Now some people would ask what difference does it make if
space/time is actual or an illusion in a scalar substrate?

      Mostly these people demonstrate their inability to tell

      It is the difference between an actuality and a virtual reality.

      What's the difference?

      That's either apathy talking, some serious stupidity, or covert
evil that knows there is a difference but hopes you don't.

      The primary difference is the flow of cause.

      If space/time is actual, then I am here and you are there, and for
us to communicate to each other we need to send particles from here to

      And if the space/time distance between here and there is too great,
then the particles won't reach and we have separation.

      Since separation is basic to loss, this is a big deal.

      Now if space/time is not actual but merely 'real' to the virtual
reality viewer, then I am here and you are here, and we are both viewing
FROM THE SAME POINT the external world, even though our virtual reality
projection makes it look like we are in different places.

      This also means that when we communicate from one to the other, the
communication is not taking place via the virtual reality particles that
travel between us in the virtual reality space/time, but directly
between us as beings because we are on the same scalar anyhow.

      Thus communication and telepathy become instantaneous to the degree
that we do not engage in using the virtual reality particles to
communicate with each other.

      For the meatballs that believe that space/time is actual, then of
course it takes some kind of causal wave for cause to travel across that
space/time from me to thee, and thus telepathy is very unlikely.

      But for the dreamballs that believe that space/time is a projection
in scalar consciousness, then we are clearly already engaging in a huge
act of telepathy even being able to share the same scenery in the
virtual universe.

      Want to read each other's thoughts?

      Read each other's universe!

      The difference is cause, where it lies, and where it flows.

      In the meatball theory, cause lies in the external universe itself,
and flows between objects in that universe to each other.

      The ball bounces off the wall because there is something between
the ball and the wall that makes them interact this way.

      In the dreamball theory, cause lies not at all in the external
universe, as there is no external universe, merely a pretty picture of
such on a scalar conscious screen.  Thus cause lies at the heart of the
projector, which Adore calls Source, and the beings that are connected
to each other through Source, the conscious units.

      The ball bounces off the wall because the projector makes them both

      The purpose of the projector which is actual cause, is to project
universes of virtual cause.

      Its really pretty simple.

      In a sleep dream why does the ball bounce off the wall?

      In the waking state, why does the ball bounce off the wall?

      If you think there are two different answers to the above
questions, then you are a meatball.

      If you see that both situations are the same, then you are a

      Meatballs don't believe in OT powers because their theory does not
allow for them, and rightly so.  For a being to make space or time or
objects or fabricate energy out of nothing violates the most basic datum
of intuitive philosophy, namely that something can't come from nothing.

      However the dreamball theory claims that nothing is actually
created, the polarity of the scalar substrate is merely changed to make
the substrate go from unmanifested to manifested and back again.

      The experience of space is the scalar substrate polarized one way,
and the experience of nothing is it polarized the other.

      Once the scalar substrate has been polarized one way and you have
the conscious experience of space, it can be polarized further to give
you space with a ball in it.

      When a ball moves through a dream, nothing is moving, the picture
in your mind's eye is being redrawn like a movie.

      Same when awake.  Nothing material is moving, only the position of
the polarization that changes empty space to space full of ball, is
moving.  Its not the same ball from moment to moment, even when its
still, it's not only being redrawn in space, but its also being redrawn
in time!

      Just like a ball moving to the left across a movie screen, no ball
is moving.  Only the position of projection is moving.

      What's the difference?  Who cares?

      Well the difference is Eternality, power and sovereignty.

      A meatball had no choice to be here by definition, a meatball
defines itself as the effect of prior events.  Thus a meatball has no
choice about getting out of here either, except through death.

      Some meatballs will taunt others about being afraid of death,
mostly because the taunter is.

       Anyone who isn't afraid of actual death forever, who has had time
enough for love, is lying to themselves full speed ahead.

       The meatball says the dreamball believes in Eternality (out of
time) because they are afraid of Death Forever (in time).

       The dreamball says the meatball believes in Mortality because they
are afraid of Immortality, Hell Forever (in time).

       In other words the belief in Mortality is an indecent
effort to excape a detested Immortality.

      Ultimately both are engaged in a fair chosen course of action.  The
meatball is merely more wrong.

      We each choose our illusions and delusion.

      The meatball has already come down through Eternality, Immortality,
to Mortality.  He's hoping to end it all forever via the pretense in
death forever that the mortal body gives him.

      Until of course he dies and finds himself still quite alive.

      It doesn't work, but it's an addiction to self deceit for a while.

      The dreamball admits that space/time is a manifestation of a scalar
substrate.  Since there is no time in that substrate EXCEPT AS THE
EXPERIENCE OF TIME, there can be no coming or going of the being: beings
have to always have been and always will be.


      Thus Source and Soul are CO-Eternal.

      Thus they had choice prior to any manifestation of space/time
virtual realities, and thus can enter and leave them at will.

      Why doing so is hard in present time is best left to the preclear
to figure out for himself.

      As Adore says "Can't = Won't", there is no such thing as inability
only superior unwillingness.

      Its mainly a matter of Huggie's question, when is a Joke no longer
a Joke, when has a Joke gone too far?

      It was the day he said "This Joke is not funny!"

      That day is the day it went most wrong, and the being lost his
Sovereignty, sense of humor and majesty, power, and choice.

      The secret is he chose to.

      The being chose to break his own heart.

      The meatballs find that preposterous, so it can't be true.

      They are knowing by emoting, they are using their emotional
feelings of outrage that they could have been that wrong for so long, to
act as data to them that it never happened.

      How wrong has a meatball been?

      How many goals did he give up because he had only one life stuck in
a body of one sex, one country, one planet, one time in history?

      How many losses did he suffer because he couldn't be, do or have
things due to his limitations?

      How many overt acts did he commit in his horror at the nature of
the universe that was going to do him in, if he didn't do it in first?

      Then he finds out it was all just a dream?

      Who could be such a fool?

      Well there you have it.


      One has to admit that one was wrong, that one entered into
illusions, apparencies are actuality, or virtual realities are
actualities, before one can face up to the enormity of the violation and
rape of one's sovereignty that this entailed.

      As long as one is using one's outrage as evidence that it never
happened, one is stuck in the dream because one won't admit it was a
dream.  You can't wake up from a dream that you won't admit is a dream.

      That is what a Joke is, being Fooled.

      One *CHOSE* to be 'fooled' for real one day, and that intention is
just a bit too alien for the preclear to encompass at the moment.

      Only a God King could have such an intention for himself,

      So take these things into consideration when you are trying to make
an OT be an OT again.  (OT = Operating Thetan)

       The OT is half God King, and half Imp Soul.

       The combo is outrageous...

       "The outrageousness of the mechanics of learning is matched
only by the outrageousness of what we have learned."  - Adore


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