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>Homer Wilson Smith ( wrote:
>>     We are positing the existence of a single zero dimensional
>>object, the conscious unit.  This throws a monkey wrench into the
>>whole 'multi dimensional out there' theory of existence.

CB Willis ( wrote:
>Certainly a provocative thesis.

      Well it goes beyond being merely provocative, as it claims to be
THE mechanism that a being drops from above 26.0 to below 26.0 on the
tone scale.

      26.0 = Apparencies are Actuality.

      As a native state static, the being creates a humongous space and
time bubble to view and to put things in.  Since the being is creating
the (illusion of) space and time, the being knows it itself has no space
nor time, nor does anyone else, as clearly space/time is being created
by himself and his co creators.

      Or the being can choose to enter space/time bubbles already created
by others, doesn't matter who is creating the space/time, when the being
is outside the bubble, he knows he is stationary and the bubble is a
bauble for his enjoyment.

      In this state the being is the ORIENTATION point of Hubbard's Scn.

      The being is still and creating space/times of motion.

      Then once created the being shifts consideration and makes the
space/time bubble 'actual' and himself a point IN the space/time bubble
moving around in it.  He grants stillness to the space/time bubble
rather than himself, and grants mobility to himself.

      Further the being considers himself MADE of the bits and pieces he
or other's have put into the space time bubble and so becomes in his own
mind a part of the space/time bubble.

      'There is only MEST, and I am a small part of MEST.'

       MEST means MATTER, ENERGY, SPACE and TIME (and FORCE).

      Postulates and considerations are true cause emmanating from the
static, force is the (illusory) proxy for cause inside the kinetic space/time

      Scientology's MEST is the same thing as Adore's TIMESTONE.

      In this state the being is being the SYMBOL of Hubbard's Scn, he
has mass, meaning and *MOBILITY*.

      The being has become a symbol for himself, his symbol is his 
body, he no longer considers the referent, himself, exists.  So as a
MESTer he lives the life AS a symbol without a referent.

      As an Orientation point the being is dimensionless cause creating
illusions (viewpoints) of dimension.

      As an orientation point the experienced illusions of space/time
symbols, are known to be symbols for non existent referents in the dream
universe as the being knows he is mocking up experiences of space/time
which have no referent in actuality.

      As a symbol, the being has chosen to become a dimensional effect
inside an apparent dimensional cause the space/time bubble he created,
and the other objects inside it.

      In this state as a symbol the being confuses his symbolic
experiences with the (non existent) referents they pretend to refer to.
He considers the referents actual and his experience 'nothing'.

      He will tell you his conscious experience is an interpretation of
what he has sensed in the outside world.

       The truth is his idea of the outside world is an interpretation he
puts on his experience.  He sees space/time, so he considers there IS
space/time.  He sees red, so he imagines something red out there.

       The SYMBOL in his experience is red, the referent can never be.

      His conscious experience is a RENDITION of the alleged physical
universe, not an interpretation.

      Rendition is the act of creating the symbol from the referent.

      Interpretation is the act of finding the referent from the symbol.

      As a symbol, the being has assigned cause to objects 'out there',
and thus they can affect him.  Eventually they become suppressive to the
being as any disowned creation will, and start to come after him.

      The being solves this by running away from the SP object, i.e.  he
uses his 'mobility' inside the space/time bubble to put space/time
distance between him and the SP object.

      SP means Suppressive Person or Parent.

      Since he carries his space/time bubble with him no matter where he
runs inside the space/time bubble, this does not work, as he takes his
suppressor with him.

      The correct answer is to flip one's consideration back above 26.0
on the tone scale where the being is once again the orientation point
creating his space/time bubble and putting things into it including the
SP objects.  He can then simply let go of the SP object and it will

      There is nothing more dangerous to a created dimensional object (in
this case the SP), than to lose the attention of the God that IS
creating it.

      Hubbard said the SP is trying to unmock you.  In truth it is trying
to keep your attention, because if it lost your attention, the SP object
itself would unmock.  But as a symbol, one can not just take one's
attention off things, one MUST flip back to being full orientation point
to do this.

      If you aren't putting it there (as an orientation point), you
can't un put it there.

      And, Lord save you, if you consider IT is putting YOU there, you
will never be able to un put it there.

      Symbols can be impinged upon, they do not have full control over
their attention or where it goes.  Only the true eternal referent,
namely the being himself, not the physical universe lie, can absolutely
control his attention and not be impinged upon if he chooses.

      The attention put on the creation of a space/time bubble by an
orientation point in the creation of it, is a whole order of ball game
bigger than the attention put on an SP object by a symbol.

      It is the first kind of attention that needs to be withdrawn to
resolve the suppression.

      An orientation point can not be suppressed by a symbol.

      An orientation point can create assholes forever for free coming
after him, but until he flips down into being a symbol himself, they
have no power over him and he knows it, as all an SP can affect are
other symbols (objects) inside the space/time bubble.

      No symbol can affect an orientation point, unless the orientation
has chosen to become a symbol himself.

      He has to assign himself AS a symbol INSIDE the space/time bubble
before the SP can do anything to him.

      Above 26.0 the being is the orientation point and the space/time
bubble is the symbol.

      Below 26.0 the space/time bubble becomes the Eternally still
everywhere present orientation point and the being who created it
becomes the symbol.

       Practice at this flip flop will lead straight into becoming the
Orientation point again.

      But one must be WILLING TO BECOME THE SYMBOL in order to become the
orientation point, because that's what orientation points do, create
bubbles and jump in.

      Orientation Points like to become Symbols.

      This is Spirit of Play.

      Symbols want to become orientation points, but usually miss the
mark because the orientation point they want to become is one that would
NEVER chose to become a symbol, in particular a suppressed symbol.

      They are trying to become a 'God' that would 'never create *THAT*

      Such orientation points do not exist, and thus the symbol never
wins until he wises up to his original desire to become a symbol, and be
chased all over kingdom come.

      The key experience of being above 26.0 is absolute, utter, eternal
immobility because THERE IS NO PLACE TO GO.  Someplace to go implies
space or time both of which are illusions in a non space/time substrate
of the All That Is.

      The key experience of being below 26.0 is having everywhere to go,
being totally lost in the infinite choices of where to go, and not being
able to go there fast enough in order to get away from what is chasing

       One also doesn't remember coming in, or how one got in,
that's how you know is a dream :)

      Below 26.0 is LOSTNESS, doesn't know where or when he is.

      Above 26.0 is HOME, can't go anywhere anyhow.

      The purpose of creation is to create places to go in a universe
where there IS no place to go.

      This is served by the creation of illusions of space/time bubbles
that give the being the *EXPERIENCE* of having some place to go but
which in fact go nowhere.

      The being feels he is walking down the road in a dream, but in fact
is going nowhere, the dream is redrawn around him to give him the
illusion of movement.

       Just so in waking life, and in any life.

      Because there is no where to go, no matter how many illusions of
places to go the being creates for himself, he can never get lost, and
never get separated from anyone he loves.

      Thus the All-That-Is is completely safe to wander around in,
although one can get 'lost' in the dream for a very long time, by

      When one becomes the Orientation Point again, that safeness will
come home to one, and one will once again understand where the
willingness to get so lost for so long came from.

       The flip flop from Orientation Point to Symbol is the basic
J.O.K.E.  that the being plays on himself.

       J.O.K.E. stands for Justice Of Kindship Excaliper.

       The intent is Spirit of Play going in, and Humor coming out.

       The whole thing is powered by Eternal Omni Awesome Peace.

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