The stupidest process in Hubbard's scientology is

      "Conceive a static."

      He says its brutal because it is, it is impossible.

      Just as Hubbard says that other religions are 'booby trapped', this
process is one of Scientology's booby traps, created with intentional
knowing willing cause with full awareness of the consequences, namely
crashed cases.

      Such booby traps cause persistence and thus guarantee that
Scientology will stay around for a while.

      They are about as useful to Scientology as death is to life.


      A static operates by conceiving a kinetic, and creates kinetics in
the mere conception of things.


      A static can't create a static.

      So don't run it or die.

      A kinetic can't conceive a static either,

      Mostly because kinetics can't conceive anything, only statics can,
and in any case the static would have to conceive the kinetic first
before the kinetic could even try to conceive a static.

      A static is a NO CONCEPTION.

      A kinetic is a SOME CONCEPTION.

      Get it?

      Since the static itself is the absolute unmanifest state of no
created kinetics, or conceived anythings, the static can not conceive of
a NO ELEPHANT without creating it first in order to vanish it.

      The way a static gets rid of a conceived elephant is NOT by trying
to conceive of a NO ELEPHANT, but to completely stop conceiving of a

      Conception of anything can never get rid of conception of anything.

      You don't get a being to conceive a nothing, by telling him to not
conceive a something.

      And you can never get rid of a persisting conception of anything by
conceiving of something else.

      Only the cessation of conception can get rid of a conception.

      Capiche toi?

      A being however can BE and OPERATE the static by conceiving a

      Note a being IS the static whether or not he operates the static
at all.

      He operates the static by conceiving kinetics.

      Should your preclear ever cease operating the static, he would
never know it, as the static is the Big Snooze, it preceeds all
consciousness and awareness of anything conceived.

      The static is awareness of nothing, minus the awareness of nothing

      So if you want to have a lot of fun run "Conceive something."


      Word clear the hell out of SOMETHING first, we aren't just talking
about physical objects, something covers everything and anything.

      If a person has a sore throat, run on him

      "Conceive a sore throat.  Thank you.

      Conceive a horse.  Thank you,

      Conceive a sore throat.  Thank you.

      Conceive a polka dot galaxy.  Thank you. etc"

      An hour of that might cure the dead.

      This works well on acute somatics, it will take many sessions to
start opening up the service fac chain which is a MOUNTAIN of pain and
force held in place PURPOSEFULLY by a computation.

      All the pain in your space is the same chain, you will need to find
the purpose and the computation, but a lot of running conceive the pain,
purpose and computation will 'lay bare at least part of the chain.'

      Use model session II.


      Have him conceive what he is already conceiving, the sore throat,
then have him conceive something that YOU are conceiving, preferably as
far away from a sore throat as possible.

      This puts his mind on and off the sore throat.

      If you are doing well yourself, simply run it solo with 'Conceive

      Each command in a totally new unit of time.

      Remember the being CREATES in the mere conception of things so
watch it!  :)

      This can get you to the center of your bank and the beginning of
time at First Postulate 0 faster than you might care to deal with it.


      The preclear is a total knowingness, he knows how to create and
make things persist.

      He does NOT know what WILL BE created, he doesn't know every digit
of PI.

      And he certainly doesn't conceive of things and THEN create them,
after due consideration and approval of what he conceived.

      That's for the walking dead down at the bottom of time and chase.

      He creates in the mere conception of things.

      Work it out what would happen from there, from first conception on.


      He is stuck in a mechanism of persistence that he himself conceived
into existence but which is also fundamental to his nature.

      He has to conceive it first before he can use it though.

      So at all times he knows what he is doing.

      Thus at all times Justice reigns, because Justice is "you get what
you conceive."

      He uses this mechanism of persistence to make all kinds of things
persist that are undesirable and out of affinity for him.

      Death, damnation, disease, disaster etc.

      Games in other words.  Games he can lose.

      What would Shakespeare have done without the slings and arrows of
outrageous fortune?

      Adore says the outrageousness of the mechanics of learning matches
the outrageousness of what we have learned. -

      And so it is, because the more the being learns FALSE reasons why
things persist, the more they persist.

      But the MECHANISM of persistence itself is a high affinity
mechanism, he LOVES it, but as long as he is hiding it from himself, he
can't see how he is causing anything to persist, and thus detests all of
existence from top to bottom including pleasure and himself.


      The only thing that can cause persistence is a second postulate
that is a lie, yet continues the repostulation of the first postulate.

      The first postulate is 'It IS".

      A second postulate might be a question 'Why is it?"

      A third postulate might be "What should I DO about it?"

      Figure out for yourself how 'Why is it?' would cause an automatic
persistence by continuously repostulating the original IT IS

      OK, I will help you.

      "Why is it?

       Say IT IS.  Say why?
       Say IT IS.  Say why?

      Some people are so stupid they can't do the wrong thing twice." -

      Thus all of persistence is the result of conceiving of something,
and then conceiving that one must conceive MORE to get rid of the first

      Getting rid of A by creating B never works, period.

      That's the joke.

      Question asking betrays us.

      Now here is a really powerful mind blower.


      The term TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY normally means

      1.) to own up to having caused something (notice past tense), or

      2.) adding one's cause into a preexisting situation that one did
not cause, to improve on it, to take control OVER it and thus BECOME
responsible for what happens.

      See, this is all past and future nonsense.

      To TAKE RESPONSIBILITY in the meaning of Advanced Procedure and
Axioms, means TO TAKE IT!

      "It's MINE!"

      It doesn't matter who originally created it.  Or when.

      It only matters that you, right now, conceive that you ARE PUTTING

      You take responsibility over anything that IS by simply conceiving
that particular IS exactly as it is, and not adding any more
significance to it,

      Added significances are things like you must do something about it,
or shame, blame, regret or guilt about it.

      Conception without added significance opens the door for the
healing aesthetic light of causation to shine upon it and allow it to
vanish once you see it is 'good' and get distracted from putting it


      So here is the process, sit down at a table with your preclear and
put an object on the table like a glass or Rubic's cube.

      Make sure the preclear sees you PUT IT THERE.

      Then ask the preclear who put it there?

      He says well you did of course.

      So you tell him to pick it up and put it back on the table

      Then "Who put it there?"

      He says, "Well I did."

      Run this to a win and he fully gets what it means to put it there.

      Then change the process.

      Now you put it there like before, and ask him who put it there, and
he says you put it there.

      Then you tell him 'Ok now put it exactly where it already is
without touching it.'

      He looks at you confused, and you say good, who put it there?

      He has to come to see that HE put it there, because he had the
opportunity to move it, but didn't SO HE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR IT BEING


      Run that until the preclear sees without question and total clarity
that he is putting anything there that he can see or conceive no matter
how it originally 'got there'.

      When he can start doing this to EVERYTHING he experiences,
considering it his conception, he will start doing it with bank
phenomenon when they turn on, pains, emotions, memories, upsets etc.

      And rather than get into a Q&A with the somatic or feeling, namely
question asking, who put it there, where did this come from, why is it,
what's it for, what use is it, who does it belong to, what should I do
about it?" he will simply put it there.

      The bank tosses him a ball, and rather than run with it, on a gotta
DO something about it basis to handle it, he just holds the ball as if
he is creating it in the now and hasn't a clue what a ball is for.

      At that point the bank phenomenon will start to unravel and the
entire wake he is leaving behind him through life by reacting to life
while traveling through it, will start to change until he leaves no
negative wake behind him at all.

      And that is as clear as clear comes.


      The point is while listing for his Grade III upsets, you need to
get him to TAKE responsibility for whatever it is, no matter how
detested and sad, along the lines of,

      "Conceive something detested.  Good!

      Conceive a flower.  Thankyou."

      You do not want "Conceive of HAVING PUT IT THERE"

      Oh no, that's wrong and deadly.

      You want 'Conceive of PUTTING IT THERE!'

      You do not want "What is it, who put it there, what use is it, what
are you going to do about it, what's it made of, where did it come from,
how much can I get for it on the Japanese market, etc"

      Just simply total tone 40 no effort 'PUT IT THERE'.

      "You see that cat over there?  Good.  Put it there.  Thank you."

      You see, someone who is doing this 24x7 every day is not the same
as a human being reacting 24x7 to everything with question asking and
problem solving by trying to conceiving B to solve conception A.

      And eventually the guy will run into his ruin, the thing he just
couldn't, wouldn't, shouldn't put there.

      You will know it when it happens.

      You will need a crow bar to open his eyes just to look at it, and
he will be blubbering and begging for his last rites RIGHT NOW, because
he KNOWS he isn't going to survive in a Cosmic All with this thing so
close to him.

      Hell, it could be on the other side of the Cosmic All and still
be too close for him.

      You had better know how to audit at that point.

      E/P awareness of the aesthetic of Cause, and ability to Uncause.


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