I would say anyone who says that 'process didn't work' means
'process was not run' is running a scam.

    Same with 'process didn't work' means 'process wasn't
run long enough'.

    Scn is full of this.  UCP is no different.

    Proper processes may not be run long enough, but if they are the
proper process for the pc at the time, the last thing he will say is 'it
didn't work'.  And when you indicate that it wasn't run long enough, he
will brighten up and go right back into session thinking "Finally someone
who knows what they are talking about!"

    That doesn't happen with UCP and me.

    So I have to agree that whatever UCPeons are calling clearing is
mostly GAE's piled up on top of mis C/Sing.  If UCP works for them fine.

    (GAE = Gross Auditing Error)

    If it doesn't work for someone else, you don't say "Well you didn't
try it!"

    That indicates a serious lack of understanding, spiritual refinement,
and size of beingness.

    It also acts as a wrong why and wrong indication, and *THAT* will
ARC break the hell out of the being.

    So yeah Huggie, KP and all of his army of assholes can die in fire for
all I care.

    Can you imagine a society of people pushing One Process on everyone
whether it worked or not?

    That's almost more frightening than Scn.


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