>      That was an interesting yet odd conversation we had.  I should have
> asked the same questions in return, but I was firing on all cylinders
> just keeping up with your rather intense rapid-fire questions to me,
> without questioning -- Why the heck is Homer, who runs my ISP, asking me
> about what I believe about what happens after people die?

      I do this to everyone.

      We are not interested in what their beliefs are, nor what their
fois gras convictions are, especially after being filtered through their
ideas of social propriety.

      We are interested in their personal experiences that might shift
the balance of their bets over closer to the light.

      People hide behind small talk, the afterlife is the most important
question there is, and now it is possible to do some real science on it
both philosophically and personally with people who have died and come
back (google NDE on youtube.) and perhaps the bullshiters of religion
can be called out on the carpet of their bullshit.

      The unification of science and religion is probably the most
important subject there is for world peace and stability.  That might
seem like a ludicrous stupidity to most, but a very few people are
beyond that and actually making progress with 'what is consciousness?'.

      More specifically "Who or what is cause around here, and why
is it such an asshole?"

      Science without a sane religion remains a barbarism of destruction,
world war and anihilation.  They give us atom bombs and cell phones, the
cell phones are so we can call each other when the bombs drop and kiss
our sorry asses goodbye together.  You got about 20 seconds between
the flash and death, so put your loved ones on speed dial.

      Religion without science isn't fit to be printed on toilet paper.

      Science of the subjective world is not any different than science
of the objective world, both are subservient to observation, theory,
prediction and more observation.  Oh yeah and logic :)

      Logic is King, and always has been, and always will be.  Logic is
the ethics of language, thought and knowledge, even God is subservient
to logic.  Thus even God is subject to the constraints and necessities
mandated by logic.

      Worse, sserting two different kinds of conscious beings, God and
Soul, may be fine for idiots looking for a Mama with a pair of tits to
hide in, but two different objects can never be certain of each other,
so if God and Soul are two different objects, they must forever remain a
theory to each other.

      That's a major statement taken on assertion for the moment, the
rest of the world doesn't recognize it as true yet, and would have a
hard time stomaching it if they did.

      Truth comes slowly to the ignorant, maybe never to the stupid.

      Anyhow, "This must be the valley of the shadow of death, everyone
looks at me like I am a part of their nightmare."

      There are a lot of illusions of separateness, death and damnation
down here in the valley of death, but if you figure that beings are like
fingers on a hand, you can get the idea of something more unifying
connecting us all as One Object, the Conscious All-that-Is.

      They say that God is the great I-AM, but perhaps God is a multi
I-AM being, the great WE-ARE.

      The One is the truth, the Many is an illusion so we can play games
of fall and redemption with our selves and each other and our most
detested loved ones :)

      That's why debonding from and assigning someone else as a most
detested enemy, leaves oneself separate from the Conscious Cosmic All.

      So the lesson is to hate all you want constructively for a while,
that's your brother you are kicking into the abyss never to be seen
again, but never ever forever, and do not debond from them permanently,
for then instead of pushing other's away from yourself by detesting them
forever, you end up pushing yourself away from YOU.

      Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, being unable to love
someone is taken by the being as a FAILURE IN THEMSELVES.

      "I wasn't big enough to save your sorry ass from yourself."

      Thus we condemn our selves in condemning them.

      And anyhow the math is against you, if you end up detesting just
one new person a year forever, after forever that will be an infinite
number of people in your pool of detested beings, and that is bound to
color your outlook about living forever some more:)

      And all protestations aside, no one can fully and intimately
connect with or love another that they believe is going to hell forever.

      Thus all this hell forever nonsense just manages to make people
crazy and turn their auras black.

      Expecially children who learn early to condemn everyone who is
different in the Christian madrassas around the world.

      "You have to be carefully taught." - South Pacific

      Turns out that reports coming back from the afterlife are very
clear about all this, simply we are all the One God in carnation, living
in dreams of separation, and that the undividuated God does not judge.

      Judgment, especially the kind of judgment that makes us debond
and condemsn others to hell or separation or death FOREVER for the
crimes of a finite life, is neither kind, intelligent, loving nor
useful.  And besides the screams of those in hell disturb the sleep and
dreams of those in heaven who used to love them.

      The Southern Babtists believe that God will wipe the memories of
the saved after they die, so they will have no clue about their life on
Earth or those they loved that are now screaming to die in hell but not
being allowed to.

      But apparently this kind of judgment is what makes us fallen,
split off and separated human beings, judging good and evil, who to love
and who to hate etc.

      The undivided unison God lives in a state without judgment
and thus 'loves us all' because we are it.

      So it is such people who have fallen from their own state of unison
Godhood, to the miserable-wretch-such-as-I human.

      They ate of the begiuling tree of good and evil and thus came to
fall into the pit of sin, namely judgment of good and evil: "I am not
you, I am good and you are evil, and I am better than you."

      Debonding is basically 'goodbye and good riddence', FOREVER.

      (Can you imagine one piece of God saying that to another piece of

      Thus now 'no one is pure before Source.' http://www.adore.com

      Anyhow, I had the most vivid dream last night about my cat who died
a most horrible slow death a year ago, totally real, I knew I was
dreaming, so I studied the rendition of the cat meticulously.  We
huddled and cuddled and head bumped for 30 mnutes in the dream unill she
'had to go'.

     Was she real or was it Memorex?

     Heck if I know.

     It was as good as real.

     They call these kinds of things visitations in the night.

     Homer and Jane

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