preclear's bank.

     Preclear is ready for A, auditor gives B, or preclear is ready for
B and auditor gives A.  That's wrong-way-to.

     The preclear may be trying to follow your lead, but the bank won't,
the bank is going back and forth on the dicom at its own pace and sync,
and nothing can change it, so the session must track the bank's sync
properly in order to erase it.

     Trying to change the bank's sync to match the auditor will lead
to disaster and is an auditing high crime.

     When running model session 2, the preclear usually gives the OK
when he has sensed the change in sync in himself, and thus it is safe
for the auditor to follow suit and give the next command.

     Sometimes though when running dual, staying in sync can become a
problem because you may start the preclear with NO, and he ends up
talking about NO and then SOME.

     So when he finally says OK, has he just finished NO, or has he just
finished SOME?

     If he has just finished NO, you should next ask him SOME.

     But if he has gone to SOME by himself (and finished it), especially
after a long ramble, you need to now give him NO again.

     Your preclear may be more picky about you giving him the next
expected command in sequence rather than the command that most fits his
present sync.

     Dual preclears will tend to mockup and tell you about whatever they
want, so they will be adjusting their own sync as auditing goes along.

     You will have to figure out for yourself if you should give the
next command in sequence or the next command that matches where you
perceive his sync to be.

     This really shouldn't be a problem too often as long as the
preclear is swinging along smoothly and enjoying the process, if you ask
him the wrong sync, he will simply answer the right sync, and you can
adjust from there if he continues to answer out of sync from you.

     If lost or confused, just start with NO again.

     The preclear is always ready to make nothing out of everything.  :)


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