She is trying to be an angel while fucking a dog, namely you, so
her sexual performance will be a bit off.

      Certainly nothing to write home to mother about.

      Worse she's been taught that sex is bad and so therefore having an
orgasm is bad, so she will try to have children without ever having an

      By having children she fulfills her social contract of justifying
her existence, and by never having an orgasm, being fridig, she keeps
herself pure.

      The man on the other hand HAS to have an orgasm to have children,
and he too feels degraded by the orgasm, but unlike the woman the orgasm
is required of him.

      Thus the woman uses this degradation of the man against the man for
the rest of their lives.

      This kind of woman thinks she is better than the man and will find
every fault she can in the man to prove it so.

      People who can not partake freely of the more ecstatic experiences
of their physical existence will also find them selves lacking in the
love department also.  Without sexual love between parents, there is
very little other emotional love than can grow in its absence.

      So while he is a super nova of demanding and explosive sexual
energy, she is more like a cold burnt out dwarf star.

      Children born of such marriages do not do well.

      Most relatively sane people who as spirits can embrace their
temporal physicality are into extreme jungle love.

      Children feel safe in that environment even if they get their
titties tickled once in a while.

      The total physical separation between parent and baby or child
during sex is sick as sick comes.

      Children know how to say no if it gets too much for them, and
parents who are into jungle love real time have no interest in 'abusing'
their children, only in teaching them by direct experience how to get
involved in jungle love themselves when they grow up.

      You don't have to eat the child in order to teach them how to eat
by letting them be involved in the whole process of you eating yourself.
from hunt to toilet.


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