Adore claims that we manifest because we want to share the
perfection and beauty of the unmanifest.  Kind of a contradiction, as
the Big Snooze is the Big Snooze, but Adore claims that native state is
"Infinitely happy, alone, forever, and beyond thank you." Well that's
just before the Big Snooze :)

      "The law of Saviors is, if you are grateful for having been saved,
you aren't."

      That's peace, smugness and self confidence all rolled up into one.

      We wake up into the as-isness of "infinitely happy, alone forever
and beyond thank you." But then it vanishes and we go back to the big
snooze again, and do this over and over again.

      Eventually we want to share this with someone else.

      So we create manifestation by mocking up persistences that persist
due to a particular mechanism of lies and illogic.  That mechanism of
lies and illogic contains the beauty and perfection of native state.

      It would be the beauty of tragedy and travesty, miracles and
majesty (jokes), romance and sin/song.

      Ludicrous demise in other words.

      Auditing beautiful illogic will bring many to a glimpse of this.

      Thus by entering manifestation we wear these losses via this
mechanism of persistence, but are no longer aware ourselves of that
mechanism (lest we wake up to native state again) nor of its beauty.

      Since both native state and awareness of the mechanism of loss are
lost to us, our experience is one of loss.

      But others who are higher can see the mechanism and how we have
adorned ourselves with loss, and they will see the beauty of ourselves
and our native state that is encoded in our adornments of loss.

      By going clear, we ourselves recover one by one the mechanisms of
our own losses, and as we do so, the beauty and humor of ourselves is
returned to us, along with awareness of absolute responsibility for our
condition, why we chose to manifest and how and for who etc.

      Our suffering was an act of love given to our audiences, so they
might appreciate, through our display of 'tragedy and travesty, romance
and song' the beauty of ourselves.

      The greatest love is self love.  The second greatest love is love
for other's self love.  Unfortunately the only way we can share our self
love with others, is to adorn ourselves with loss of it through
manifestation and decension into limitation etc.

      The new idea is that the ineffable beauty of native state is
retained in the beautiful illogics by which we leave native state for a

      Man is that convoluted, but it says it as best I can at the moment.


Wed Feb 25 14:03:10 EST 2015