A Divine Operating Religion of Excellence.
                 Copyright (C) 1985 Homer Wilson Smith
                          All Rights Reserved
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       If I speak with authority, it is only because I am author.
                 Homer Wilson Smith
     RESPECT means RE SPECT.  SPECT comes from words like SPECTACLE,
SPECTACULAR, and SPECTATOR or in other words TO SEE.  Thus RE SPECT
means to RE SEE, to SEE AGAIN.  Specifically it means WILLINGNESS to
SEE AGAIN.  What we respect we are willing to see again and are glad
we saw in the first place.  What we do not respect we are not willing
to see again and are not glad we saw at all.
                          THOUGHT and ACTION.
     Thought IS action.  It is action on the mental plane.  Thought
gives rise to emotion which is action on the emotional plane.  Emotion
gives rise to effort which is action on the physical plane.  All of
this is caused by personal responsibility which is action on the
spiritual plane.  Action means movement and change caused by you.
Action arises from responsibility and takes place on the spiritual,
mental, emotional and physical planes of existence.
     Thus the idea that we have the right to hold (think) ideas of any
kind or nature, but not necessarily to ACT on them is self
contradictory and denies that thought IS action of a very effective
nature.  People are responsible for their thoughts as well as their
deeds, because THOUGHT IS DEED.
                           The ADORIAN CREED.
     We have the right to decide for ourselves what is true and to try
to act from those beliefs what ever they may be.  In return we have
the duty to accept challenge and counter efforts from our fellows
around us whom our views affect.  In this way right is balanced by
                     The THREE PURPOSES OF ADORE-L.
     1.) To provide a forum for the discussion and criticism of the
Adorian view.  Adore is an operating religion open to analysis,
criticism, change and improvement.  Its only claim to fame is
workability.  If it don't work, it ain't true.  What means work?
Frees YOUR spirit from chains.
     2.) To provide a forum for a wide ranging discussion from ANY
point of view on any and all subjects important to life including but
not limited to Religion, Science, Art and Business; Creation,
Discovery, Expression and Trade; Body, Heart, Mind and Soul; God, Man,
Woman and Child; Mimicry, Harmony, Counterpoint, and New Beat; and the
Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual planes of existence.
     3.) To provide a forum where anyone can feel safe to say what
they have never felt safe saying before on other lists or in life.
You will not be censored either for WHAT you say nor HOW you say it.
You may attack either ideas or the people who hold them.  You may use
rudeness, ridicule, irony, sarcasm, scorn or any other method that
suits your feelings of the moment.  Expressions of hostility,
bitterness, anger, fear, sorrow or apathy are acceptable.  You can
even show people some respect.
                              TWO CAVEATS.
     Firstly, do not treat others in any way that you yourself are not
willing to be treated.  Be willing to take what you dish out.  You
WILL get it back.  Expect this to occur.
     Secondly please remember that the purpose of this list is
CONTENT.  You are not requested to send personal flames via private
e-mail, in fact this is discouraged.  We all want to hear what you
have to say especially if it moves you so.  Thus if you choose to
flame some person or idea please keep the content-to-flame ratio of
your communication greater than or equal to 50 percent.  That is all
we ask.
     If you increase the flame, increase the content.  Make it
meaningful.  You are not mad for no reason.  If you get the reason
across, the anger is ok.  Ok?  If you absolutely can not stand people
getting mad, or feel a compulsive need to stop people from venting
their feelings through words of any kind, then you do not belong on
this list.  If you can not stand confrontation or direct and personal
affrontery for the idiocy or correctness of your ideas, then you MUST
stay off this list.
                          The 50 PERCENT RULE.
     If you say,
           'I hate Christians'
     that is 100 percent flame and 0 percent content.
       If you say,
       'I hate Christians because 'They believe in Hell forever for
  some people.'
  that is 50 percent flame and 50 percent content.
       If you say,
       'I love Christians'
  that is 100 percent flame and 0 percent content.
     You have a Right to balance your Duties with Rights, and you have
a Duty to balance your Rights with Duties.  Thus your Duty to deliver
content, may be balanced with your Right to deliver flame.  Your Right
to deliver flame must be balanced with your Duty to deliver content.
     If you follow these rules, everything will be ok.
     There are a few circumstances that might get you bounced off the
Adore-l list.  More likely, you will be roasted until you choose to
leave on your own accord.  However there are a few things that should
not be tolerated.
     1.  Violating the spirit of wide open, high content communication
(which includes EMOTION) with frivolous filibustering, or direct
efforts to suppress (STOP) WHAT someone says or HOW they choose to say
it as long as they stay within the 50 percent rule.
     Also included are efforts to get someone to not express a viewpoint
by claiming how much you have been offended, insulted or hurt by it.  We
really don't care.  You can try to change the offenders mind, you can
let them know you hurt, if you must you can even try to hurt them back,
but NOT with the intention to STOP other's communication or expression.
You can try to CHANGE people's minds, but as long as they believe what
they believe, they are allowed to express it.
     2.  Direct threats of imminent physical violence or other illegal
  It is ok to say 'You should have your head blown off for that idea.'
  It is ok to say 'I wish I could blow your head off for that idea.'
  It is NOT OK to say 'I am going to blow your head off for that idea.'
     If we are going to play this game of fire, we gotta have a fire
extinguisher.  THIS is it.  The main reason, besides legal
considerations, is that killing people does not change their minds.
They just come back in their next life mad as hell with a tendency to do
to others (YOU) what was done to them.
     Adore-l is open to all people of any race, creed, color,
religion, sex or affectional preference.
     However, you join the list in order to have your position
scrutinized, torn apart, analyzed, criticized, detested, flamed and
maybe even agreed upon.
     If you wish to change other people's minds, you must be willing
to have your mind changed too.  If you feel that your positions are
not ones that you would be willing to change regardless of what
evidence was presented then you do not belong on this list.  Those who
feel that a debunking of their faith would present a perilous danger
to their life and their stable data should go elsewhere for their
     On the other hand if your faith can stand self correction and
improvement through observation and logic, then of course you are most
welcome on ADORE-L.
     If you take offense or find hurt easily in ANY matter then you do
not belong on this list.
     You are not on this list to have your views respected.  That is
for whimps.  You are here to have your views torn apart.  If they
survive the trial by fire then you will be all the stronger for it.
So will the others who came to see things your way.
     There should be no respect given to tradition, deeply held
beliefs, heart felt views, life long commitments to any given
lifestyle, majority views, or any other kind of sacred cows that can
be imagined.  You have a right to your views, others have a right to
attack them.  If you chose to express your ideas on Adore-l you elect
yourself FAIR GAME.  If you elect to do this, your duty is to accept
and deal with what ever comes your way and your right is to return in
     You can always sign off and get lost.
     Respect should be accorded only to CERTAINTY and WORKABILITY.
     Certainty is not measured by your ability to PROVE your position
to someone else.  It is measured only by your ability to prove it to
yourself.  This is personal integrity.  You can never prove to another
that you have spoken to God.  You can only get THEM to speak to God.
If they do not have the confront for this, this does not invalidate
the possible truth of your own encounter.
     Certainty is measured against a standard of PERFECT CERTAINTY.
An example of a perfect certainty is the certainty that YOU have that
YOU exist and care.
     If you doubt that you exist, then you doubt that others exist,
and you also doubt that they can feel pain and can be affected by your
actions.  People who doubt they exist are soon weeded out of society
by those who have a grip on reality.
     (If you doubt that you exist, do you doubt that you doubt?  Are
you SURE you DOUBT?  Good.  Then certainty exists and so do you.)
                          LIFE IS A HOLO-DECK.
     One common false certainty that most people are walking around
with is that the external universe of Matter, Energy, Space and Time
is not a Dream.  Life is a Holo-Deck.  And although the external
universe of Matter, Energy, Space and Time is a convenient explanation
for the Consistency and Horror of this Dream, it is none the less
wrong and a gigantic escape from the responsibility of having created
your own existence in this Universe.  It is also an escape from your
own Solo Operating Cool.  Consciousness is real.  Matter, Energy,
Space and Time are idols of stone before SOURCE.  They are a DREAM and
we dream together.
     Workability is measured against total freedom.  Total freedom is
having what you want and not having what you don't want.  If you want
to have things that you don't want (so you don't get bored) you should
be able to have that too.
     An end result of working on the ADORE-L list should be a
realization that the world you are in is the best of all possible
worlds.  A world that you CHOSE willingly and with full awareness of
the consequences, including choosing forgetfulness of your choice.
(Forgetfulness is cured by re-operating it.)
     "Have you chosen to forget a choice?"
     You could have chosen a namby pamby sweetness and light
everything is fun all day long kind of world.  And you HAVE chosen
this kind of world a million times, but THIS time you chose a world
called Killer Pit.  You CAN change your mind.
     With this realization should eventually come the ability to leave
this universe at will.  However you came here willingly in the
beginning, so once you can leave, you will probably decide to stay for
a while.  You do have a few friends scattered around the wasteland you
know, who might appreciate your help.
     You help them by teaching them that the WAY IN is the WAY OUT.
                       The WAY IN is the WAY OUT.
     To COME in, you have to BE out.  Thus practicing coming in, puts
you out.  The universe is like a door that once PUSHED closed, needs
to be PUSHED closed AGAIN to open.  PULLING on the door to open it is
an endless trap.  Eventually ALL learn to open the door by pushing it
closed again.  However for some it may be a long time between now and
     Although I was born and raised a Christian, Christians are my
favorite subject for target practice.  People of all religions,
denominations and faiths whatsoever are welcome on this list, however
some Christians and other Purveyors of Damnation will not find a warm
welcome nor a fertile ground for their efforts to undermine serious
religious discussion.
     Adore holds that we are ALL Immortal Sons of God (SOURCE).
Anything less is a lie.  There is a Devil, MILLIONS of them in fact,
as most of the public doctrines of present day Fundamentalist
Christianity well evidence.
     There IS however a Christ, and there is Christhood.  Other
religions call it other names, it doesn't matter what you call it,
Christ consciousness, Nirvana, or whatever.

     There are many paths up the mountain, all of them different, but
most of them are going around in circles on the slopes a the moment.
     Adore has its roots in Christianity, Buddhism and Scientology.

     But ALL religions are a path that can lead up the mountain for
those who are pure in heart and willing to see the enormity of the
light, themselves as a facet of Source, at the top.

     All men strive for this state of consciousness, and will one day
re-attain it.  Yes, you had it once.  You CHOSE to leave it.  Your
leaving it was not an act of deceit as some would have you believe.
     The FALL was self chosen with full awareness of the consequences.
     However in our view the person of Jesus did NOT die on a cross of
wood at the hands of men.  This is a fairy tale invented by Christian
monks trying to encode what really happened.
     Adore says Christ died on the Cross of Pride and Shame.  Christ
died in the flesh and was reborn in the flesh AND the spirit, so that
YOU do not have to die in the flesh to be reborn in the spirit.
     There is magic to it.  He learned a few tricks which if you pay
heed will save you from killing off your body in your efforts to go
     Adore says that not everyone needs Christ, only some do, mostly
Christians.  They have killed twice in the His Name.  But it is only
by their own hand and their own choice that they need Him as Savior.
     Further Adore holds that there is no Hell forever for non
believers.  This is a doctrine of the fallen and not of the Almighty.
     There are Heavens and there are Hells.  People go through these
both after death and before death.  For the perfect but undeveloped
and irresponsible spirit they are preparation for the soul's continued
existence in another body on Earth or elsewhere.
     The existence of both Heaven's and Hells can not be said to be
GOOD for the soul as they BOTH rob the soul of the idea that he/she is
both Perfect and Responsible.  They turn respsonsibility into
accountability, reward and punishment, which further degrade the soul
into lifetime after lifetime of living evil.
     However all Heavens and Hells and involvement with bodies end one
day.  (When the soul learns to CREATE them and hand them out for
free.) Only Peace and People are forever.
     Adore considers Marijuana to be its Sacred Plant and the
ingestion of cannabis in any form to be a most Holy Sacrament to be
done ONLY WHEN NEEDED solely for spiritual gain, vision, revelation
and advancement.
     Adore considers Alcohol in most forms to be the brew of the
Master Demon reserved for those who wish to grow cold and die.
                           THE ADORIAN VIEW.
     The Adorian view is that we all are Immortal beings, responsible
through DIRECT CHOICE not only for our own existence in this universe,
but for the universe as well.  Those that believe in DEATH FOREVER or
HELL FOREVER for ANYONE, or who can see no personal prior
responsibility for their existence on Earth and the circumstances of
their birth, will find themselves very much under scrutiny as the
source of the problem rather than as the solution to the problem.
     Death forever, and Hell forever are both lies.  They are lies
born of MAJESTY and SELF CHOSEN FORGETFULNESS.  Forgetfulness can be
cured by practicing it, by making it self chosen again.  This will be
discussed at length on the Adore-l list.
     Adoration is the only Truth.  Yes even adoration of lies.  But
the Truth always wins out in the end.  It is the ADORATION that makes
it so.
     So let's get down to business.  Keep the content to flame ratio
greater than or equal to 50 percent, keep it important, and keep it
from the heart.
                     OPENING FRUIT for DISCUSSION.