God is Author.

     As author, God creates good characters and bad characters,

     In the surrounding matrix (universe), God also creates good
opporunities and bad opportunities for all his characters.

     To say that only good comes from God, is to ignore the rest that
comes from God.  Or to claim it doesn't exist, or that it comes from

     I assure you that nothing comes from anywhere else but the
AllThatIs and its fundamental nature, drives and motives.

     People like to consider that God is our Father and we are His
Children.  This collapses a Divine relationship between God and Soul, down
to a human relationship between Parent and Child, and thus loses sight of
both of them.

     Consider the following.  If God is our father, and we are his child,
and the universe is our playpen that God our Father made for us to grow up
in, what would you think of this God as a Father?

     People say that God allows bad people to do bad things because they
need to have a free will more than they need to be forced to be good.

     OK, that's fine.

     But why does God allow bad people to do bad to GOOD people?

     That's the question that is never asked.

     If a human father has two children, one is bad and one is good, does
the human father allow the bad child do bad to the good child in the name
of free will?

     Run to full understanding.

     "What is the relationship between Parent and Child."
     "What is the relationship between God and Soul."
     "What is the relationship between Author and Character."
     "What is the relationship between Creator and Creature."


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