I had what is probably my strongest 'Bugs and Babes' dream of my
life last night.

      For many years my dreams have alternated out of control between
frivolous self aware dreams, and very heavy depressing 'lost and lonely
dreams'.  Usually I am at Cornell, no friends, no family (parents dead
in truth), nothing to do, and no reason to turn one way or another to go
do something.  It's a bad state usually accompanied by an inability to

      In these dreams, girls in particular were unapproachable, I would
make advances and they would just turn away in fear, anger, disgust or
disinterest.  This pattern in my dreams was in fact the same pattern as
my real life for most of my growing up and school years.

      Then somewhere a while back I discovered one night in a dream how
to get dream girls to like me, I turned my back towards them and asked
them to scratch it!  Then when they were done I rubbed their back a bit
in return, and we were friends.

      Now that might sound stupid, but that one little discovery marked
the turn around not only in my dream life but in my real life.  It
created a sense of hope in my that my dream life could be a desirable
place and thus so could my real life.

      I knew I had gained control over the beings in my dreams, I could
get them to like me and make the dreams good times instead of bad times.
That created a HUGE soar in tone, even if I still couldn't do it in the
waking world.

      From that time on, my dreams have started to climb up hill into
higher highs and deeper and more terrifying lows.  No longer suffering
from the lost and lonely and no where to turn dreams, I was now either
lying in bed with babes or lying in bed with bugs.

      The bug/spider/parasite/worms/snakes under the skin dreams always
have the lesson of "you get what you resist." If you tense up and worry,
the little bugs stick to you like glue and dig in deeper.  If you relax
and let them in, they slide off and fall to the ground or just vanish.

      The babe dreams went from searching hopelessly for someone, anyone
who would look in my direction and not run, to having them all around
me, rubbing their tits agasinst me, and not being able to get rid of

      What I learned here was that if I went LOOKING for babes, I usually
found dead empty rooms with dark dirty walls and no life.  But if I just
sat down and 'expected' them to show up, they did!

      Usually :)

      In the past few weeks the bugs parts of my dreams have gotten
really serious, but for the most part I have been learning and operating
the lessons each dream affords, getting an A or a B at worst.  Sometimes
I can't get rid of the bugs under my skin, but I just let them be and go
on with the dream anyhow, I mean doesn't everyone have bugs under their

      Pretty bugs.

      Now these dreams cycle from babes to bugs to babes to bugs over and
over again as the days go by.  They can get to be pretty predictable as
the charge blows off and the pleasure/pain thing runs out.

      But the past week was an unusually long run of babes without a bug
in site.  Gorgeous babes, beautiful beaches, wonderful music,
exquisitely intelligent and humorous entertainment at some theater in
the stars, I have no clue where it is, kind of thing.

      Just night after night of this stuff, and you'd think I would be
happy, and of course I am.  But time's a passing and I sometimes get the
feeling that I want to get on with the lessons you know, waking life
still sucks rocks, and I need to get to that point where dreams and the
waking state merge, and babes just don't do it for me, as there aren't
any lessons in it that work in the real world.  In the real world bugs
may come out of the wood work, but babes, nah I don't think so.

      So two nights ago I am lying in bed doing a dream flight plan,
thinking about what I should be doing in dreams, what I WANT to learn
most, I kind of ask the AllThatIs to help me with my session goals, so I
try to set some for each night's dream time.  It rarely works, but I try

      Then I started thinking about how I kind of really wanted to get on
with the bugs again and I wanted to know how I could possibly force the
bugs to show up when the place was dripping with babes.

      So then I had this thought that scared the living daylights out of
me.  I thought, you know Homer when you went looking for babes, there
never were any, but the moment you sat down in a dream chair and waited
for them, they came!

      So maybe if you sit down in another dream chair and wait for the
spiders they will come too!

      Now you know, I KNEW I was right, and this is the kind of thing
that sends the chills up and down my spine, because I CAN'T STAND THE

      I mean I can relax to where they aren't chewing into my skin too
far, but I can't quite let them go the way I can the worms, the snakes
and the parasites.

      So I am lying in bed, electric fear running up and down my spine,
because I KNOW I have just discovered the secret to infinite spiders,
and I start thinking and picturing myself in the dream to be.  Ok, there
I am in the chair, and suddenly I begin to see their legs bending around
the door jams, and coming across the ceiling and the floor and walking
up the chair legs.


      I know I would try "You are a BT!", but I also know it doesn't work
very well on spiders.  So I have only a few minutes left of waking time
to figure out another flight plan for these babies.

      Suddenly I think to myself, say to the spiders, all of them all at
once "Start Laughing!  Keep Laughing!"

      In my mind I can feel all the spiders stop dead in their tracks and
start to twitter away, banging their little legs on the walls in

      Then they laugh harder and harder and lose their grip and fall onto
the floor rolled up into little balls on their backs holding their
bellies with their legs because they are laughing so hard.  Others are
pounding the floor as hard as they can begging for the laughter to stop.

      Then one by one each spider goes poof!  and becomes a small
disembodied thetan smile that drifts off into the ozone never to be seen

      THAT made me smile.

      It also kept me awake for another 3 hours just thinking about it.

      OK, so I had this all planned out, it was safe to go to sleep
again, I was all prepared.

      That night did I dream of spiders?

      Nope, nothing but babes as far as the eye could see.


      What a down.  Actually it was a very sweet set of dreams, filled
with joy and sorrow about people I loved and lost and have no clue who
the hell they are.  But I loved them dearly if that counts to anyone.

      But during one of those dreams, near the end, way off in the
distance was a store window, and down across that window crawled one
single lone black spider.  He was totally harmless, but I saw him and I
KNEW that the time was upon me again.  For the next night.

      So last night I go to bed remembering that lone scout of the night
before, fully prepared to meet the spiders and run something of use on
them to learn my next lesson.

      Did I run into spiders?  No.

      I ran into Bees from Hell.

      When I was a kid my father was knocking down a hornets nest in
Maine one summer, and he told me to stay clear, which I didn't.  The
whole nest came after me and I got stung about 10 times.  The incident
wasn't as bad as it might seem, or maybe I have submerged it, but it has
always been unrunnable.

      Anyhow last night I am minding my own business in a dream and out
of the blue comes this little cloud of 10 sparks of white light held
together by a thin web of irridescent filaments connecting them all

      I know immediately from the sound that they are bees, more like
wasps or hornets, but I will call them bees here in this posting.

      And they were *MEAN*.

      They come right for my face and surround me, with the force and
speed you would expect of a squadron of jet aircraft, and suddenly there
are hundreds of them all over my body, inside my shirt, and pants and

      Then to my utter horror, two or three of them take up residence IN
EACH EAR, deep inside.  The buzzing and vibration of their wings was so
strong I thought I would go crazy from the sound and feeling of it.

      I looked in a dream mirror and I could see them in my ears, and I
could see them and feel them crawling all over my body.

      It was God Awful.

      Now these weren't Earthly bees, these were bees from hell, they not
only had stingers but could also bite, and pulled off chuncks of skin
when they did.  They were big and ugly and wicked looking.

      I managed to not get stung by a single one of them, but I did get
bit by a few.

      So lesson time.  First I am trying "You are a BT!" Then "You are a

      It didn't do a THING.

      I don't know, maybe they didn't understand Englsh.

      ((Actual data is,

      "Point accusatively at the entity letting them KNOW you know:

       You are a BT/Cluster/Demon.
       What are you (being)?
       Who are you (really)?"

       Run to release.

       The missing command was

       "How many are you?"

      If they can't count it, count it up for them, into the 100's of
trillions if necessary.  When you get it, they go eyes wide and chill
out.  Also important to hold their eyes while running above, or else
they don't get the comm.

       Last command if all else fails is

       "You are real people!"
       "You can be free."

       that usually stops them cold. ))

      So then I feel them crawling under my shirt and pants, and I really
didn't want to annoy them, because I knew that if one stung me, my
reaction would set off all the others and I would be dead.

      So I slowly start taking off my shirt, and hundreds and hundreds of
more bees start showing up from the area of my belly.  And I take off my
pants and I am standing there quite naked with these things crawling all

      At that point I gave up, I knew I didn't know what to do about them
using clearing technology.  So I slowly walked towards the ocean waves
and entered the water which pushed off the bees, until I was above my
head and all the bees had gone.

      Then I woke up.

      With my eyes still closed, I could still feel and see the
*CONFUSION* of forces and masses and vibrations of the incident.  They
were all beginning to pack in tight behind the wall of blackness that I
live in during my waking live.  I could see how my efforts to get up and
go, ran into the counter forces of the incident and other incidents
still to be run.  Eventually after running this thing out for about an
hour while still in bed, the blackness becomes a thick concrete covering
with no ability to discern what is on the other side at all.

      But I know that the next dream will open up the next lesson that I
need to learn.  I failed this one, I had to use a 'solution' to get rid
of the bees.  I get a C for not freaking out and getting stung, not
going crazy from the sound of 3 bees in each ear I couldn't see.  God
imagine getting stung in the ear drums?

      But I still failed the lesson, and those bees will be back.

      Maybe if I can get the Bees and the Spiders to come at the same
time, they could have it out with each other instead of me.

      Christ, I watch too much PBS.

      ((A reference to the wasp and the tarantula.))


Wed Apr 20 14:58:19 EDT 2016