Huggie ( wrote:
>Homer>  Get the idea that Life is Gorgeous, cuts it.

>             This is not an advert, for UCP.
>            Just a wee warning that Life here runs on polarities. It is a
>twosome Universe!
>            Everytime you postulate "Life is gorgeous" you somewhere, some
>how  create Life is NOT gorgeous

     That so?  Why?  Because its so?  Or because you are postulating
it?  If you are postulating it, why not just change your mind?
>      Every time I affirm, "Today I will meet a nice woman" the universe
>makes damned sure that I only meet NOT nice women

     That is highly fucked up and indicates that your postulates are
running in a reverse 180 degree vector to what you want.

     It's ok to want, and its ok to have what you want, and its ok to
not even be able to conceive of not having what you want.

     This idea that every time you want something you will get its
opposite just because you wanted it, is just that an idea, which you
are making true by claiming you have observed it to be true.

>                If this were not so, easy affirmations would all work and we
>would have all been 'clear' and in total charge of our minds eons ago.

     Postulates have been made to make postulation difficult, counter
productive and eventually useless.
     The postulate that postulaes don't work, works.

     Postulates are not *FUNDAMENTALLY* problematic until one
postulates that they are so.

     You may have to create ugly to create beauty (I doubt it),
but it is quite easy to create the beauty and HAVE it, and
create the ugly and NOT HAVE it, let the other guy have it, or let
it rot under a rock somewhere, or even HAVE IT ALSO!
     I mean would it be so bad to have one gorgeous chick and one
hideous one?

     That's better than having only one hideous one right?

     One does not need to continue in this self inflicted game that
wanting and having are counterposed, one merely needs to see that
postulates that postulates don't work, work.
     I say 'merely', a life's auditing may not be enough to cover it.
     > We need to learn and be aware of how polarity covertly does >us
in all the time and all across the dynamics!
     If you read your own words, you will see apathy speaking.

     We need to learn to stop learning.

     Nailed on a cross of self fullfilling lies.
     Learning is frozen postulates causing what was learned.  Learning
     Learning IS the mechanism of persistence.  
     Clearing is to clear learning back to native state.
     Native state knows no lessons.
     The dicom of NO DICOMS is still a dicom, a Master of Dicoms can
make ugly women at will and beautifull women at will.

     He can HAVE the beautiful women and he can NOT HAVE the ugly
women.  He can have both, or he can have neither.

     Its only the one way flow of trying to only have beautiful and
never having ugly that runs one into trouble.
     The woman he wants is his own submerged female self, the perfect
complement 2D.  He has failed on reintegrating his own sex, so he
tries to substitute with women in the real world who themselves have
failed to reintegrate with their own male half.

     If you seek your own female half inside your own space, and help
others seek the same, beautiful women will fall all over themselves to
be around you.  So will ugly women.  You will have BOTH beautiful AND
ugly women galore.
     My dreams all used to be filled with women that hated me, but I
changed some stuff around on that one, and now they are filled with
women that are illegally gorgeous, illegally young, and all of them
want me to nuzzle their tits with my nose.

     Well except for Rachel, ice cold Rachel who inspired Adore, but
even her one day.

     Its the spiders that are a problem :)

     I beg that you reconsider your words and consider the possibility
that a beings greatest statement of 'warning' contains his most
intimate God Postulate ruining his life.

     A God Postulate is that postulate the being thinks is true
because he has observed it to be true, when in truth it is true merely
because he considers it is true.

     There are many such God Postulates on a case, and case gain is
finding the next one in line that needs to be handled and handling it.

     Handling a God Postulate consists of taking the space and time
out from dramatizing it to flip flop it from 'observation' to


     "What warning would you give?"
     "Spot the postulate in that warning".
     "Now reverse the postulate by act of will."

     See what happens.


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