CB Willis (cbwillis@adore.lightlink.com) wrote:
>But not that all of the worldly everything 
>is in each person *except* as logical potential 
>(i.e. we could conceive of it, imagine it, picture it, mock it up), 
>which is not equal to actual/likely potential, 
>which is not equal to actuality. 

     I disagree, you show your separation.  Whether the universal
shows up in me or in you, its all me from my point of view, you are
merely another form of me.

     So if the ax murderer shows up at my door, that's me showing up
at my door, a me that I have split off and given free reign, so that
the me that I kept close to can interact with it.

     The whole trick to a real exteriorization, is to realize that one
is not stuck IN a body, one is stuck OUT of the rest of the world, one
has withdrawn from every where else but 'here' in his head.

     Part of that withdrawal is a withdrawl from other beings, whom
one does not wish to be, and whom one disowns as not self.

     This leads to eternal separation unless reversed.  Being others
is a powerful OT process, forget being the Sun Moon and Stars as in
Route 1, be the ax murderer 200 miles away chopping up some little
girl, or be the little girl.  *THAT* takes some doing.
>We can be compassionate based on the logical potential (conceivability),

     We can be compassionate through our ability to exteriorize from
our goody little two shoes into the boots of the ax murder and see him
as ourselves, and thus have a wider view of what Self really is, and
what Self really adores, tapestries of Majesty and Magnificence.

     If we can not integrate the other guy into our willingness to be,
and see the beauty and humor in being him, then we are forever
separate from the All That Is.  Heaven is being able to be anyone and
LOVE it, including those in hell.

    Hell is a cool sweet breeze to those in Heaven.

>but we cannot simply excuse and treat abuse and harm as if they were
>nothing out of the ordinary.

     At a low level, one must ridge with wrong doing because one has
no other tools.  At a high level, ridging is fatal, as you eventually
become by force what you fear.  At the high level, one must BECOME
what one is confronted with, and then one can change the mind of the
other, and go chop down trees rather than little old ladies with his

     You seem unfamiliar with the full Scientology paradigm of
willingness to be anyone and the ability to take full repsonsibility
for and therefore OVER anyone.  This is full pandeterminism at work as
is only available to a full OT.  However one doesn't get there by
being good or ridging forever with bad.

     If one can BE the other, literraly as it stands there in front
of you with ax raised, one can control the other and make the ax fall
somewhere useful, and change the mind and postulates of the other
so he no longer needs to be out of valence into a monster he was
unwilling to be himself.
>>     If you continue the issue, and make your separation and unwillingness
>>'right', you will become monster food.

     >If that's true then so be it.  If not true, then next

     Well Carol, this discussion between you and me has gone on
forever, it is why I call you a theetie wheetie, its not even meant
derogatorily any more, its more a philosophical technical term now.
     I do believe one day when the monster comes to your door, which
it surely will given enough time, you will have a choice to make, tell
the monster it is a bad boy and get eaten, or exteriorize, become the
monster and go eat a few others instead of your own body, and then
decide daiseys taste better, let the original guy in the monster go
after a few sessions, and have no more monster left forever.

     This is strict Adorian catechism, and also strict Scientology

>And if an abusor refuses to own up to it, etc, then they can
>just leave karmic trails behind them like so much shit and see
>how far this gets them in life.

     The good gets eaten, that is its karmic trail for refusing to be
the abuser and duplicate it out of existence.  The karmic trail that
the monster suffers, is one day he regrets being a monster, comes back
as a very good person, and gets eaten by other monsters.

     'Goodness' is second on the chain.  I know you think it isn't,
that God is good etc, but I and most real OT's have a different view

    God is an artist of tapestries of good and evil.

>It's ok for some things to exist only in logical potential and not
>manifest in the world.  Not everything has to compulsively be made

     How very adorable of you, however the universal has a will of its
own, and it will manifest anything and everything that it can manifest
and it will appreciate it in exquisite detail.

     What ever can be, will be, so you had better get with the program
and be able to find the beauty to it all before it comes to the door.
If you can't be it when it does, it will eat you, then you will become
it by force and the opportunity for returning it to the void will be