huggieoh ( wrote:
>     I am still giving this due consideration.
>     The ball bounces, according to multi-level laws which WE ALL AGREED TO
>in the Seeming Beginning.

     Yes.  Like an old arcade game called PONG, the little light ball
bounces off the little light paddle because the CPU tells it to do so,
not because there is cause between the light ball and the light wall.
     The apparent causes between A and B are in fact created by a third
party, C to create the ILLUSION that actual cause exists between A and

     Thus the physical universe's apparent
space/time/matter/energy/force is a mockup OF, a PICTURE OF
space/time/matter/energy/force that itself does not have any
space/time/matter/energy/force because it is a color-form projection in the
fabric of the AllThatIs, which is a Static.

     The Static can not create actual kinetics.

     All that is ever actual is the Static, forever for free.
     Kinetics are an illusion projected in the fabric of the Static.

     Mockups of space and time do not have any space or time
themselves whether they are 'mental' mockups or out there in front of
your face and weigh 10 tons mockps.

     The physical universe is a mockup OF space/time/matter/energy,
but doesn't itself as a mockup have any space time matter or energy.

     Pictures of space time matter or energy do not themselves have
space time matter or energy, even though they LOOK like they do,
because that is what they are supposed to look like!
>     If there is NO out there but only our own illusionary virtual
>projection, this must lead to....
>    We can have NO EFFECT on each other!!

     No, the only thing we can effect is each other.  But in fact that
too is an illusion, because if we follow 'each other' up the threads
towards source, we end up being part of the same causal being, the big
"I-AM", the High Us from Adore.  So we are affecting each other in
unison, in this way BOTH are totally responsible for EACH OTHER AND
     I cause you to cause an effect on me, and you cause me to cause
an effect on you.

     You see there is cause and effect, but we are both cause and
ultimately responsible.

     Self love and sharing self love and love of other's self
love and efforts to share their self love is all that it is about.
     There is nothing other.

     The issue of whether or not the space/timeness of the physical
universe is an illusion or not, does not affect the fact that as
conscious units, we are in cause/effect relation to each other.
     However that cause/effect does not flow outwardly through the
physical universe from one to the other.  That outward flow is a
symbol for the real happening which is an 'inward' connection where we
are all connected together as one being, just as the fingers of the
hand are all connected to the hand.

     We don't share telepathy by sending physical waves out into the
universe to span the distances between us.  Telepathy takes place
because we are directly connected at source.  The path is inward from
you to me not outward between you and me via space/time.

     Well same thing with moving an apple on the table.

     You and me both have our own table and apple, they resonate with
each other so we can assume they look the same to each of us, but each
of us is looking at a different creation.  Your table is not mine, you
have your TV set and I have mine.  They both show the same thing from
two different viewpoints.

     This synchronization of projections is not done because there is
a common universe out there to tell us what to see, but through inward
synchronization via Source that connects us.  The outward image is
merely a picture show of what the inward workings are doing.

     When I move my picture of my apple on my table, your picture of
your apple on your table moves also.  This is not because any actual
apple existed on an actual table in an actual physical universe, but
because the process of inward DIRECT connection and synchronization
(telepathy) that keeps your view in tune with mine, mimicks on your
table the chnges that I have made on mine.
     Once two beings get their holograms to resonate and lock onto
each other, changes that one being makes in his own view, automatically
happen in the other's view.

     There is an old magic process to practice this between two people.

     Get someone matched to yourself who you would be willing to know
everything about you.  Sit down at a table across from him, and
close your eyes together and start discussing a simple mockup,
like an apple.

     Then start to mockup the apple as you two are discussing it trying
to make one way or another the apple that you envision a perfect duplicate
of the one that he envisions.

     If you get it right, your two mockups will suddenly and
thoroughly lock on to each other, and you both will be seeing 'one'
virtual apple.
     You will know this because you will feel presence of the other's
will on your apple.  If he adds something in his view, it will show up
immediately in your view.
     You can even get into a fight over whose apple it really is, this
will help keep it around and locked in sync.