The human's very desire to change the present to protect the future
guarantees his failure.

      It is the OT's sense of humor and lack of seriousness in all
matters than assures his success.

      One can change anything that one is willing to have put there, and
is willing TO PUT IT THERE NOW, then one ceases putting it there, and puts
something else there.

      If one is working on a 'this should never have happened' basis,
then of course one is not putting it there, and thus one can not
cease putting it there.

      The human is very serious about CHANGING things, to make
them better.

      The OT is merely changing his mind about the brush strokes
that create reality.

    The more OT a person is, the more OK everything is now as it is,
but his artistic sense will still cause him to change and perfect

      Humans are moved by horrow and sorrow to change things forever,
OT's move themselves out of an inner sense of art.

      That is in part why OT's won't demonstrate powers, they could care
less about the plaintive cries of the doomed.

      The OT sees the humor to ludicrous demise and appreciates the show.

      The human is trying to stop the show.

      The OT is trying to improve it.

Wed Nov  5 20:03:27 EST 2014