Homer said:
>My own ARC break with all of existence is beyond repair.

Huggie responds:

     Homer What a being says about his own ARCXs is about as full of
piss as if he were permanently drunk!  All you have to do is admitt
that beings (meaning you) are responsible for creating their OWN ARCXs
in an aberrated attempt to gain sympathy!  When you have taken that
responsibility, then and only then will you be able to allow it to
ceast being created and be FREE of it.

     Been there and done a hell of a lot of that!  Huggs

Lion said:

     You are dancing on Homer's dance floor, aren't you?  Homer is a
very intelligent and passionate being, and doesn't really need
anyone's help in the conventional way.

Homer says:

     Well any thing that start off "All you have to do..." to resolve
the issue of existence clearly hasn't done so himself.
     Huggies answer may be 'true' in some sense, but it is also
dismissive, contemptuous, glib and discountive.

     It doesn't show the beauty and majesty of such decisions, and
doesn't show the humor.  Desire for sympathy may have something to do
with this, but where is the joke, where is the Eternal superhuman
laughter/tears that leads to eternal peace?

     A thetan's condition is not stupid, is not 'too stupid to
contemplate or give further consideration to.'

     An infinite being can form infinite charge, and it is a WORK OF
ART, and releasing it is not a trivial matter, any more than a super
nova going off is a trivial matter.

     It is tempting to claim the thetan is putting something there
because he doesn't want to admit there is nothing there, and doing so
from innate character flaw, stupidity or ignorance.

     This is an ARCX with the enormity and beauty of what the thetan
decided and is able to do to himself.  It manifests as a fear of
finding out how it all happened lest you never admire or appreciate
yourself again for being so ".......", fill in your favorite
     The more I audit, the more case gain I make, the more
overwhelming the core charge becomes, the more preposterous it seems
that anyone would dare claim to have brought 'Behemoth' low.

     So when I hear someone claiming to be free from fear of their
future, I say "Cool, let's nail you to a cross so we can see now how
close you are to your God."

     Adore says "Your aren't getting any younger, your wisdom can't be
that great."

     Adore also says "You are crucified on the cross of being cross
while you are crucified."
     Until people can leave and enter time at will, they will remain
crucified on the cross of time forever.

     And ARC broken as hell about it.
     "What are the aesthetics of being crucified on the Cross of