CB Willis (cbwillis@adore.lightlink.com) wrote:

>You do not necessarily become what you don't value, and that not-valuing
>does not necessarily have to have charge on it.  It is normal to continue
>to move toward manifesting what you do value.  

     Here's the point.

     If someone comes to you and mockups an unconfrontable monstrosity
that you do not value, appreciate, find the beauty and humor in, then
YOU have lost, because you CAN mock it up also, you can OUT mock it up,
but you are saying its bad to mockup, you wouldn't, couldn't, shouldn't
mock it up, and thus you become owned by it.

     This is not the normal human perception of things, you are being a
human not an OT in the Adorian and Scientological sense.

     All I am saying to you is that you are missing that this group
here, not just me, has a very different idea of what ability and taking
responsibility for things means than the normal human, and which is why
a number of people, Christine, me, Phil and maybe others consider you an
air head.
     Again there has to be a better term, this is not a derogatory
criticism, you are in a state that is classically the way it is supposed
to be, the thetan mocks himself us as something and someone that
wouldn't ever, couldn't ever, shouldn't ever mockup all these other
things, and then gets eat by them.  That's the game.

     Part of your airheadedness is your concept of what is evil (absence
of good) and where it comes from (ignorance and mistakes).
     Good and evil are alike both mocked up with majesty and foresight
by the AllThatIs and form a tapestry of beauty and humor that only the
OT can appreciate.  The human looks upon it in horror, as he is the
monster food.

>>    Come on Carol, there is no other, its all you ultimately, your
>>own creations come after you and eat you if you run away from them.

>To say it's all me ultimately is an ambiguous and confusing statement,
>without an explanation of in what sense you mean that, because the meaning
>is not at all obvious from linguistic context.

     You are a viewport to God, the AllThatIs, not a Being, but the
source of all Beings, and all Ability.

     In this context there is no Supreme Being, there is only the
Supreme AllThatIs and it is not a being, it is the source and ground of
beings and has co-resident with it, co-eternally, an infinite number of
beings, conscious units, that can call upon the ability of the AllThatIs
and cast manifestations into the external world of perceivable

     As a viewport to the AllThatIs you can cast anything the AllThatIs
can cast.
     Source sources only when will casts.

     You may have cast yourself as a little old lady who would never do
any wrong, but you CAN access the AllThatIs and cast the monster that
comes in the night and cuts her up.

     To the degree that you deny that you are a viewport of the
AllThatIs, and deny that you can access and cast ANYTHING that others
have cast, and to the degree that you FAIL to access and recast
something that confronts you that you don't like, just to that degree do
you limit yourself from ever being able to as-is or vanish what has
confronted you.

     If B casts something from the AllThatIs and confronts you with it,
and its bad, you can vanish it by casting it yourself from the
AllThatIs, any viewport can cast anything that is castable, and in the
perfect recasting of it, withdraw it back into the void.

     If YOU put it there, YOU can unput it there.

     If you refuse to re cast what B has cast, then you will not be able
to as-is it, and it will persist FOREVER, until either you or someone
else, or the originator recasts it and withdraws it back into the void.

     It doesn't matter who made it, anyone can as-is it and withdraw it
back into the void.  This is not a human ability, this is an OT ability,
and OTs are not human.  An OT sees the beauty and humor to the monster
and the little old lady, and might just as easily walk away from it
thinking 'Good show!'.
>>>>that leads ultimately to trying to send the other to
>>>>hell forever AS irretrievably different, but ending up in hell
>>>>forever yourself.

>I don't relate to the corrected statement either.

     If someone is casting something bad, monstrous say, and you feel
that you can not, should not and would not EVER cast such a thing as
yourself, then you have posited a permanent duality between them and
you, a fundamental DIFFERENCE in nature, which you can not replicate,
are unwilling to have exist, and will thus do anything to avoid.

     If it comes after you, you will then do anything to destroy it
FOREVER, or punish it FOREVER.

     Thus if one can not reconcile the irreconcilably different other
being, one will be drawn into attempting to cast the other being into
hell forever or into death forever.

     Since one can not in fact succeed at this, and since having to do
so is itself an ARC break of magnitude with self and the AllThatIs, one
will end up in hell or death oneself.

     Not being able to access and recast anything that can be casted and
has been casted by yourself and others, is an ARC break of magnitude
that the soul does not recover from.

     Primary overt intent is to cast something that someone else can't,
won't or shouldn't recast, that's the way to put them down forever but

     It is one thing to cast oneself as someone who can't cast just
everything, but retain the knowingness that one has done so, and quite
another to really believe there are castable things that one can not

     Only by recovering full accessibility, ability and willingness to
cast anything that can be casted, can true sovereignty and good humor be
restored, and the soul can recast ITSELF and withdraw back into the void
of total latent ability.

     PTSness is simply allowing that another can cast something you
can't recast into non existence, including them.

     If someone mocks themselves up as the meanest son of a bitch
in the valley, can you out cast them by mocking yourself up worse?
If not, or are unwilling to, well you know the drill, the other
eats you.

     Evil being:  "Yum, good being!"

>I just committed a mass murder. I'm not responsible. God made me do it.
>"The Devil made me do it."  My case made me do it.  Whatever. It won't

     God made the man and gave him free will knowing full well that
man would mis use it, God is the monster.

>God allows man to have his learning experiences, just like the parent of
>the toddler allows the child to fall down while he's learning to walk.

     No parent allows the child to kill or main his sister, others or

     If God were a parent, he would be in jail for child abuse.

>I'm willing to [co-]design for educational/discernment purposes, which
>lead upscale, but not toward futility and chaos, which lead to death or

     Thus you are not willing to BE as God is, because HE designed
according to exact specs the universe towards futility and chaos.

     Listen Carol this conversation is hopeless, I understand your point
of view, but I do not hold it.

     My view is: all there is is God, we are part of that whole, and
everything that happens is either planned or directly caused by that God
which appreciates all of it.  There are no accidents or mistakes, or
errors, or short comings in the overall view of the universe, it is

     If you can't make the ax murderer, if you can't design it from the
bottom to the top, then you can not become as God.  God designed the ax
murderer and then became it to live it.  He also became the little old
lady who gets chopped up.  Its all grand and excalibur *DESIGN*.

     I know you don't accept the view, you gotta understand that I
have seen it in deep vision, so I can not eschew it now, it is way too
late in the game for that.

     But your position of God as Father is ABSURD, no parent allows
one child to beat up on the others, so both can learn the lessons
of free will.

     The analogy of God as Father and Soul as children is a childish
one, and one MUST grow out of it to mature into a reasoning GodSoul.