Zinj (zinjifar@yahoo.com) wrote:
>If there is no space/time, there is no '*ever* dwindling spiral; no 
>'clearing the planet'; no Mankind's only hope.

>No *need* for Scientology.

>No *need* at all.

     Don't know about need.

     But beings can and do engage in layers of sleep, illusion, and
delusion that can get kind of painful.

     We are trying to reoptimize the game by getting the being to know
he is dreaming again, start having a lucid dream called his waking
life, and start to operate the powers he is operating anyhow, to
make his life go right rather than wrong.

    Clearing is basically about clearing postulates until
none are left, or at least until the guy is happy with what
postulates are left and doesn't show up for session any more.


>Svengali. You're talking about hypnotism and so on- boom - LRH

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