Since an as-isness is a perfect replication of what was originally
created, if one has handed out responsibility to lots of vias and causal
terminals like other beings etc, then one must hand it all out again
just as one did before in order to retract it all.

     Taking back responsibility means re delegating responsibility back
out correctly to everyone involved.

     You are taking back responsibility for DELEGATING RESPONSIBILITY,
assigning cause to other beings.  Thus you can take back your

     The being who is saying "I did it all" is refusing responsibility
for delegation of responsibility and cause.

     The thetan dying at the bottom of the tone scale is going first
"You did this all to me!" and then "I am doing this all to myself!"

     Neither as-ises, because the actual web of lies is more complex
than he is capable of spotting.

     For example if a thetan has a headache, and he is melded with 3
grippers, 1700 cooties from hell, and a couple of Black Guard of the
Devil, but he's numbed it all out so all he has is the pain, it won't
work to just claim 'I am causing the headache' mainly because he has no
clue any more HOW he is causing the headache.

     Yes his resistance and fear are ultimately causing the headache,
but he gets so introverted that he thinks all he is resisting is the
pain, and he tries to accept it and it won't vanish!  It just gets worse
in fact.

     The pain is the RESULT of his semi subconscious resistances, so if
he accepts the result of resistance he will merely get more of it.

     He has to spot what he is really resisting, and they are POWERFUL
BUGGERS, many times more powerful than him, if he got into an arm
wrestling match with just one of these guys he would lose his arm with
the match, but once he gets what is really going on, they will vanish
and with it the pain.

     By the way if the thetan at the bottom of the tone scale would
simply stop positing why he is in trouble, even by trying to take
responsibility for everything, he would start bubbling back up the tone
scale to where he could properly redistribute cause again to ultimately
retract it all back again at the top of the tone scale.

     And always remember there are two kinds of acceptance.

     Resignation is acceptance with expectation of persistence.

     AS-ISness is acceptance with expectation of vanishment.
     Confusion of the two is the source of untold trouble.


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