There are two falls to consider.

     The first is from timeless eternality into time and apparent
immortality, an allegedly infinite single while, that eventually turns
into a hell forever.  No whiles are actually forever, retraining
awareness of this prevents the hells from happening, which are just
whiles we are holding onto beyond their time of proper ending.

     The second fall is the escape from immortality further into time
and apparent mortality which offers the illusion we can die one day for
good thus ending the immortal hell.

     The answer to both immortality and mortality is eternality which is
eternal peace above time but also eternal responsibility.


     What you are willing to put there, you can unput there, doesn't
matter who originally put it there.

     Thus one audits the two assumptions, or donnings, of apparency.

     The first is the assumption of time itself as an eternal being,
thus becoming an immortal being.

     The second is the assumption of the body at birth as an immortal
being, to give the apparency of mortality.  Its a deceit to escape the
immortal hell one created.

     There is no real case gain outside of these.

     Can't = won't.

     What can't you?

     Why wouldn't you?

     A preclear talks their havingness down when you allow them to yak
and natter forever about can't or must.

     The TA starts to move and preclear interest comes back the instant
you insist upon them coughing up the won't start, change or stop.

     Never audit the can't, always audit the won't.

     The being is a black five because he keeps trying to mockup what he
WANTS to mockup, all the while suppressing his bank cluster from mocking
up what IT wants to mockup.

     The bank consists of emotional curves from having down through not
having (loss) and finally back up again a small bit at the end into co
miseration, sympathy and help groups that like each other because they
all suffer the same.

     This sticks the being in the up curve at the end, he thus refuses
to move back through time down the tone scale through the worst part of
the down curve back to the beginning when he was high on the curve at
the start.

     Each curve forms a whole havingness unit, a havingness of tragedy
and travesty, miracle and majesty (once it is audited).

     Curve after curve is suppressed because its all loss to him.

     But he holds onto them because the stories of loss are havingness
to him also!

     Try getting into reverie, maybe just after waking up in the morning
and rather than starting mocking up every thing you want for that day's
work, let the bank show you what is there.  A few wins at this will
raise you immeasurably because you will see the bank has more stuff in
it to keep you occupied and entertained for trillions of years, more
sex, movies, games, tragedy and travesty than you could ever hope for,
and what's better none of it is yours, so its all NEW and delightful if
a bit terrifying and hard on the empathy.

     Remember loss of havingness to a Soul is HAVINGNESS to a God!

     Every emotional curve is necessary as all things die one day, and
every curve is a story in fine form of playing games of survival that
can not be won FOREVER.

     So every emotional curve and its story that a thetan can enjoy, the
better off he is.  He has become unwilling to engage in their creation,
so he can't have anything at all.

     All havingness ends one day, usually in disaster with triumphs
along the way to keep them addicting, so expect the bank to offer up
endless moving pictures and images of Heavens -> Hells, Heavens ->

     Babes and Bugs, beauty and ugly, brilliant pure color, drab ugly
squirming bodies crying to die that can't.  The thetan when confronted
with all this, freaks out with 'I can't confront this, and if I could I
could never help them all, so I am just going to sit here catatonic
until they all stop crying and squirming and die already.' That's a
black V.

     He is head banging on life and his bank in the hopes of out waiting
for it to go away.

     Let the bank offer you what IT wants, never direct or expect, turn
your acceptance of surprise up to infinity, wait for it to appear out of
the blue when you aren't expecting it, and the bank will offer you
endless landscapes of beauty, girls, and wealth all on its way to the
blackest broiling clouds of burning disaster you could ever want.

     If you can't get it all to turn on, you are still trying to mockup
what YOU want, rather than what is there to be seen when IT wants.  What
you SEE when you close your eyes is the average of a lot of whole track
trying to manifest at the same time.  It averages out to dull tedium
made from NO I don't want to see that, I want to see this.

     You can't just mockup objects, you need to mockup cycles of actions
on objects moving in time, from creation through hey cool they hang out
under their own power for a while, to disaster and oh my god I don't
want to see the final end.  Well do so anyhow, and then the next movie
of action cycles will turn on, and the next.  Watch it, it can turn on
and last for DAYS, you won't be able to turn it off without some
presence of mind.

     If you are willing to see the burning oil poured on the 10 thousand
bodies having an orgy without limits, you can have all the sex you want!

     Its the effort to have the Heaven without the slow or fast slide
into the interminable hell that prevents a thetan from having anything.

     You can always run the incident backwards you know.

     Start off with the crispy critters and run it back to the
'prettiest thing I have ever seen.'

     But watch it, once this turns on it will be a bear to stop.

     Fortunately it's pretty easy to stop, just demand to see what YOU
want without a disaster attached to its end.

     Then you will see nothing.

     Cool huh, you can have anything you want as long as you are willing
to let it cycle through the not want at the end.

     Endless emotional curves forever for free, each one will take you
higher at the beginning, as long as you are willing to go lower at the
end of each one.

     And you don't maudle (maudlin) around in the Golden Ally sympathy
stinger at the end.  That will stick you there and no more movies.

     Nothing is forever except people and peace, not the peace of having
some manifestation, but the peace of unmanifestation.

     So freedom, power, willingness and appreciation comes from the
ability to put cycles of action of havingness there forever for free.

     They told you you could have a limitless number of pretty girls,
YOU read into that it meant forever without the crispy critters to

     So really, an unlimited number of pretty girls balanced by an
unlimited number of crispy critters ain't so bad no is it.  Especially
if you can play the game of keeping the beginning and end of the while
as far apart in time as you can.

     You might even be blessed with the ability to forget the end is
inevitable for a while...


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On Sun, 26 Jun 2016, David M Pelly wrote:

> Ha ha.
> I have never thought of it that  way.
> But I have so much to do, that  I want to live forever.
> Or at least as long as Methuselah.
> But I am so cased that I feel like I am losing the game.
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> > What's worse:
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> > Thinking you are going to die forever when you want to live forever,
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> > or
> >
> > Thinking you are going to live forever when you want to die forever?
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