Phil Scott ( wrote:
>On 9 May 2002 14:52:16 -0400, Homer Wilson Smith  wrote:

>>    Clearing is about clearing postulates.

>My view is that clearing is about letting go of all postulates, en mass, being
>exterior from the gestalt of entire concept of postulates...having none.

     Yes.  My view is that postulates ABOUT postulates are more
important than particular postulates.  In particular the postulate
that postulates are learnings through observations rather than casual
in nature is an important flip flop between accumulating persistence
and increasing vanishment.

     Once a person becomes more oriented to postulates as cause rather
than as learning by being an effect, then postulates don't stick quite
as hard because they become more facile with flipping from "I know
this is true because I have observed it to be true" to "This is true
because I say it is".

     One can wake up from any manifesting postulate stream before
going into apathy, seriousness and victim about it.

     Putting observation above personal will is the fundamental
mechanism of persistence as observation is at its root, learning by
being an effect.
     You can't OBSERVE without saying you are the effect of what is
     You can't say you are an effect without becoming one, so learning
by observation sinks us all eventually.

     This may be the basic trap of the MEST universe.

     This view is rough on the scientists, but then they are in hell
and don't know it.

     Nothing wrong with being in hell, as long as you know it and can
wake up from it at will.

     Run "Get the idea of nothing more to learn".

     E/P is willing and able to create things to learn at will.