People don't understand scientology because they don't understand

      Both scientology and physics are very simple as both are based on

      Q1 is a complicated term, because it can be used in various tenses
whose meaning depends upon context.

      First Q1 is a statement or axiomatic description of the fundamental
operation of the static creating a conscious rendition of a kinetic.

      That the static CAN create (the apparency) of a kinetic *IS* Q1.

      Usually Q1 is stated this way:

      Q1: The static creates (apparent) space and time, and locates
moving objects in it, and the forces between them to cause changes to
existing motions over time.

      The static creates space, time, mass/energy and force via
postulates (posted beingnesses) and considerations (relationships
between posted beingnesses, particularly cause via force.)

      The static actuality causes the virtual kinetic via postulates and
considerations which are actual cause.

      The virtual kinetic causes via force which is virtual cause.

      To locate does not mean to find where something is, it means to put
there, to put something where you want it to be.

      This process of operating Q1 by the static then results in a Q1
being made, which is a system of parts interacting across a space time
distance via cause and effect.

      The static has two operating modes, they are roughly

      Static      Kinetic
      ------      -------
      Creator and Creature
      Author  and Character
      God     and Soul
      Orientation Point (OP) and Symbol.

      As the orientation point, the static operates at orientation on the
awareness characteristic chart and above, and creates spaces and times
and orients objects and motions in them and the forces between them
which cause change in motion.

      Everything that the static creates in a Q1 as an OP is called a

      This is because anything created that purports to be a kinetic is
in virtualized apparency only, and thus it is only a symbol for what it
pretends to be rather than an actual instantiation of it.

      There are no trees, there are only conscious virtual renditions of
trees and the causes between them which then symbolize actual trees on
the playing field at that location in virtual space and time.

      The world is an arcade game, suck it up.

      Life is a hologram.

      Your consciousness is the virtual reality helmet.

      You as the static at all times, is orchestrating the kinetic from

      Just as the static can not create an actual kinetic, only a virtual
rendition of a kinetic, just so the static cannot create actual cause
between two kinetic objects.

      Just as the kinetic objects are virtual realities only, so is the
cause (force) between them.

      Thus when creating a Q1, namely a system of parts interacting via
cause and effect across a space time distance, the static operates as
the orientation point creating a system of symbols.

      But then once the symbols are created, the static can then FLIP out
of BEING the static and into (apparently) BECOMING the symbol.

      Since the static has just flipped from the orientation point state
into the symbol state, it knows it has done this, and so it can flop
right back out again.

      As the orienation point the static is INTROVERTED (looking) into
the Q1 of interacting symbols it has created.

      And once the static has become a symbol, it then looks outward and
thus is EXTROVERTED back out to the borders of the Q1 where it was the
orientation point.

      A static can get interested in a particular symbol to the point
where it decides to become that symbol for a while, and engage in the
game of protecting it against other symbols that want to eat it or harm
it etc.

      *EVERYTHING* inside of any particular Q1 is made of mass and energy
that exerts (apparent) force on other objects to change their motion.

      Optimum survival for any object consists entirely and only of
optimum force causing optimum change, not too much force, and not too
little force.

      An engram is a moment of too much or too little force.

      A secondary is the loss of survival engendered by engrams.

      A lock is a reminder that life sucks, usually your blood.

      Change means change in state, or position in space or time and
relation to other objects.

      Since force is a relation between two different objects, then as
relations between objects change, so do the (virtual) forces that each
object exerts on another.

      Thus any Q1 is a virtualization of space, time, objects and the
forces (or causes) between them.

      Whether the orientation point of any Q1 is on the outer surface of
the space time, or encompasses the whole thing is left up to the reader
to determine.

      As the static gets deeply involved in its games of engaging in
symbols against other symbols, it can forget that the true orientation
point of the symbol it is presently riding is on the far edge boundaries
of the Q1 that contains it.

      Instead the static comes to conceive that the orientation point for
its symbol is another symbol inside of the present Q1.

      Thus the static which was extroverted to his true orientation point
at the far outer edge, becomes introverted to the other symbol inside of
his Q1 that the static now thinks is the creative point for its own

      The static is still looking outward, but it is looking outwardly to
a point inside the Q1, not outside the Q1.

      Once the static considers itself to BE the tree that it is being,
it starts to be less interested in the true orientation point that
created the tree and more in the gardener who planted it.

      By being thus introverted into the gardener of the tree, the static
loses sight that the gardener also has a creative orientation point on
the boundaries of Q1, and thus the static can no longer BECOME that
orientation point of the gardener and thus can not control or change the
activities of the gardener with respect to himself as a tree.

      You can only change what you put there.

      The static thus stops using orientation point postulates and
considerations to put the gardener there as he wants him, and falls down
into using force between himself as a tree and the gardener to affect
changes in the gardener.  He drops an apple on the gardeners head to
remind him to take better care of the static as a tree.

      We audit this by auditing the process of descent exactly as laid
out above.

      Kinetic Life is not a still picture, life is created as a process
of continuous changingness, in particular the CONSTANT knowing or
unknowing swinging back and forth between the static being the
orientation point and the static becoming the old and new symbols it
makes,and then losing sight of its choice in this matter via
introverting into faux orientation points inside of Q1.

      There is no accident here, this is all by design.

      An as-isness is a perfect recreation of a Q1 or any part of a Q1 in
its own original moment of space and time.

      In other words an as-isness is a reoperation of the static as an
orientation point creating a Q1 or any part of a Q1 by putting it there
and the objects in it, and the forces/causes between the objects, and
then swinging into becoming symbols he has fancied himself as being over

      This flip or swing from orientation point to being a symbol is the
loss of pan determinism over the whole of any Q1, into operating only a
part of that Q1, and considering that the rest of that Q1 has its own
cause to cause trouble for him so he can fight it.

      It is all force against force from there on out.

      Force is force whether it is a whispy light gental kiss or a
crushingly heavy ax through the head.

      It is all just force vs force in the game of survival via eating
and being eaten.

      That's why the know to mystery scale goes:


      Only a symbol which is made of parts can eat or be eaten.

      Eating results in Death

      Death results in Sex to make new symbols to start the eating cycle
over again.

      So in producing an as-isness, one needs to unattach the static's
attention from the faux orientation points (inside of his Q1) for his
symbol of self identification, and reextrovert it to the real
orientation point on the borders of the containing Q1, or space time

      Then one runs it simply as it was created.

      Say he has a somatic, the somatic is in a symbol, or part of a
symbol, or is a symbol in and of itself.

      Get the idea of being/doing/having a (symbol).
      Get the idea of being an orientation point to that symbol.

      Remember symbols have mass, meaning and mobility, as does any
physical universe object.  They also have CHANGE in mass, meaning and
mobility via force.

      So spend some time with the symbol and get off all the mass,
meaning and mobility, and change of these via force off of it, until he
has left a bare symbol without significance.

      Any symbol has at a minimum,

      1.) What is it?
      2.) Who is it?
      3.) How many is it?
      4.) Where is it?
      5.) Why is it?
      6.) What's its location?
      7.) What's its duration?
      8.) How old is it?
      9.) What is causing it?
     10.) What use does it serve?
     11.) What is the fair market price for the somatic?
     12.) How much did he pay for it?
     13.) How much could he get for it?

      As long as there are questions he can conceive about the symbol it
is not yet clean of meaning or significance which is all alter-is
causing persistence.

      The symbol is a full instantiation of all possible ANSWERS about it.

      The QUESTIONS are created SECOND.

      He turns this into the backwards game of conceiving questions first
and then trying to find answers.

      Thus he always loses as that process of question asking about a
symbol, seeking to find answers, causes persistence via alter-isness of
the symbol's original creation significance free.

      Any possible answer to any possible question about the symbol had
to be put there BY the static as the orientation point in the creation
of the symbol.

      He keeps the game of being symbols around by discovering questions
and seeking answers to them which he already knew as the orientation

      There is nothing wrong with the process of basic science, seeking
answers to questions, that's the game of being a symbol, but its a trap,
particularly when applied to finding out truth about himself as a

      One can never learn about the static by studying the kinetic, not
even that the kinetic is a virtual reality created by the actual static.

      Oh and yeah, he will never get rid of something he still wants to

      Then once all the alter-is nonsense is gone from his perception of
the symbol, no more question asking and seeking answers, just have him
put it there, become it, put it there, become it, over and over again
until he is facile with the orientation point / symbol flip flop.

      He doesn't have to KNOW ABOUT the symbol to get rid of it, all he
has to do is PUT IT THERE free of significance.

      Then he can stop putting it there, and that's a gone for good

      It will be as if never created.

      He won't even remember what it was.

      Not even all the stupid things he wanted to know about it.


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