It has to do with failed commandingness.

    Commandingness is like Hubbard's Tone 40.0, probably a bit more
efforty than it should be but the being has been trying to command things
in and out of existence for a long time.

    Commandingness is sort of like God saying "Let there be light!" and
getting or not getting any :).

    One can run

    (If commandingness worked...)

    "What would you command?"
    "What would you not command?"

    This brings up failures and problems with having ability real quick.

    The sinking feeling of "Oh my God, I want that but I don't want that"
what am I to do?!  This leaves one in a suspended or interrupted state of
TWO incomplete comanndingnesses.  One starts it but doesn't complete it.
Like holding one's wand up in the air to start waving some magic and then
never lowering it again lest something happen.

    It also spans all dynamics from commanding more business to come in,
to commanding world peace etc.

    One also sees that one is tring to command amongst a world
of non commanders etc.

    As an aside, on prep check buttons it is also highly useful to run the
sub questions on each item.  For example if "Has anything been
suppressed?" reads run:

    Are you suppressing?
    Do you Suppress?
    Is it Suppressing?
    Who are you suppressing?
    How are you suppressing?
    What are you suppressing?
    Where are you suppressing?
    When are you suppressing?
    Why are you suppressing?
    Which are you suppressing?

    Run it round robin style, each question until flat, no change,
no interest, no answers etc, then on to next question round and round.

    The who, how, what, where, when, why and which are real powerful but
once in a while one just has to notice that one is suppressing, the
do/is/are gets at that without plaguing about details.


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