Eric ( wrote:
>Electra wrote much abt as-issing a condition by taking responsibility for it
>and RE-creating it, where upon it vanishes.

>    Now maybe I am just a dumb bunny theatan. Dunb enought to think UCP is
>my 'Ultimate Process', BUT I could never grasp the idea of 'perect
>duplicate'. (although things do vanish, in and out of session. Where's that
>darn sox gone?)

     Adore calls it perfect replication, like the caps lock key on
your key board.  You push it down once, and it sticks down, you push
it down again and it pops back up again.

     It more poetically has to do with being in the seat of your own
'Saddle of Sovereignty'.  You make something, you let it go, it
vanishes.  You make a space, you let it go, it vanishses.

     Ok, so instead, you make a space, then consider that the space
made you, and that you are a small little ball bearing rolling around
in this big huge still space, and suddenly you are moving and the
space is still and the space is making you etc.  Then there is this
big bad SP in this space chasing you around, and its big and still,
but it can reach out from whereever it is to anywhere that you run to,
and drag you in screaming and yelling and nail you to a cross.

     So you try to make more of the big bad SP, and the big still
space in which you are rolling around and the cross on which you are
nailed, and it all just gets more and more solid.

     Why?  Because you are making more of a second postulate.

     The first postulate is you are there and there is nothing, no
space, total montionlessness forever for free, and THEN you make a
space, and you are still and you move the space around and you put it
here and you put it there, and you add some time and big bad spiders
and SP's in it, and then you reverse the perception into: IT is still
and YOU are moving, so you can move around in it.

     Who is still and who is moving is very important to all this.

     There is no motion in the creator of motion.
     Sort of like when you go back into a dream you just woke out of,
but you want to be lucid in it and not wake up.  So you know you are
still in your bed, and this dream turns on, and you start running down
the sidewalk pounding hard on the cement with your feet to make the
dream solid, and you get the idea very strongly that YOU are moving
and the dream space is still, and so you can be in the dream and not
wake up.  The moment you realize you aren't actually going anywhere
and you are just reprojecting the space around you to make it LOOK
like you are moving, then you wake up.

     So in order to vanish anything, one needs to sit oneself in the
original saddle of sovereignty and take reign again over the original
creation and then over the flip flop in perception from orientation
point to symbol.

     On first creation, the thetan is orientation point, still,
unmovable, from which all things come.  He puts out spaces and masses
in the spaces, symbols that is, things that have mass meaning and
*MOBILITY*, particularly SP things like spiders that like to shatter
into a million babies and come burrow under his skin etc,
     And then once he has all this mocked up, he commits his first
overt act on himself, he changes his view point from BEING the
orientation point and HAVING symbols, to BEING a symbol and HAVING an
orientation point, which usually ends up either being space itself, or
the biggest baddest thing in space he can't take his attention off of
lest it eat him in the moment of inattention.  If they are really
nasty, they will eat him BECAUSE he is paying attention to them,
that's how they track where he is!

      This is the God -> Human flip flop

      A God IS an orientation point and HAS symbols.
      A Human IS a symbol and HAS orientation points.

      A SP orientation point wants to

      1.) Destroy you as a symbol
      2.) Make you go away as a symbol
      3.) Enslave you as a symbol
      4.) Immobilize you as a symbol  (Crucify)
     It is that flipflop from God to Human that needs to be
duplicated, making more of anything AFTER the flipflop just produces
more stuff after the flipflop.  Vanishment arises from letting go,
one can not let go of what one created until one is back in the proper
viewpoint of having created it.

     The SP is infinite, still, all powerful, all knowing, and all
pervasive.  The thetan is just a little marble rolling around in space
trying to stay out of the SP's way.
     The guy can't stand the SP, but he can't let go of it either,
because he can't get the viewpoint of having created it.  Oh no, not
me, I couldn't have, wouldn't have, shouldn't have, yak yak yak,
anything but reseat himself squarely in the saddle of sovereignty

     Once he does, the 'reigns' of creation are there in his hands
again to let go, and of course it vanishes because if he ain't
creating it, there sure as hell ain't anything else to create it now
is there?

     But you have to be able to handle POWER if you want to sit in the
saddle of sovereignty again.  And abject FEARLESSNESS.
     That's the High Cool of Adore.  The flip flop is High Halcyon,
'bemused on the verge of time'.  Time is form of moving as a symbol
inside the greater orientation point of space/time.

     High Cool is Eternal Home.
     High Thrill is the effort to get lost.
     High Romance is the effort to get home.
     High Halcyon is bemused relief on the verge.

>  It has always seemed to me that if I create a perfect duplicate of some
>thing or condition.
>  I will then have TWO of them, not none of 'em!

>  One of the best and most practical tools I know of is Avatar's 'Discreate
>Process', in which  I can vanish things by simple command rather than by any
>fiddling around to get it in its own time, its own space, exactly as-is and
>with all its jolly Ronnie complexities.

>   i only got one gain out of Avatar but that one is worth the thousands I
>paid for it. I used to get heavy depresions which would inhibit me for
>months or years.
>  I could never do what is called Perfect duplicate or as-is, try as I might
>but I learnt to discreate a depression in minutes.
>  I did that so many times that the depression just gave up and didn't come
>visiting any more!
>  A simple case of making it go away not creating another darn depression to
>add to it.
>  Can anyone explain to me how a second creation will vanish the first.?
>  Also, when I want to make something a "little more solid", I do that by
>postulating more and more create in the same area. How come it gets more
>solid, (which reads on an EM) and doesn't just vanish?
>    A really complex subject for such a simple being as me.
>                      Eric/Huggie

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