Homer Wilson Smith (homer@lightlink.com) wrote:
>     Saying he has no bank, would then be saying he has no stuck
>pictures needing to be released.

     Also it is clear to people who can see other beings directly
without the use of physical senses, that beings can and do collide and
cluster with each other during heavy stress.

     If one can see clusters, one can see that they tend to cluster
around, on and in bodies, in fact one's whole space is pretty much
wall to wall bricks of spiritual clusters for many feet out and around
and through him.

     Since beings tend to mockup large quanties of mockup mass when
they collide and cluster together, the average body/thetan composite
can usually be found to be sitting in the middle of massive quanties
of mocked up mass that are not his.

     So once his own mocked up masses are released, there is everyone
else's mass to start working on.  As each cluster is woken up and
their masses start to blow, THEIR pictures begin to roll and reviv
THEIR stuck times on the track.

     If mocked up mass is not real to you, just close your eyes and
picture a solid cube of iron until you get its inertial mass and

     Doing this kind of process for a while will tend to suddenly turn
on perception of masses so dense they can scare the day lights out of
the body.  The idea that there are thetans buried in these mockups is
also unconfrontable until one finally gets a notion what this place is
all about.
     But once one can confont what thetans have done to themselves
and how old and long ago some of it was, one can also release them.
>     Homer

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