Lessons are not what the dramatizers say, nor what the PTS fear.

     The primary 'lesson to learn' is to unlearn the lessons we already
learned that get us into the troubles we are in.

     Every negative God Postulate is a 'lesson learned' through

     PC runs into 1500 bitches in a row and concludes that all women are

     Once learned we are prone to reapplying those postulates in the
future on an automatic basis, thus we get stuck over and over again in
the same messes.  15 lifetimes later, he runs into a woman, and suddenly
"She's a bitch!"

     Observation or causal consideration?  Can you TURN a woman into a
bitch by the mere consideration that she is?

     An OT can.  You want to be an OT?

     Once the lesson is unlearned, we no longer are prone to making
negative God Postulates and thus we no longer get stuck in things.

     So you get a pc who wants to learn how to get out of trouble and
stay out of trouble, well he has to learn how to stop postulating that
he is IN trouble and that his postulates have nothing to do with it!

     "I am in trouble and my postulate that I am in trouble has nothing
to do with it" is BEING AN EFFECT on the Awareness Characteristic Chart.

     A God postulate is that postulate that the pc thinks is true
because he has observed it to be true, when in fact it is true because
the mere consideration of it makes it true.

     A true OT is someone who has unlearned all his 'lessons' and is no
longer prone to making any God Postulates at all except for his own

     Tar, yum!


     "Get the idea that Life is Gorgeous".

     Run to full E/P of life and future are gorgeous again and Affinity,
Reality and Communication are in accord and pc knows "Who or what is
cause around here and why is it such an asshole!?"

     Clear the word *IS*, then run the process as stated.
     Do not run get the idea that Life should be, could be, would be
Gorgeous if only...

     If you do run that, write them down until the arch stone God
Postulates show up.

     You will know a God postulate with "Christ there is NOTHING
I could ever DO that would change that!"

     That's right, DOING is a failure of vanishment through as-isness.

     At the very worst the process will throw the pc into the abyss
between OT and human.

     In particular spot the times your preclear decided it wouldn't be
OK if all of life were OK, and he DETERMINED to make sure never to feel
that life was OK ever again.
     Probably lost a cat to a car or something stupid.

     Core of case is a refusal to move off a NOT-OK to an OK ever again.

     Refused change *FOREVER* without a sunset clause.

     Auditing restores the sunset.


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