A man's interest in women is basically the same as a baby's
interest in a mother.

      Once the man grows up, he has about as much need for a woman, as an
ax through the head.

      He is better off leaving the woman upside down in a trash can where
she belongs, to be carried away by a garbage truck to the nearest dump.

      Oh yes women can do great things, but imagine how much a man could
do if he hadn't had a mother.

      As for men and women being friends to each other, that isn't going
to happen.

      Down in the deepest part of her heart, the woman is in seething
hatred for the man.

      Born not of fear but of jealousy.

      She can't believe she got the short end of the stick.

      She starts to feel this when her boobs starts to bloom.

      At first she wants to show them to everyone, but then she gets the
feeling that might not be a good idea.

      If you are going to be only half a human, you might not want
everyone to know how you feel about it.

      Whatever a woman complains about in a man, she is jealous of, no
matter how egregious.

      She is jealous that she too can't be that egregious and get away
with it.

      You think women are so sweet and light, but while men destroy with
overt violence, women destroy with covert violence.

      Any woman who claims she isn't jealous of men is happy living the
protected life of a rip off artist taken care of by men and the
civilization they have built around her, all the while allowed to
continously bitch about how she can do anything a man can do, only

      Bitching yes, maybe, anything else no.

      Men grow up from being a fetus THROUGH being a female, and then
onto being a man.

      Woman grow up to being a female, and then no futher.

      Estrogen hasn't a clue how to survive, expecially with a kid
sucking on its boobs.

      So evolution invented testosterone which has a clue how to survive
and knows just what to do.

      Without testosterone surrounding her, estrogen is a basket case.

      As such, women haven't a clue what a man is, not a clue.

      Well maybe a very dim clue since she invented testosterone to
protect her and her children.

      But really a women's first clue what testosterone is when she has
her first born SON.

      Then she finds out with great certainty what testosterone is and
that she doesn't have any.

      There is nothing like having a son to remind the women why she
married the man in the first place.

      But every time a women finds something in a man she doesn't like,
she tries to effeminize it.

      Men on the other hand know through and through what a woman is, as
they grew up through it, but political correctness enforced by 'nother's
love' has effeminized his alpha male nature out of existence leaving a
poor half excuse of a beta male behind to suck up to the women.

      Beta males are lower than the women they suck up to, that's why
they follow women around with their noses in her ass, leaving a drooling
trail where ever they go.

      Thus while beta males cower and propitiate before the woman's "How
dare you look at me, touch me, want me, see me, you prevert!", what few
remaining real women there are pray for the day a worthy alpha male
comes along and takes them.

      Alpha males don't court by asking for permission.

      Of course there has to be some responsibility on both sides for
this, if a man takes a women, it is for life.

      And the woman?

      She loves it.

      And if she doesn't then she should push for martial arts
instead of gym to all children starting in kindergarten.

      There is no security in the world like the security found the arms
and devoted attention of an alpha male attending to your needs and your

      But because of the broken Y chromosome, most women think of men as
gentically damaged women.

      Men however think of women as children.

      Children who will never grow up, because they CAN never grow up.

      Because women don't have the genes TO fully growing up.

      To the degree they perenially have children at their tits,
or clutching their skirts, women remain part children themselves.

      Because any woman with child is more dependent upon the
man than the man is on her.

      And yes men developed superior physical capabilities that the woman
with child is dependent upon, but he has also developed similar
emotional, mental and spiritual capabilities that complement the proper
control and operation of those physical capabilities.

      These are things the women thinks she can understand but
can't until she has had a male body and the responsibilities
thrown upon it, and then lived through total war.

      We don't just have a physical body, we have a 4 fold body, Body,
Heart, Mind and Soul.

      Each of the 4 have evolved in unison to enhance the operation of
the whole.

      To claim that men's ONLY superiority over women is physical is

      And yes men hate women for their second rate state of existence,
hate born of the man's unconfrontable sorrow and sympathy for women for
having been created second rate out of the gate.

      I mean who would want to be a woman?

      Men look at women in horror as eternally crippled.

      To pity but never to reveal that pity.

      'Whew that was close!  Jesus, I could have been a woman!"

      And you know, women KNOW THIS, oh boy do they know this, they smile
at you with that warm come hither look, but all they want is to be
serviced, to have their pussies filled, their bellies filled with new
life to give them purpose, and a safe garage to live in, one she
couldn't build herself and couldn't possibly invent, discover or figure
out how it worked if her life depended on it.

      Oh yeah she can build a hut, but invent, discover, understand and
apply Maxwell's equations to providing it light, heat and electricity,
well she is a rare breed indeed.

      So I will let you in on a little secret, any parent who abuses
their child hated their own childhood, any man who abuses a woman, hates
his mother.

      The Great Effeminator.

      I do wonder why.

      There is nothing like a mother to destroy the real leadership of a

      It has become politically incorrect to even consider that such a
thing as leadership exists and is desirable and prized above almost
anything else.

      Women can bitch about sons that can't lead, but can a women produce
a son that can lead?

      Men who have had their leadership suppressed out of them, become

      "Every monster is some mother's son.

      How do women do it?

      I mean to have something come out of your cunt, and not know
whether it will kill, rape or suck blood must be really somthing else."

      That's from Adore.  http://www.adore.com

      Which really doesn't like mothers by the way.

      It is the man's effort to destroy his mother, that makes him
destroy the planet instead with atomic war.

      He can't kill her, so he will kill everyone else instead.

      His greatest fear?

      He fears most, for all his efforts, that nevertheless his mother
will still be the last one left standing anyhow, with her foot on his
head in the mud.

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