KONCHOK PENDAY (KP@net-prophet.net) wrote:

>KONCHOK PENDAY (KP@net-prophet.net) wrote:
>>>I consider a theory wildly unproven if, not 
>>>only is there no demonstrable evidence for
>>>it, but brief casual inspection reveals a 
>>>great deal of evidence AGAINST it.

     All of the 'evidence' for the existence of an independent
external PU is bogus.  This is part of what clearing The Proof is all
about, coming back up to the perfect 50/50 point.

     THEN the evidence that the world is a hologram starts to come

     Perfectly certain truth will not come forward as long as one is
buried under vain glory 'false certainties' and other nonsense

     Truth is a jealous god, it won't tolerate people who think they
know when they don't.

     That is out personal integrity.

     This is also why Adore makes such a stink about PERFECT
CERTAINTIES, because until a person knows he CAN be perfectly certain
about some things with no chance of being wrong, his knowingness is
still working at the machine level of knowing about cause by looking
at effects and calling that evidence and certainties.

     One of the E/P's of clearing The Proof is the sudden realization
that the sum totality of 'convincing evidence' that the PU is actual,
is the emotional preposterousness of it being any other way.

     One feels *VIOLATED* in a way that exceeds one's credibility,
understanding and acceptance level, that one ever fell so low as to
not realizing that we are dreaming.

     The trek up from there is to realize that the being that CHOSE to
dream and not know he was dreaming is not human but OT, and the abyss
between them is interstellar.  The motivations of the being as
Author/Creator are quite alien to the motivations of the being as
Character/Creature, but resonate at the level of humor.