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     About charge...

> The determination, effort, and feeling of trying to reach something
> which cannot be reached or withdraw from something which cannot be
> withdrawn from.


      Adore would take this one step further.

      Adore considers the world an arcade game that we created, wrote
the programs and jumped into with full knowing willing cause and full
awareness of the consequences.  Life is like a computer game
programmer playing his own game.

      Now as long as the player retains awareness that he wrote the
game, he will be willing to play, win and lose, because he knows that
playing is the point, not winning or losing.  In fact if he wins too
often he will rewrite the code to make it harder, and if he loses too
often he will again rewrite the code to make it easier.  He wants
optimum PLAY.

      Thus he can engage in desires and losses, reaches and withdraws
without getting serious about the game because he knows he made the
game, and he knows he chose to play it, and he knows he can change it,
and he knows he can leave it at any time.

      But somewhere along the line the programmer decides to throw his
awareness of Sovereignty away, and suddenly he is in this game
apparently with out his own OK, without any ability to leave the game,
and without the ability to change the game and with the threat hanging
over his head that if he loses the game he will never play again.

      Since the basic desire is to PLAY, THIS loss he takes very
seriously and starts to build up charge.

      So Adore would add that desire, reach and withdraw are for PLAY.
As long as the guy can play, he may not care so much who wrote the game
or how he got into it, but the moment he conceives that his playing the
game is dependant on his winning the game, FOREVER, then he starts to
build up charge about losing the game.

      Oh Jontu...  Listen closely, more evidence for you....

      The issue here, according to Adore, is that a being is capable of
creating the illusion of conditions or losses for himself that he could
never, would never and should never, create in actuality.

      Thus although a being could not, would not, and should not create a
game in which he dies forever period, he can, would and should create
the illusion that he is in such a game.  (Well at least once in a while
because its there to be created!).

      And yes Goober the ability to do that is desirable.

      Even though the illusion is possible, the actuality is impossible,
so the thetan is quite safe doing this.  He can't die, nor can he go to
hell forever as it violates the fundamental nature of the being, who can
only get stuck in WHILES for a while, and also violates his fundamental
sovereign desire which is to PLAY forever, not die forever nor suffer

      Basically beings created the world, so then nothing can exist that
violates the being's fundamental desires.  No being can fundamentally
desire suffering forever or dying forever, so ergo, suffering forever or
dying forever can not exist.

      But the being can engage in the illusion that he will die forever
or go to hell forever.

      So once you have a thetan playing an illusion that violates his
basic Sovereignty, he will develope charge every moment of the game.

      He has a must play, don't want to play, on the game, so he plays
with resentment and resistence.

      Once he realizes it is just a game, and was created by his own
Sovereignty which can not, would not and should not ever be lost, then
games no longer generate charge no matter what happens.  Except of
course if the being wants to generate charge and throw it around to
impress the masses etc or make it part of the game.

      (Charge is basically physical, emotional, mental or spiritual
electrical force that can be piled up into a solid mass that blocks
perception and ability on subjects the being no longer wants to have
impinge on him.)

      The basic reach and withdraw then is for fundamental Sovereignty
and its desires.  The whole of creation is the reaching out of Sovereign
Desire from potential to manifest.  Thus what is manifested can not be
other than what Sovereign Desire wanted.

      In this temporal time stream that desire is to PLAY, neither to win
nor to lose.

      Once the ability to play is itself made into a game, then losing
that game loses the ability to play any game forever more, and that
violates sovereign desire, and THUS WHETHER OR NOT HE LOSES OR WINS THE
GAME OF PLAYING GAMES, that creates charge forever for free.

      Well until the WHILE ends.

      "Charge releases as *HUMOR* and dies off as a wave into Eternal
Omni Awesome Peace."

     Slosh, slosh, slosh, slosh....

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