A few questions please.

     Please forgive my use of the word preclear, I udnerstand there is
no state of clear to be pre too, its just a hold over, from a dead and
corrupt subject.  You can translate it into viewer or client or
whatever your preferred language is.
     Here we go:

     Is there such a thing as 'memory'.

     Does a memory exist as a thing beyond being merely a process or
function of something else?

     If so, where is memory stored?

     If we survive body death, and exist independent of a body, do we
take our memories with us?  Can we?

     Can a memory be suppressed?

     If a person experiences a painful loss or injury and choses to
deny or not-is the experience as it is happening, does this get
recorded in the memory and result in something that others have
allegorically called mental mass?
     Can a thetan mock up mass?  Physical mass?  Mental mass?
     I am not asking if it is actually matter, energy, space and time,
but only can a thetan mockup a 10 pound ball of steel say and
experience it fully?  If so, can he apply such a mocked up mass
against a memory that he considers is too painful to experience?
     If so, are all suppressed memories of pain covered by such a
mockup of mass?
     Can a memory revivify to the point where the pc is THERE again?

     If the memory was covered by mocked up mass, what happens to that
mocked up mass once the memory revivifies?

     Can a memory contain material that was not fully confronted and
acknowledged at the time of the incident and can this material then
affect the present time of the pc?

     Can a suppressed memory of pain and unconcsiousness contain words
that act as commands, either on the attention of the pc with regards
to his ability to access his time track or with regards to the pc's
beliefs or actions in present time?

     Do people act out what was done to them?  (Dramatizing Psychotic)

     Do people believe what was said to them during moments of pain
and unconsciousness.  (Computing psychotic).
     When I have a dream of 1000 bees attacking me, something that
hasn't happened to me in this life that I recall, and couldn't have
happened to me because these bees were clearly not Earthly bees, where
does all that force and energy and pain and sensation come from?  I
certainly can't mock that up in present time myself.

     When I have experienced this dream fully, and gone over it many
times and find that there is permanently less pain and tension and
'sludge' in my mental space as an apparent result of confronting the
experience fully in the dream and afterwards, what causes that relief
to happen?


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