KONCHOK PENDAY (KP@net-prophet.net) wrote:
>>   Is a mental image picture of wood made out of wood?
>WHAT "mental image picture"?

     Well if I sit down at a table with an apple on it, and I mockup
an another apple right next to it, so that to me it looks like there
are two complete apples on the table, what is the second apple that I
mocked up MADE OF.  What STUFF composes it?

    It isn't made out of nothing because a nothing has no
qualities, and can't come and go or be created and destroyed etc.
     So the second mocked up apple has to be a something.  But surely
it isn't made out of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen like the other apple

     The point is that each perception of the two apples is its own
actuality, with its own nature and its own stuff.

     The images of both apples are projections in my mind's eye,
except we normally think that the first projection is overlaying an
actual apple made of carbon and such, while the second is a projection
overlaying nothing, a 'mere' hallucination so to speak.

     Both images LOOK actual because the *IMAGES* are actual, but one
image symbolizes an actual apple on the table, and the other image
falsely symbolizes a similar non existent apple on the table.

     What I would question is whether there is an actual carbon,
oxygen apple in the first case also and what evidence there would be
to make such an extraordinary assertion.

     All we can see or know about are the images we see in our mind's
eyes.  From these we then like to interpolate the external territory
that they seem to represent.
     For example in a dream, sitting in a dream chair looking at a
dream apple on a dream table, most would admit all that exists is the
image of the apple in the dreamer's mind's eye with no carbon based
apple at all.

    So why would we think the waking world is any different?