If you say

      "All generalitzations are false"

      you have issued a self referencing AND self denying statement.

      The statement itself is a generalization and thus by its own 
assertion must therefore be false.

      If it is false that 'all generalizations are false', then it must
be true that some generalizations may be true.

      In which case how would he look for one and how would he know it
when he found it?

      In the same way, the person who claims

      "I am uncertain of everything."

      has issued a self referencing AND self denying statement.

      His statement is part of everything, so he has claimed he is
uncertain of it too.

      If he is uncertain of his statement, then he has claimed that maybe 
his statement is false, which means maybe he IS certain of some things 
after all.

      In which case, again, how would he search for something he
was perfectly certain of, and how would he know it if he found it?

      Therefore, the failure of the search for a perfect certainty can 
never be a forgone conclusion.


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