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>Yes, precisely. All I ever get is "me". But I don't think this understanding
>makes a huge difference. 

     It makes a huge difference to the basic question that Adore
posits "Who or what is cause around here and why is it such an

     If you are made of meat, then you were created, not by your own
choice or design, nor anyone else's.  Just particulate matter that
existed prior to your will, that made your will, and will end your
will when your time comes.

     This view that you are but a mere machine in the sea of the
material universe does not give you any room whatsoever to get out of
your body for real, nor have let alone remember past lives, exercize
any kind of mind over matter as mind IS matter, nor take any
responsibility for the creation of the cosmos.

     The other view, that the universe is a dream, allows for all of
the above.  Further it asserts that since there IS no dimensional
space or time, that we are all on the same zero dimensional 'place'
and thus that separation is an illusion.  All the hellos and good byes
in the world are a big joke.

     Further the projection theory allows for direct permeation into
other parts of the hologram, without having to linearly travel to them
in space and time.

     The first view posits the being as a tiny little machine in an
infinitely big machine (the universe).

     The second view posits the universe as a tiny little virtual
reality machine in an infinitely 'big' being.

     Big and small tend to relate to dimensionality.

     A 3x3x3 cube is smaller than a 10x10x10 cube and both are bigger
than a 0x0x0 cube which is a nothing.

     But all those are 3 dimensional and thus are finite.

     A zero dimensional being has no such limitations, is neither big
nor small in the dimensional sense and has no finite nor infinite
extension in the dimensional sense, and can not be a nothing because
it has no dimension in which to have zero extension!

     Both the being and its space and time are scalar in the
mathematical sense of the word, no dimension and no consequetiveness.

>Homer, I think many have arrived at this observation. The words you used to
>express it confused me for a moment. This understanding is mind blowing,
>isn't it.

    Well my understanding was mind blowing for me.


>Love, Lion
>> >He created the entire physical universe
>> >in his own mind, but he can't even control
>> >his own thoughts and feelings about it!
>>     The virtual universe you call the physical universe is
>> a *CO-DREAM* on the part of all dreamers within it.
>>     It may have been 'created' long before any particular
>> dreamer came here, but it has its original creators, and is
>> continued in its present creation by the dreams that are still here.
>>      If all dreams were to wake up, the physical universe would cease
>> to exist.  It doesn't exist exept in virtual reality anyhow even now.
>> >One sees how that works!
>>      You have a very inaccurate view of my view.
>>      Homer

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