One of the biggest problems with any standard dual auditing, is
that most of the communication that goes on is the preclear telling the
auditor everything about himself, but the auditor telling the preclear
exactly nothing about himself.

      Auditing may be a two way communication, but it is often very much
a one way communication of data and personal information between them,
namely from preclear to auditor, with nothing but an ACK back.

      As the auditor builds up a strong reality on the preclear, who he
is, what he is, and his likes, beliefs and goals, the preclear is
building up a very thin and usually inaccurate reality about the

      Even if the auditor is a good auditor, the preclear ends up knowing
very little about the auditor and so the preclear builds a sort of
imaginary reality about the auditor that fits the preclear's desire for
continued ARC with the auditor.

      "Wow this guy is just like me, I can really like him!"

      ARC is affinity, reality (agreement) and communication, and in the
absence of true communication to the preclear about the auditor, both
the reality and affinity the preclear builds up about the auditor are
mostly fantasy built on a flimsy foundation: namely he is a good

      So there you have the auditor running mankind's and the preclear's
early relationship to the enormous endeavor to get to the moon in the

      The auditor is young, born in the 1980's, so he has no REAL reality
on the efforts or the events, just some reading and general history.

      The preclear was born in 1951 and so was a young kid, 6th grade, at
the time, and wanted to do something really important in his life.

      He loved science, math, geology, astronomy and cosmology and wanted
more than anything to either be an astronaut or be involved in the
training or building of the missions one way or another to help get
civilization to the stars.

      With Kennedy and Khrushchev throwing shoes at each other in the UN,
civilization certainly wasn't going to last long here on Earth.

      The preclear followed every launch, knew all the astronaut names by
heart, where they went to school, and what they were experts in.  And he
went to lectures about the missions and even met some of the astronauts
in person which was a major highlight of that life, these were his heros
after all, and it was a real loss to him that he couldn't have been part
of it.

      He cried when the 3 were burned alive in the fire, and he worried
himself sick when Apollo 13 blew up on the way home.

      He had felt for a moment there a despair on the possibility that
the whole space program would end forever if they didn't get home

      He knew everything he could about the Saturn V rocket that took
these men to the moon, he knew how much it weighed, all of its working
parts, the fuel it burned and the chemistry behind it.  He knew the
thrust and burn ratios, how many stages the rocket had, how each one was
connected to the next and how they would be recovered after doing their


      When he got to college he spent all his time in Sagan's laboratory
where he studied all the moon rocks, test equipment, scientific results
on the search for life, and 10,000 images of the moon including images
of the command capsule taken from the moon, and images of the moon
lander taken from the command capsule.

      He listened and memorized every recorded communication from the astronauts 
to home base, and he knew which astronaut went on every flight and had their 
pictures on his walls.

      He also spent hours and hours at the observatory looking through
the telescope at the various moon landers, transportation vehicles and
experimental equipment that had been left behind, including the sand
tracks of the very journeys they went on romping around the craters.

      The preclear could see himself in every one of them and prayed for
a day when he could go to the moon to continue the research and travel
to the stars.

      As a kid the preclear built and flew Estes Rockets and learned the
calculus to calcuate the thrust, height and speed of these rockets, he
even sent a number of mice up in capsules and recovered them later with
specially designed parachutes and ejection mechanisms so they would come
home safely to fly again.

      Space flight scared the *HELL* out of him, he didn't want to come back 
dead, or worse not come back at all.  And he really didn't want to have to 
'chew the capsule'.

      The preclear also spent hours talking to his friend's father who
worked at the space fabrication facilities where the capsules were made
that were launched from Cape Canaveral.

      In the middle of running all this angst on the preclear's basic
goals including overts (failed to find one mouse), withholds (his
parents would have thrown a fit), motivators, problems, and computations
about astronautics, the auditor makes a comment that, based on reliable
evidence he has seen including a movie, the moon landings were all a

      There is no recovering from that.

      It's not that he said it in session, if he had said it out of
session the preclear would never have had anything to do with him.

      Being a good auditor does not excuse being a pin head with the
space of a bug.

      If your auditor considers that all of your life experiences and
data that align with your basic purposes are the result of a hoax,
auditing will not take place.

      If the auditor hides this from the preclear, some kind of pretense
of auditing might take place for a while, but the preclear knows, he can
tell by the smallness of the auditor's view of the world.

      And once the auditor divulges what he really thinks, well the
preclear will spend a long time thinking about ever getting auditing
again from anyone.

      He will, at the very least, see if prospective auditors are
democrats or republicans.  Or commies.


      If you think the above is bad, watch out for auditors that suffer
from mental roosteritis.

      They will tell you that because the sun arises every morning after
the rooster crows, the rooster's crow is therefore causing the sun to
rise, and so we must all take precautions to protect roosters, because
if all the roosters were to die, the sun wouldn't rise any more.

      Or the guy who tells you that you must obey all government
officials no matter what they tell you to do because they are elected by
the people through the auspices and will of God.

      People get the government they deserve, and so bad people get bad
governments, but they are the only government we have, so obey them
absolutely no matter what they tell you to do, lest you violate God's
will to mete out your punishment as a bad person by subjecting you to
bad rulers.


      Vet carefully also the messiahs you chose to help you help others.

      Watch out for those that tell you that the grand canyon is 5000 years old 
because the world is 6000, that science was created by God to test your faith, 
that the speed of light is a hoax, or that the idea that suns grow old and 
eventually burn out or die in super nova explosions, were invented to scare 
little children.


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