AD HOMINEM revisited.

      Ad hominem means against the man, it is a vicious form of dishonest
debate used regularly by criminal suppressives.

      Mere name calling is not ad hominem.

      Name calling is expression of resentment against the criminal
suppressive for using ad hominem in discourse hoping to get away with

      Ad Hominem is a kind of arguing from irrelevancies.

      A classic that went by on youtube recently:

      Teacher: "What is 1+1?"

      Student A: "2"

      Teacher: Wrong!

      Student B: "Gender equality!"

      Teacher: Right!

      Student A: "Hey gender equality is not the correct answer to what
is 1+1!"

      Student B: "You got something against gender equality you bigot!?"


      Of those who are opposed not only to the Church and its inequities,
but also to scientology as a growing body of knowledge about workable
clearing, you can know the criminal suppresive by the chronic and
compulsive use of the following criminal forms of discourse.

      Example 1:

      "Hubbard said A and Hubbard said B.  But A is wrong, therefore so
is B!"

      Hubbard said there were trains on venus and suns last forever.

      Hubbard also said that pain and unconsciousness is recorded and can
reactivate at a later time, and that it can also be 'erased'.

      The first is probably wrong, the second is not related and thus its
truth must be independently determined.

      If A and B are not directly related to each other, the truth of A
has nothing to do with the truth of B.

      Example 2:

      This one has a name, its the Dennis Erlich gambit.  No one falls
for it but him.

      "Hubbard said A, you said A, therefore you were brain washed by

      People agree with others all the time without being brainwashed to
do so.

      Example 3:

      Hubbard said "If you really wanted to make some money, you should
start a religion." He later changed scientology into a religion because
he wanted to make money.

      He changed scientology into a religion because it WAS a religion,
obviously, and the fact that scientology also got tax protection and
made a lot of money was incidental consequence.

      Example 4:

      Hubbard said "Xenu imprisoned some people on Earth 76 million years
ago.  But Hubbard was on drugs while he was making this up and worst
case its just more fantasy to make more money, and best case its just
another one of his conspiracy theories."

      Call something a conspiracy theory is part of an actual wide spread
conspiracy to denigrate suspiciions and theories on various things so
people won't look at them.

      Google "the conspiracy theory conspiracy." It will tell you exactly
why and who the people are behind the world wide covert effort to shape
the population's epistemological landscape (what they believe about
things), into believing that the government never conspires against the
people about anything, and to create the terms "conspiracy theory" and
"conspiracy theorist" to discount, denigrate, put down, ridicule with
contempt, and downplay the ideas being presented by them.

      Some theories are just stupid, some theories about conspiracy are
in fact wrong.  Some aren't.

      The greatest conspiracy theory of all is the theory that the
government is conspiring to make conspiracy theories illegal to talk
about or post to the web.

      That is in fact not a theory, and is also in fact a very real
conspiracy, repleat with government committees assigned to designate
which conspiracy theories will be legal to talk about and which won't

      Anyhow, the criminal suppressive would argue Hubbard created an
approach to auditing based on a theoretical anatomy of the problem.  The
anatomy is wrong, thus the approach does not work.

      Although approach is usually based on anatomy, and approaches based
on good theories of anatomy will probably work the best, one often
discovers workable approaches first and then tries to design an anatomy
to explain the workability of the approach in order to better teach the
approach and to improve the approach based on predictions implied by the
new conception of the anatomy.

      Do not suffer a criminal suppressive to speak without taking
him to task for his Dharma Treason.


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