Phineas Fogg ( wrote:
>After 50 years of Scientology, can anyone lay claim to the ultimate
>promise of "Operating Thetan", i.e., "total cause over matter, energy,
>space, and time, both subjective and objective, and be able do this
>outside of the physical body with immortality"?

     The question is mis worded.

     Native State is inherently capable, the quintessential OT.

     It is important to not make the false distinction between 'normal
abilities' and OT abilities, because EVERYTHING the thetan can do is
an OT ability, he has merely limited it to certain constraints.

     For example meatballs doubt the existence of telepathy because
they have a delusive view of the actuality of out therness.  Once one
sees that the world is a dream and that we are all co dreaming, then
any two people talking to each other are in fact engaging in telepathy
adorned with the lies of external communication via bodies etc, to
hide the truth of the direct telepathy.

     When two people talk to each other in a sleep dream, they aren't
using their bodies and sound waves and ears to talk now are they?
Well neither are they in the waking dream.
     But if people understood the true flow of cause between beings
they would wake up too easily (which was the original problem), and so
they insist on delusory external causes that carry their words 'out
there' from body to body.
     Same thing with moving the body, this is in fact direct
telekinesis, because the body, no matter how complex, is just a god
damn mockup with no actual cause in it whatsoever anyhow.

     Virtual machines have no actual cause, only pretended cause
projected by the virtual reality projector.
     Balls bounce off walls in arcade games because the central
projector makes them do so, not because the balls and walls have
any actual cause.  The projector has real cause over both balls
and walls, and makes sure they bounce off each other to give the
ILLUSION that cause lies in the arcade balls and walls.
     That way the player of the virtual game can PRETEND he is in
an actual universe.

     There is no other cause than Source which is projected through
its multifacets of self awareness called thetans.
     So really in auditing we want to bring the pc to recognize where
he is already using OT abilities such as telepathy and telekinesis,
get him to acknowledge the fact, and then extend the range and sphere
in which he might be willing to use them.

     One can't get OT powers one doesn't already have and is using,
one notices that one is already OT and using it quite well thankyou,
and then extends the area he or she is willing to exercise them in.

     All inability is actually superior ignorance and unwillingness,
nothing more.