KONCHOK PENDAY (KP@net-prophet.net) wrote:
>>     Physical universe does not exist, period, 

     Yes, me and a lot of others.
     We claim the alleged external physical universe has no external
objectivity as a 3 or more dimensional actuality.  We claim that its
experienceable dimensionality is in fact a perceptual illusion projected
in a zero dimensional substrate called our consciousness.

     The waking state is a dream just as sleep dreams are dreams, no
different, same mechanisms all the way around.

>Who constantly *WHINES* because
>he CAN'T make it do what he wants!

     Well as an absolute statement, that is not correct, although I do
whine alot about the condition of my wakingdream body, but even this
is finally coming around to resolving and not through the use of UCP.

     Basically I whine because of all the people who claim to have
'made it' and 'how easy it was' etc, yet I was and am having such a
hard time of it.

     I have pretty much resolved all of that to myself now, so their
lies and pretenses no longer bother me, and those that have real OT
experiences are quite OK with me.
>>except as illusion of maya 

>That is YOUR illusion/hallucination.

     What is my hallucination?

     We all perceive the external universe, but just because we SEE
space and time doesn't mean there IS space and time.  There could be
space and time and thus we see it in our experience, but it could also
be a dream.  
     We see space and time in our sleep dreams yet it is all illusion
and hallucination.  We claim the waking state is no different than the
sleep state.  The waking dream is shared by many beings, and we also
believe the beings in our dreams are actual too.

>>in underlying zero dimensional conscious substrate which is actual.

     Well Hubbard said something similar but never really got around
to pushing the point.

     He said space was a viewpoint of dimension, a place from
which to view dimension, and that the thetan extended out points
to view in mockup form, but in the end it was an illusion of dimension.
The thetan can not actually dream dimension, he can only create
the experience of dimension.

     He mentioned the meatball that slams his fist on the table
claiming how 'solid' it is (yet I do this in sleep dreams), and talks
about how his Mark 10,000 ears pickup the sound of the fist in exact
synchronization to the fist hitting the table, and thus he concludes
the table is actual.

     But since all of this can be done in any lucid dream, it proves
nothing of the sort, only that something is synchronizing the various
experiences involved, force, impact, sound, vision etc to give us
the virtual reality of an actual table.

     It is quite enlightening in dreams for example to break this
synchronization, where one runs into objects a few inches in front of
where one sees them.  The effort to synchronize vision and touch is an
intensely charged area for the body being which feels it will go to
pieces if things don't 'touch' where they 'are seen'.

     It can't play the pretense game of survival if touch and sight
don't sync properly.   Things had better 'BE' where you see them!
     The joke is they ain't there anyhow, its a pretense.
     Hubbard also makes another indirect reference to the holographic
model of the universe.  He says that when two or more people are
looking at a single object in the alleged external physical universe,
they think they are looking at one object from multiple viewpoints,
when in fact they are looking at multiple objects (their own mockups
of it) from one viewpoint as all beings are actually on the same
point, as there is no actual space/time to separate anyone.

>>     All beings are connected INWARDLY 

>That may very well be true!

>>as there IS no outwardly.

>Says psychOTic fuckwank Homer,
>who CANNOT make the "does not
>exist" *DO* what *HE* wants it to!

     Assertion.  Anyhow my control over both my waking and sleep dream
states is variable.  Sometimes in dreams I can't move a thing and the
dream runs me.  Other times my wish is its command.

     I notice for example that if I go around looking for pretty girls
in dreams, I don't find any, but if I just sit down and wait for them
to come I am surrounded by them.

     Similar rules apply in the physical universe, but also do not
apply, as the waking dream does not run under the exactly same rules
as the sleeping dream, even though both are dreams.

     It is in many ways our failure to make sleep dream rules work
in the waking state that have convinced many a thetan that the waking
state is fundamentally different than the dream state.

     Working one's way back to the mistakes in judgement and
conclusion that one made during one's life about this matter releases
a tremendous amount of charge on the losses one suffered in the waking
dream, and rehabs the ability to make the waking dream come to you
again as the sleep dreams do.

     Death is a kind of waking up to the next dream out from which we
went to sleep and entered this dream we call waking life.

>>     Screw KP and his stupid hallucinations.
>The physical universe is NOT my hallucination!
>You just HALLUCINATE that it is!

     Yes, the conscious experience of the physical universe is actual,
but the implied external space/time is not.  Just like when we are
asleep and we sit down at a dream piano and play it.  It may be real
to us while it is going on, the EXPERIENCE is actual, but the implied
external referent made of wood and ivory is not.  When we wake up, the
experience goes poof, and there is no piano of wood and ivory left

     Just so in the waking state.

     When everyone wakes up from this dream, this physical universe
won't exist any more, because it never existed in the first place
except as a hallucination in the conscious eye of its participants.
     Hallucination means to experience what is not there.

     Well that is in fact impossible because all that is there
IS the experience, so one can't experience what is not there.

     But one can put false interpretations on one's experience to
conclude falsely that something ELSE exists that is external
to the experience, that is referred to by the experience, and
that the experience arises from.

     This places the experience at the effect of the alleged
external referent.  I experience a piano because there IS a piano and
there would be a piano even if I didn't experience it.

     We claim this is false.  There is your experience of the piano,
the external piano does not exist and never did.