What McMaster said was that the preclear is ultimately PTS to a
WHAT not a WHO.

      A what is a class of who's.

      Margaret my mother is a who.

      MOTHERS are a what.

      Thus trying to solve PTSness by disconnecting from a who is nuts.

      You find a who and you run

      WHAT does WHO represent to you?

      Once you find the WHAT, you complete it with

      WHO else presents that WHAT to you?

      Once the what and all the associated who's are fleshed out, the
preclear has something to work with by running all grades and all flows
on the WHAT.

      Particularly the WHAT HE IS BEING OR HAS BEEN when he
suppressed others at their beck and call.

      One finds that the preclear actually desires to be suppressed,
there is an aesthetic to it.

      So he closes terminals with a particular who that represents the
what, perhaps many similar who's, and provkes them into picking on him,
making him 'PTS'.

      This allows him to suffer without anyone noticing the real HOW he
is bringing it about and why.

      Suffering comes from two things,

      1.) Out of valence dramatizations that fail,

      2.) In valent dramatizations that succeeed.

      In the first case, he calls up the engram, goes into the 'winning'
valence and feels better, usually triumph, until he either regrets
dramatizing on others, or is forced to stop dramatizing by a stronger
counter force.

      With the engram called up, he feels good while out of valence, but
feels the pain of the incident when he crashes back into valence.

      That's the Anger/Regret cycle we all fear and have never run out.

      In the second case, the winning valence is himself in the engram,
because he got sympathy for it during the incident from the Golden Ally.

      That sympathy is more valuable to him than being in the winning
valence, because who cares about triumpth when he's got the girl of his
life crying for him.

      So underlying any suffering at the hands of people he is being PTS
to, one finds the Golden Ally that makes the suffering desirable.

      The preclear closes terminals with the SP in order to 'prove the SP
wrong', and provoke the SP to pick on him, thus suppressing him, but the
preclear then puts on the sympathy engram to create the suffering in
order to get the sympathy from the Golden Ally.

      He HAS to have the SP crushing him down, becuase that's what made
the GA cry for him.

      The SP makes the apparency of the preclear being an innocent
victim real.

      No SP, no GA.

      No GA, no reason to get up in the morning, at least in the universe
he is living in.

      And remember just as an SP is a WHAT and not a WHO, so to is

      Fixation on auditing whos, except to find whats, can totally
destroy auditing, EVEN IF THE WHO IS RIGHT.

      GPMS do not care one wit about whos, GPMS are built on
eternal WHATS.

      The who is a restimulator only, the item is the WHAT.

     One frees beings by auditing out WHATS, not WHOS.

     But he still won't get better until you audit out who and what HE
is being as a Golden Ally and to who or what?

      Being a Golden Ally to someone else, is the overt tht sticks the
motivator to him permanenty.

      Giving someone sympathy is the biggest act of covert hostility
there is.

      "(You think you are suffering now, wait until I get through with
you), you poor dear thing..."

      Hubbard said in Advanced Procedure and Axioms:

      "ALL sympathy must be removed from the case."

      All 5 flows.

      But who is going to get up in the morning if he isn't worried about
something for someone?

      Total erasure of all sympathy is total peace.

      Hubbad also said that the reason one is stuck
in a body in sub death tones of controlling, owning, being
responsible for bodies and lower is because of the cycle
that goes like his:

      1.2 No Sympathy       (Rage)
       .9 Sympathy          (Regret)
       .8 Propiation        (Amends)
        0 BECOMING A BODY.

      Usually a dead one, the preclear enters into the facsimiles of the
body and tries to regrant it life, failing that the preclear decides the
best way to take care of a body is to BE one, and micro manage its every
move from there on out.

      This simply a basic life continuum on bodies.

      The aesthetics to bodies was astounding on early parts of the

      And the regret was nightmarish.

     Kill one accidentally by loving it too hard, and oh boy, away you

     So if you want to deal with someone's PTSness, audit out the Golden
Ally, the Hero, Villan, Victim triangle, on all flows.

     And the DECISION, CHOICE AND INTENT to get involved in them, and
the divine aesthetic to ludicrous demise.

     What's the upside of being down?

     You won't have a human being left.

     He he won't give a damn.

     And he won't be worrying others, or fall for other's worrying him,
and he won't get involved in concerts of effort and concern.

     YOu want spiritual freedom?

     OK, great.

     Get the idea of no one worrying about you.
     Get the idea of you not worrying about anyone one.
     Get the idea of no one worrying about anyone.
     Get the idea of not worrying about yourself.

     Find out who or what your preclear is being, AS A GOLDEN ALLY, to
who or WHAT sorry victim, and he will find soaring love again.
     You can't love who or what you are worried about.

     And loving who or what is worrying about you is a joke.


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