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     The top level GPM game at spirit of play is the goal to create a

     Creating a future involves being able to put things there and make
them persist, and being able to unput things there and make them
vanish, in the direction of creating the greatest amount of good and
pleasure born of survival and persistence in time, for the greatest
number during the finite time-while that the game lasts.

     The tone scale is a measure of one's being able to create a future
as described above.  Down at DISASTER the being has lost the ability
to create a desirable future, which means he can't make desirable
things persist, and undesirable things vanish.  At inactuality he has
not-ised the situation, making nothing there, at delusion he has put
something else there than the actual problem and failure, and at
hysteria, shock, catatonia and oblivion he suffers failed crazy
efforts to die forever.  He is throwing a fit in other words.

     It is this failure to create a future according to his desires that
leads to the being finally 'going out' at non existence as a apirit at
the bottom of the awareness chart, and becoming something that will
live for him (human body) as a last ditch effort to do something even
if he isn't doing any of it himself.


     Get the idea of NO future.
     Get the idea of SOME future.

     (The FOREVER invokes the charge on immortality in time, in
particular DETESTED immortalities, and the FOR FREE invokes the power
of timeless eternality from which all this static -> kinetic nonsense
arises in the first place.  Creation is never done from the point of
view of mortality or immorality, creation can only happen from the
point of view of static eternality above time.  This is in part why
conceive a static doesn't work, a static can not conceive a static,
the static CREATES via conception and the only thing that a static can
conceive and create are apparencies of the kinetic.  So running
conceive a kinetic is actually the correct process.  Creating the
kinetic recovers the static because one has to BE the static to create
the kinetic.  The static is beingness, the kinetic is becomingness.

     Thus get the idea of NO static and SOME static will get you nowhere
except a train wreck of kinetic.  But

     Get the idea of NO kinetic
     Get the idea of SOME kinetc

     will get you a lot of desirable kinetic and eventually take you
back to the static.)

     THE STEP 5 is a BLACK V (See SOP 1, PDC)

     The black V has no future.

     *THAT* is what he can not see, as the only reason to make a mockup
or something like it, is to put it into the future :) And notice the =
present consists of objects in CHANGING MOTION due to an array of 
FORCES/EFFORTS, so to create a different future one must apply one's own
array of forces to existing systems in order to redirect them to =
something better.  EVERYTHING is done on the fly.  So in making mockups,
one can mockup still objects to little avail, and mockup moving
objects to better results, but mocking up ACCELERATING or
DEACCELERATING objects due to mocked up forces produces the best
results.  Mocking up FORCE is WAY more important than mocking up
masses or masses in simple motion.

     Hubbard by the way called this stuff conception running, but he
left out the dicom, and the no some and and.


     Your preclear will be found at the bottom (beginning earliest in
time) of the GPM to be operating both a VISION STATEMENT and a MISSION

     A vision statement is a statement of what the preclear would like
to see for his future, and is based on a disatisfaction with the here
and now, and hope to produce a better satisfaction in the there then,
namely the future.

     A mission statement is a specific plan on how he is going to bring
about all or part of his vision statement.

     The basic most general vision statement is "To create a better
future through enhancing productivity."

     It will be subseted in each life by a subset of of productivity
such as 'though education, communication, politics, art, science,
religion' etc.  So in one life he is a teacher, and in another a
politician, or scientist, but all are just subsets of general
productivity, producing more than you consume.

     In the physical universe, productivity is solely and only positive
return on investment resulting from sow and reap cycles, also called =
investment and return on investment, or expenditure and revenue (to see

     In the physical universe of matter, energy, space, time and force,
the sole cause of any change is force.  Notice motion between bodies
is not caused, but just is.  But CHANGE in motion between bodies is
always caused by force producing an acceleration relative to the mass
of the bodies whose relative velocities are being changed.

     OT"s like to think they can move objects with postulates, but a
posulate can only put an object there, or unput it there and put it
somewhere else, causing the illusion of motion.  If the OT really
wants to move something he needs to postulate some force and apply it
:) Thus we have source, existence and conditions at the top of the
scale, the most important one being conditions.  Condition means the
state things are in, but the most important conditions are the
limitations placed on changing the state of objects that exist in that
space and time.

     The OT can not longer just change things with a thought, he has to
PUSH, you see?

     The ability to create in the mere conception of things has come
down tone to the ability to create via chase.  Chase is the
application of force to move things around until you have a bridge
say.  He creates the initial universe with pure causal conception, but
leaves the bridge out, then he conceives of chasing a bridge, and
proceeds with building the bridge around the conditions and
limitations he created by pure conception just prior.  That's called A
chase B, or the Roebling effect who built the Brooklyn Bridge.  'A' is
not chasing 'B', A is the universe minus the bridge.  Its a sequence
of 3 acts.

     1.) Put the universe there by mere conception, A 2.) Put the
conditions and limitations there (chase) 3.) Build the bridge, B

     A chase B is written up in tremendous detail at:

     Click on any one and search for 'A chase B'.

     The thetan as orientation point creates a space and time and
locates objects in it.  That's Q1.  To locate doesn't mean to find, it
means to put there.  Such objects are called symbols they have mass,
meaning and mobility.  Then the thetan shifts his viewpoint from being a
creative orientation point to being a symbol.  He then considers other
symbols which have relative unmovability compared to him to be his
orientation points.  He then plays the game of chasing symbols and being
chased by symbols in order to eat them or be eaten.  This is his or
other's sow and reap cycles, by which energy is moved from others to
himself or from himself to others.


     All this activity costs energy in the sowing and reaps energy in
the reaping.  Energy only moves between objects via force acting as
cause in the physical universe.  Thus force, be it light or heavy, is
the means by which the mission statement is carried out to move things
around and change their motions to make the here and now more acceptable
to the thetan looking for a better there and then (future).  The auditor
needs to understand force as EFFORT, as in thought, emotion effort,
remember that stuff?

     Engrams and losses are times when the counter-forces exceeded the
forces of the being, either through outright power, or through
unexpected and surprising results.  As long as the being can continue to
play the game with ARC, he will not get into too much trouble.  Worst
case he can drop the game and start another, its a simple flip from
being symbol in a universe, to being the orientation point creating that
universe.  Then he can make the SP's dance.  :) But the being as the Imp
Soul also engages in Majesty, which is the tendency to engage in
overwhleming lies of anti sovereignty interweaving absolute total
irresponsibility (I didn't create this), forevers, nevers and permanent
loss into his games.  Things become precious, fragile and unique.  Oh
God do they.  Thus the game and loss become serious.

     Thus comes dramatization.  Drama is seriousness, importance,
permanence and pain.  Mostly dramatization is out of valence, doing to
others what was done to you, being one's Nemesis One, or in valence,
trying to get sympthy again from a Golden Ally.  "Oh you poor dear, did
that mean old God Monster do you in?"

     God's like to pretend to other God's that they have been harmed
irrecoverably, and so they also fall for it when other's play the same
trick back.  Some God's started it, other God's got the idea from the
first set and then improved on it.

     There is an aesthetic to this choice to create the apparency of
final and irrevokable doom forever, and only a God could understand it,
let alone enjoy it, as no human would ever engage in such a thing
willingly.  Its a God's gift of self love to other Gods in return for
their similar gift of self love to him.  Everyone's hanging on crosses,
and secretly marveling at the beauty of the tragi-comedy with others.
The only thing more beautiful than a God's self love is this ability and
willingness he has to lose it in apparency forever and ever amen.  Look
at how gorgeous I am when I am done for!

     Once a being has crossed this threshold lunacy, and high
appreciation for ludicrous demise, he loses sight of the aesthetic
INTENTIONALY, and so comes to consider that he never had anything to do
with creating a universe that he couldn't wouldn't shouldn't EVER

     You could audit a being on that alone.  Find out what he wouldn't
shouldn't, couldn't ever create no matter what, and get him to mock it

     Once he understands causal conception, creating in the mere
conception of things, just run "Conceive something you should never
conceive of lest it become real" :) It is the purpose of auditing to
change his mind on these matters, until he contacts the aesthetic of
putting antisovereign forevers where there are only, and only could ever
be, sovereign whiles.

     Majesty is the sovereign desire that desire not be sovereign for a
while.  Thus the being creates the APPARENCY of forevers in time, but
suffers them only for a while anyhow, by his own design.  The forever is
very real though while he is in the while.

     Thus ALL heavens and Hells and the endless cycling between them,
must end one day at the end of their while, returning the being back to
eternality which is sleep, absolute unimpingable peace, until his next
cycle of creation from the static into the kinetic, from the unmanifest
to the manifest.


     Homer Wilson Smith